Monday, March 4, 2013

Saveur + Haji Lane (sheesha) + Neverland

Short update before my intern offically starts on thursday :(
Sigh maximum.. I really feel quite :/
going to try to quit clubbing for good......

Friday night. Zouk as usual. I just went despite feeling reluctant, so i just put on one of my old dresses.
The girls was like "wow you are finally not wearing your cropped tops." Haha i cant remember when was the last time i did not wear cropped top to club anymore. Getting too mundane, and so casual.
Started off wearing cropped cause i had a new belly piercing, then it became an addiction hahaha. Going to stop, i think it makes me look quite....easy... can you find a better word to describe?

The wind was an ass

stares* with my horrible fringe.

so boring, same old cycle, took damn little photos. LOL. 

regina :)

twin :)

marilyn :)

nat :)

tessa :) who wore flats hahaha.

Zhiyan stayed over after that and we had some great laugh!!! Really love her. hehe.
She will kill me if i upload her pajamas photos.

spending too much on night life, keep cabbing around, sat went zouk again w jess and friends.
Drank too much, like one tray of sour plum shots and flaming lambo kind. 

Ootd for sunday! I have been returning home at dawn everyday. I feel like a bad daughter #guilty

topshop denmin dress!

i look better smiling w teeth? hehe its kinda weird cause my baby teeth is so puny at the edge.

met w twin first :)

some photos w her cam, some w mine!

testing out her camera, cause good thing is that u can see urself when you take a pic.

cutie us

-behind the scenes of ootd-


added effects

went to saveur w ben, nat and tess too.
supposedly to be my solo date w twin, but they wanted to go haji lane to check out visual orgasm, so we had dinner tgt.

french cuisine, queued for 30-45mins cause we didnt book. :(

its located near city hall and bugis mrt station.
5 Purvis Street
63333121 (tel)

only group shot!

pretty nat.

zhiyan uploaded this cause she wants to revenge for my unglams, so i shall help her. LOL

tess, me and ben!

their most popular main is the Duck.

zhiyan and natalie :)

me and ben :)

me and tessa hehe

yeahyeah. im a greedy girl.

their  mushroom soup. LOL so foamy.

blogger number 2

ordered their angel hair pasta. Supposedly to be their best seller w the duck. I think its not bad. But not filling enough hahaha. Order their mains would be better.

their duck main. I think all the mains were quite nice! Even though everyone raves about the duck

some beef dish with very nice potato w cheese


and their fish. yums

Visual orgasm was closed, so we went sheesha, I was just following along, not a big fan of sheesha, heard its 100 times more harmful than a cigarette.

ben's first time sheesha! noobb

two jugs of beer. SO SICK OF DRINKING

me and twin

how it looks like


wanted to rush home and be a good daughter but............. peer pressure.
either guilty to friends or guilty to parents. LOL

so we went siam tiu (thai club) 
more of those sit down play games, even more drinks 
ugh, so not my kind of thing, I dont like thai clubs hahaha. went oceanz they ordered TWO TOWERS....

drunk drunk drunk. takecare takecare takecare. 

Super sober........
took a video of them but i cant upload it HAHA

haha act cute? LOL damn sober and bored hahahaha

drunkard 1 hahahah twin :) muacks

ordered another tower at neverland
2 jugs, three towers in one night. -___________-
after this i concluded i am never going to succumb to peer pressure again..

Just the sober camera lady for the night.


ben and yannie

look at my awkwardly sober face.

w ben 2 years. 2013. 

look so different in 2011 

look at my fat face then.

back to the night.

my babes :D

w tessa :)

okay i guess its time to go home

xoxo eugeniania.

#np Hazy - Rosi Golan

What if I fall and hurt myself?
Would you know how to fix me
What if I went and lost myself?
Would you know where to find me
If I forgot who I am,
Would you please remind me oh?
Cause without you things go hazy

nice song !!!

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