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Omakase Burger + Wimbly Lu + Sarang Korean Bistro + Wasabi Tei + Ritz Apple Strudel + Man of Steel

Hi guys, ain't I the most active ever? LOL. This is gonna be my last post aka last fat girl adventures (I hope) before school holidays officially comes to an end, and the new school term starts tmr. SIGH. Hope I wouldn't bore you cause my holidays are just plainly food, food and more food, and partying. Lol and my parents are abroad so by doing this post I am torturing myself. I just ate like a sandwich and of course with my favorite VITA SOY but I am still damn hungry at home, alone. Surviving on biscuits and my ben&jerry's currently :'(
I think the last time I cooked was during secondary school during home economics HAHAHA fml.

Anyway, with no further ado, lets move on to...
The grandstand!
located in Bukit timah at turf club road (horse race take place area)
So the area is rather inaccessible and inconvenient to go by public transport, so it is better to drive!

There are quite a few rather interesting restaurants & cafe at the grandstand

but what I had was,

Omakase Burger!
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994
(next to the giant)

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs:
11.30 am to 3.30 pm (3 pm last order)
5.00 p to 9.30 pm (9 pm last order)
Fri - Sun:
11.00 am to 10.00 pm (9.30 pm last order)

super raved as one of the best burgers in Singapore? with many newspapers articles listing and articulating about it.

It is rather pricey for a set for a self-serviced fast food joint for around 25 SGD for a set.

for the drink, I ordered the A&W root beer float, it was so good! I the ice cream was the kind i liked :)

hehhehe don't we all miss A&W being in Singapore. slurps*

My set! With cheese fries, because I heard that their cheese fries were good, look at how generously the fries was covered in cheese, better than KFC's! Other sides like sweet potato fries and onion rings etc are also available. But cheese fries should be the best amongst the rest there.

Omakase Burger serves their beef burgers in different degrees of doneness. I chose medium doneness for my deluxe cheeseburger, which includes onions and mushrooms.
I heard their portions were quite small for a pricey set meal. I mean, many people would say that their portions were too small, but I thought it was okay, maybe cause my burger was deluxe w the rootbeer float and cheese fries. (Anyways you can still double upsize your burger for 5.90 SGD, but i didn't)

Its quite oily at the end of my burger journey, the ricepaper was soaked perhaps cause the tasty buns were buttery, but its so good! I would go back the next time round to try their bacon cheeseburger!

Had a great meal, and FYI chicken burgers are available there on the menu too, but I guess everyone goes there for their beef patties.

I spotted an important socket in the resturant *smirks*

hehe SO GOOD!


Went town and had dinner with twin, junjie and russel at Sarang Korean Bistro
(korean food are one of my fav cuisines!)

181 Orchard Road
#07-01 Orchard Central
Tel: 6773 1322

Can call to check, cause the previous time I wanted to dine there, it was fully booked for an event :(

don't worry, its air conditioned too :) these are just some of the seats outdoors.

w da twin!!

and me in my long sleeve OOTD peplum top!

the appetizers served!

Recommended them to try some of their top few dishes at sarang. (For spicy eaters like me mostly hehe)

I think this is me and russel's fav - The spicy beef sarang japchae ^^
Super like, but before I knew it, my plain water was gone cause JJ gulped down mine and his iced water. LOL -_-

Spoon Pizza. Especially for the ladies, cause this pizza, you need not use ur hands but just with a spoon! The sarang chef in-evidently noticed health conscious ladies that tends to eat their pizza and leave the crust behind, so one can just use the spoon to enjoy all the gooey cheesy details of the ingredients of a pizza minus the extra carbs~ I like the spicy marinated chicken chunks on the top!

Recommended Crispy tofu w Kimchi Cream sauce. Similar to the usual jap agedashi tofu but is nestled in sarang's homemade kimchi cream sauce. Yummy ^^

A must order in all korean restaurants for me! The spicy chewy rice cake. But the one served here was just ordinary. Not extra ordinary hahaha.

