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Riders Cafe + Jon's 20th + Hock Seng Satay Bee Hoon Lok Lok + SaladStop! + Mellben Seafood

Idk why, but recently I do feel like I have endless amount of topics to blog about, or maybe cause I cafe hopped too much. Weather is cold recently, shivering as I am typing this.

Anyways last Sunday, I went on a date to one of my most favorite cafes to date. Wanted to visit this cafe for probably the longest time, and decided on this for MJ's birthday treat. Cant remember the last time I was actually so hardworking to wake up on a Sunday morning for brunch, plus I hate going cafe hunting on weekends, cause I don't like crowds.

One of the reasons why I like the cafe is because of it's ambiance and its situated next to a horse saddle club, so you might be able to spot those cute mammals around. I like that it is far from the city, the busy world, so we were basically surrounded by greens, just that is it really inconvenient without a ride. Cause of its ulu location. So thankfully MJ could ride us there.

Riders Cafe
Bukit Timah Saddle Club
51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965

Operating hours: 
Sunday – Thursday 8am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday 8am - 10pm 
Closed on Monday

Tel: 6466 9819

If I am not wrong the cafe seating limits to up to around 40 pax, so it is good to make a reservation especially if you don't want to squeeze-wait with the weekend brunch crowds. I made an online reservation exactly one week beforehand, and as riders is a popular brunch spot, think you will have to book one week before to get a spot!

The specials for the day would be doodled on the blackboard.

The cafe's icon resemble my horseshoe - which stands for luck - necklace I have around my neck daily~

My recent addition of milkshakes started from that day, even though MJ ordered this.

Mocchacino ($7.50)
I love milkshakes, even though they are kind of sweet and heavy, but Riders Cafe's milkshakes are good! And they have this Peanut Butter Jelly Milkshake Flavor which I heard was good and I would try it the next time.

Sunrise Smoothie ($8)
Mine which consists of Orange Juice, Banana, Fresh Berries, Yoghurt & Honey. More towards the sour side if its in your favor! Only available for early birds.

We both ordered poached eggs.

Pacific Benedict ($18)
with Swimmer Crabs, Spinach, Poached Eggs & Shrimp Hollandaise

Generous amount of fresh crabmeat could be found within and eggs were very nicely poached, recommended for people who loves seafood, a more unique concept rather than the usual stuff with  poached eggs, which was why I ordered this. But the hollandaise sauce used for both Benedict sets were different and this was more towards sour.

Blackstone Benedict ($16)
with Bacon, Tomatoes, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise on rustic Sourdough
I guess I would have preferred this cause this was more salty~ Eggs were perfectly poached once again!

Overall, service was good, loved the ambiance, would definitely come back again. Food wasn't *mind boggling* good but quite good. I really want to go back to try more interesting stuff on their menu rather than boring egg benedicts again, like their french toast!!

Anyways, one of the things this cafe is famous for is their Death by Chocolate Cake, heard many superb reviews about that, its a rich chocolate cake Riders serve accompanied by vanilla ice-cream which won the hearts of MANY. But too bad both of us wasn't really a chocolate person. 

And we rushed to vivo to watch Lan Kwai Fong 3 (serial of movies about night life in clubs in Hongkong) after that.

super pretty area for ootds ~ would have spammed if I came with a girl haha!

Second time dining at another branch of the rather popular seafood chain in Singapore, so not really gonna emphasize so much this time.

Mellben Seafood
Blk 440 Pasir Ris Drive 4 
Tel: 6582 0397

typical orders but I still think the best popiah I ever ate in hawkers is from ECP or my grandmother's

Super Yummy Signature Tofu. Look at the chai poh and every yummy looking thing within the sauce.

This time round I had Salted Egg crab! yumz bill came up to around 70++ SGD.

Jon's 20th

Settled for some simple Korean BBQ (good for groups and it was the birthday boy's decision) at Ssikkek, didn't have my fair share of what I paid cause I came late plus I was sick. Meh~
Lucky it was my second time dining here.

