Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post christmas

hi guys, noticed i removed my tagboard? hehe cos its like so primary school HAHA still so many colour LOL. so ya i removed it and replaced it with the formspring board, any comments or qn can just ask there alright? :D easy to use!

anw, long time since like a proper post with peektures ;)
so its post Christmas, went my cousin's house ytd, slacked with my cousins and ate like practically throughout the entire day while the adults gambled. hehe
Did i mention i love christmas and new year :D because if you follow me on twitter probably u would have seen me tweeting:

i cant emphasize on how much i love new year, eat all the good food & goodies still got money to take, getting paid for being a pig WHOOhoo

but i also feel that

new year shouldnt come so soon aft christmas, its like fats followed by a month of another round of fats ALL THE FOOD R SO DELICIOUS ;> hehe

okeh follow me on twitter hehe. but yea i love these occasions cos theres just so much nice food goodies! see the pic abv LOL fatness x 1000 , and chinese new year got angpao $$ ching-ching shiokk~ can gamble abit also blabla awesome ^^

ok i just realised recently i keep wearing green clothes LOL. red hair and green clothes, look like a walking christmas tree. ok and i just opened a new blue contacts :D i like the colour but i think its not very iris enlarging so i wanna buy new blue contacts lehh~

ok and i broke like 3 of my this kind of frameless specs, twice by like accidentally squashing it. so fat. LOL
had an awesome christmas steamboat with tricia, regina and tessa! :D
and drank my fav brand of bubbletea SHARETEA at marine parade WHOOhoo my favfav <3 but all the outlets r so inconvient!

ok had tomyum with wenmin and louis etc the other dayyy :D i wear headband quite nice right hehe

went on a extreme shopping spree, explains my broke-ness nowww hehe

went vaunt with mainly regina louis and bryan~ i swear i saw alot of handsum guys hehe
(photo with wilson regina junwei and wilson's friend)
food, hahah ate again at cine salad bar, havent like managed to learn the art of piling yet HAHA still abit dont dare plus i doubt i can finish it :D

ok a short vid of like my red hair and my makeup haha but my eyebags like black hehe my makeup skill still not very good yet

thinking if i should go rebond my hair or sumthing again cos, i dyed my hair like 9 times, so its like super frizzy now plus i always lazy straight or blow dry it everyday so its like a exploding time bomb on my head.

gging genting tmr with tessa and others, shall update when im back :) quite excited even though when i come back i will be like WTF I HAVENT DO MY HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT AND MY SCHOOLS STARTING THE NEXT DAY, but haiz wdv i also dunno how to do :( and it will probably be a good getaway and relax hehe,

promise that when im back i will be a new person without anyworries or love wdv problems HAHAHAH i shall start anew hehe and study hard of course :D

xoxo eugeniania
who want come my house tmr eat my fav cake in the worldddd i swearrr eat alr can fly hehe ;>
everyear comfirm ordeer for my bdaee this year never order i go hospital wenmin sayyy so im ordering one tmr :DDD