Recommended Kimchi Pancake which i liked. There's squid, prawns in them, paired off with the rice vinegar soy sauce! People who usually doesn't like kimchi can try this! Its like a mix of kimchi and korean seafood pancakes ;)

Last but not least, JJ's favorite! The Okonomiyaki-Style Scallion Pancakes heheh
Soo good with the toppings of bacon and seafood, teriyaki sauce and dried bonito flakes, topped up with my fav MAYO! so deli we ordered two portions :)

ending off w two pics of the big sized bros. Russel and jj :D

quite a reasonably priced korean restaurant that's worth the try!

caught man of steel after our desserts w Jon, and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Predictable plot, maybe cause I used to watch those justice league unlimited cartoons. But the main actor was so handsome, I guess all the ladies paid to watch him fly and shirtless. LOL

My favorite dessert cafe in Singapore currently

15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

Near Lorong Chuan MRT and Serangoon.
then again, it's easier to travel here by car.

Don't be tricked by the first pic. Along this stretch of Jalan Riang, some other bistros can be found, which explains the pictures.

I am so going back to try La Pizzaiola next to Wimbly Lu!

Finally we are at Wimbly Lu Chocolate cafe! *yup the place imma talk about today*

recognize it by the antique red car parked outside it.

super cozy and air conditioned dessert cafe to chill, quite a young crowd, I was surprised, cause I thought the location was rather inacessible.

during night time, the cafe lights above would be so pretty.

most desserts there are priced around an affordable range of 5 - 8 SGD

And the top two recommended ones are the Root beer cake topped with vanilla ice cream. I loved it! Its so good and usually desserts would make one feel rather bored after a period of time after eating. But this is one perfect dessert.

At wimbly lu, they have homemade ice cream with a choice of waffle, crepe or pancakes. One of their best ice cream is indeed the salted caramel, and I think this cafe serves one of the best waffles in Singapore!! Not kidding, topped with the maple syrup and icecream. This was one unforgettable meal. (can choose choc syrup too~)

cute receipt and v affordable. :) 

Overdued from last week. #nomakeup #nocontacts

Last but not least, another day I was in fareast, I wanted to revisit The Sushi Bar again (blogged about it before) , cause it was so unforgettable. But someone recommended me another japanese restaurant at fareast top floor.

Wasabi Tei

If you go and search on wasabi tei's online reviews, you would know it used to be super popular, owned by this notorious nazi/angry japanese chef with a very horrible temper along with his wife, customers can only order once, as they were so busy, and the queue was so long, customers taking too long to order or eat would be chided and even chased out of his restaurants, and if you wanted to reorder, for the second time or third time, unreasonable extra charges would be added to your bill, but despite all these, MANY people still came and queued for the jap food there. Many.

Unfortunately, the former chef sold his shop to a few ahbeng uncles now, their attitude is better, but i'm not quite sure if their food can match up to the previous owner :/ 
(Go and search about wasabi tei's former nazi chef, i swear he is that famous and seems to have moved from  wasabi tei > chikuwa tei > and now at Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant at clarke quay the central) HAHAHA FUCK i sound like a fucking stalker. LOL

anyways, acceptable priced hot/cold jap food menu with no gst or service charge, just 2 SGD per head with a choice of jap tea/water/soft drinks.

I saw most customers ordering their hot set bentos, which would be prepared in the back kitchen, but I ordered mostly those colder dishes which you can watch the chef prepare in front of your eyes.

one of my fav jelly jap sides

and not forgetting the chanwanmushi, mushi-mushi~

and a very big platter of raw sashimis and scallops, very generous and thick slices, but I am just an ordinary person whom is not really crazed about eating jap raw fishies, a few pieces is acceptable though, so it got quite sick after awhile, but i am sure my besties whom love sashimis so much can finish this heartily.

tried their california roll maki (left), which was the best dish amongst the rest that day. And took-away the dissapointing unagi makis (right). mehhh, I wanna try the former nazi chef's food laaaaaaaa.

I think i rather give the former nazi chef a visit then to go back there.

Lol, this is such a fattening post, shall end off with my fav takeaway dessert for home.

YUM ^^

hope you enjoyed this post! back to school tmrw, and my hair has faded to a cotton candy kind of pink for now.(Last quite long right) Which explains the last few shots. Won't be updating so regularly like now. 
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have a great day peeps xx 


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