Friday, March 29, 2013

Marina Barrage + Once Upon A Milkshake + Tiong Bahru Bakery + ECP

Sigh I still prefer formspring over ask fm!! Kind of more organized and bug free. But since fs is closing down, ;) Qns please.

Back to my weekly updates. Am so sick now, using tissues like their free and environment conducive. But I am still going out, as usual, think its the lack of sleep and i am popping panadols to buy some time but panadols are not good for the body, its bad for liver and IN FACT, the side effects would come in soon and  I can feel it. Hopefully after I have my fun. And this weekend, maybe? The weather is not helping either, making me feel like im running a fever and breaking out in cold sweat.

Kind of busy, tess and nico booked a hotel near cathay(town) from friday(today) to sunday. Next week is natnat's birthday, near the weekends staycation. So presumably many staycation pictures would be up and hopefully I can balance up all these, my internship and hopefully I do not breakdown in high fever. Not yet.

Recently me and regina have been talking and we somewhat both agree on the fact about some people. I guess everyone would have met these kind of people at least once in their life so i can say that these kind of people belongs to the group which I most dislike. 
1. I believe everytime you meet someone new, the person will become part of your life, no matter how big/small 
2. If there are disagreements or quarrels, I would rather speak about it, rather than letting misunderstandings or whatsoever get bigger. Dont we all have a mouth?
3. And perhaps if theres anger, be mad at it for awhile but then we should get over it because better be friends than enemies right? Even if you cant agree on something, the friendship should be more valued than any other ego or nonsense.
 4. Its quite ironic but I hate it when people get cold/awkward because I thought we were friends. And hello? I think my character is seriously worth treasuring as a friend. (HUMBLE hahaha but seriously I have always been very real to the people around me)
5. Conclusion, I hate idiots who can just walk out of my life, then why walk in, in the first place. 
6. And they say why I am heartless.

Opened New blue lenses this week. No bb cream just sunblock in the above pictureee.

My fav kind of noodles for dinner. Vermicelli!

And on monday, I ordered a two person portion meal at my workplace's hawker cause I got confused with pig trotters in chinese. One person eat two person meal. Win. hahaha most expensive meal at the hawker centers ever.

drinking my teh-si-peng (milk tea less sugar) like a kopitiam uncle

stole weishan's snack. hahaha childhood favs

and what we had to do on tuesday..... #tired #heavy #noswag #lifesucks


and more tuna break ^^ hehe i love the thin bean sprouts thingies

some japanese snack my dad bought hehee

red bean and cheese flavors ^^ yum

who the hell sleeps until my thighs got my earpiece and key-chains marks

ran one time again this week...... opps getting lazy.

grumpy morning

food at marine parade before sweaty work

yongtaofoo and dimsum ^^ 

meet my new intern friend sarah ;) She was also from SP! gonna work in the company w us before her uni starts. Super nice and hyper girl YAY

shan, me and sarah. RED DRESSCODE

me and sarah :D

FINALLY WATCHED A MOVIE AFTER 1000 years. Caught oz the great and powerful. Lots of pretty girls in the movie. Guess its an alright show? A little draggy at the front part though. shaw popcorn nice!!!

Dinner w james at imperial kitchen. He took this photo. hahaha

hi jamessss

Breakfast on Wednesday for a day of filming!~

Flu getting from bad to worst. My nostrils will get enlarged cause i always like to do this. And obviously I look more sick/shag/tired w my watery eyes.

sunnysunny day

cant even open my eyes maybe cause im too tired and it was too bright hahaha.

commercial video filming hahahaa

still cant open my eyes

my unedited OOTD

weishan's sky and grass shot

sweet couplee

went to eat aft and finally tried once upon a milk shake!!!!! Wanted to try the outlet at scape but it closed down. But raffles city basement has them!

lots of cool flavors

their bestsellers?

had the red velvet one! Chocolate cream cheese (now you know why I am not recovering from my sorethroat)

super yum! would try this again!

Finally tried tiong bahru bakery too ;) But their main brunch should be at tiong bahru

sandwich burgers section

pastries cakey section

breadddish section

one of their best sellers! Sold out quickly! forgot what was it called but its nice!

and pumpkin soup which was rather filling

going out w weishan she always likes to eat this kind of bread stuffs hahaha.

Went regina house and whooop managed to made her club hhahaha. Since we got a ride to zouk too heehee. The car was playing "Clarity" And i think i wanna make a cover on it soon, after i heal from my cough.

 Wore my lame childish kiddy leopard print dress since it was the dresscode to get free flow drinks but I didnt la. Since i ate two panadols lol!

was eating lollipops and saw cheryl outside zouk and took a photo :D

quite a nice photo taken w regina and jess ^^


After party shag face w my bun!

Always getting these on my leg without realizing :/

Felt sick but still went to ECP with half the clique causeeeee I didnt want to just waste my life partying and then neglect my besties. LOL

No makeup. 

Nico drove. tess and wenmin brought their dogs and they were having somekind of struggle upon in the backseats upon their first meet. hahahaha

tessa has a horny dog LOL


LELE found this photo wuite funny and candid

-realized she forget to bring her dog treats-

rented bikes and some mosquito bit my armpit here i remember LOL damn itchy wtf

doggy basket one

dogs two including tessa hahahahahha

cycled for awhile and had dinner/supper at the ECP's hawker. hehe 





wenmin. tired funny lele and me


xoxo eugeniania ;)