The only pic I have of the guys - Aaron, Andrew, Ritz, Roy, Ben, Kenneth, Marcus, Desmond eating oranges. Dk what Ben pointing at. LOL taken from twin's blog, no group photo cause after dinner most of the guys cabbed/rushed home immediately aft dinner to like change and prepare for dk what.

With handsome JJ

and twinnn after this we still rushed to some place for her before club cause I was being nice aahaha

With sean, one of my bros who commented on my hair looking Cheena MEH hahaha

And most shots with da birthday boy Jon XOXO one of my most trusted & closest guy best friends ever or you can just call him my best bro.

After drinking these......

I was freaking giddy that night cause I took medication, and it was really one of the nights my world went spinning cause,
 medi + liqour machiam world war 3 in my brains
 wanted to stay liquor free but FAILED

yup but twin was much more worse than me, she couldn't even go into zouk aft that 

With natz~ SOBER girl

I am lucky didn't forget about my bag. haha

Me, Twin, Janson, Regina and Nat! Without the rest of the girls, have no idea where were they.

Saw Vail coincidentally and we were harping on the old times, and how much we should party again sometime tgt so big picture here for the babe~

yup and I have no idea how the hell I was walking and then I looked at my heels im like
" why the fuck is there a lollipop there" 
I didn't even eat any lollipops LOL

DEAD Biatch hhahaah


Another weekend lunch to curb my hangovers - seriously despite feeling nauseous, food heals your appetite the best! - at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Which have stalls, other than serving one of the best pork chops/steaks around..

and it was also my first time trying Lok Lok!
And the stall really serves very fresh ingredients and everything else. 

Hock Leng Satay Beehoon Lok Lok

51 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Blk 51 Old Airport Road, #141

Opening Hours: 4-8pm (Closed on Mon, Tues, Wed)

Lok Lok is a Chinese-meets-Malay fusion food and at Hock Leng, you can order a $15, $20 or $25 set where you will be served an assortment of raw seafood, meat and vegetables all served on satay sticks. Excellent for people who likes variety, there is quite a selection with cuttlefish, prawns, crabstick, baby clams, pork slices, pig intestines and assorted balls.

My $15 dollar set, supposedly for me to finish myself lol!

Btw, they serve good satay beehoon too! (maybe cause the sauce used should be the same. While the dish looked simple, with just ingredients on a stick, the satay sauce for dipping was deliciously flavourful and mildly spicy, said to be made with 15 different ingredients

I love love love their clams the most! Actually everything was good, the fish, quail eggs and all!

after boiling and cooking the ingredients on the stick and dipping into the sauce, the steamboat broth given to cook tastes deli too!


weishan, me and regina!

Finally clubbed with Nicko and her gang too, cause somehow we always over-drink and KO even before we really partied tgt.

was quite a boring wednesday but still :)!

And, as CNY is just around the corner, I shall end my post on a healthier note and recommend you guys a place to get yummy salads/wraps ifyou want to lose some kilos before CNY (which I unfortunately can't). Lol, my diet is not healthy AT ALL, i have already finished super loads of CNY goodies at home before the festive even started.

Just to name a few of the salad shops around - Toss & Turn, Salads & Wraps, Munch, Mescluns, Sumo Salad, The Green Bar, Grand Salads, and Fresh+,

This Salad Stop!, with 8 outlets in SG and counting, is probably one of the most popular.

Salad Stop! 
391 Orchard Road
 #B2 07-9-3 Takashimaya Food Hall
Singapore 238873

Operating Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10.00 am – 9.30 pm

For their choice of salads, server recommended Oh Crab Lah!, Hail Caeser, Tuna San.

Tuna San ($12.80)
Romaine, seared tuna, avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, sesame seeds, Wasabi Honey Soy dressing

Tasted surprisingly good for a salad, dressing was generous and I was thinking that the pricing was a little steep and ingredients should be the normal trickster kind but the seared tuna was really good, with texture like salmon but more yummy, so you pay for the steep prices over here for their quality. Portion was quite filling too, or it was cause I was already full.

Say no to twista fries (unhealthy stuffs) and yes to salads!

KIDDING, just being lame.

xoxo, eugeniania

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