Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Updates

hi ppl, this is just a simple short and sweetupdate.
Mostly videos tho, cos i was bored and practicising my singing so i just recorded a few vids for fun. so these few days were spent hanging and slacking with the usuals lor, n ytd went jh house gamble for fun. first time win like what 20 bucks compared to my loss for the new year. but LOL i think maybe i have to play with big groups of ppl before my luck goes up, cos ytd there were like ten ppl.

Three more days till end of the poly year 1! damn excited for exams to finish. but studying sucks obviously.
List of reasons why most ppl cant focus or rather ME the famous procrastinator cant study properly,
1. when i say everything distracts me when im studying, means EVERYTHING.
my computer,my nails, the air, LOL anything la, its just natural human instincts and nature to just try and find other things to do instead of really focusing and get it over and done with.
cos im a lazy fellow. thats why.
2. when im studying with my friends, they either distract me or i start talking to them and end up distracting them.
3. when studying at home, i sometimes start looking in the mirror and start thinking abt my face complxion and start squeezing my pimples ROFL
4. food. LOL
5. twitter, facebook, sms, my HANDPHONE
6. trying my best to concentrate and listen to music. I'll end up singing and jumping around or dancing around grooving with the music im listening and go back to round one again which is why after this statement there are so many covers uploaded LOL because i was suppose to study but i just got distracted.. for like hours LOL
7. and now here i am. blogging this and not studying.

sigh so these are the reasons ppl our generation cant settle down and study i guess
which is bad but i cant help it.
Im the last min mugger unfortunately. Cant understand how ppl start studying parts by parts one week before their exams or so. uh-uh..........

ok enjoy anw, in this video below i showed my beautiful feet someone on formspring asked me to show when im doing my next vlog LOL. then the person will reveal who is he/she. i know the person maybe just want me to make a fool out of myself but hahaha actually i dont really care abt my image this kind of things so im fine showing my feet to the camera. peace out.

ps among all my this three singing vids i think only my avril cover the singing can pass lOL the two others i anyhow one but i think HAHAHAHAHA quite funny cos i was like doing rdm actions ROFL

and the ours cover i promised LOL

and then this quite old hit that taylor swift sang hahaha ok i know i dint sing it too well because i was out of breathe hahaha the song too long alr LOL just for fun la okay.
im just bored ok. enjoy haha xoxo eugeniania

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last post of BOB TAN

disclaimer* hi dont read if u wanna get angry reading this. cos this is MY blog, its abt MY life and i have the rights to blog abt ANYTHING i want. :)

I swear this is really the last post.(unless he come kill me or do smth more extreme) I really damn irritated. I know people might think im a bitch by like posting these since he sort of 'Apologised' to me but i just feel thats its irritating because firstly, u sms me this,

i need someone to cry to. Send wrong. ok can ? do u see me replying?
then u fb msg me, say your sorry for making my face in the newspaper OK CAN.
did u see me replying?

So ok ALR RIGHT WHY MUST U STILL SPAM ME SO LONG THESE MSGES, idk la hor, what u trying to prove? Even tho technically u are saying sorry but i just really really really
hey when u send me i need someone to cry to i alr never say anything abt u or post/blog anything abt u or what alr right even though its so ==''' and so worth to Blog abt it and make ur life miserable than it alr is.

nvm u make me damn irritated just delete my phone number can, i dont even REPLY U for godness sake.
why think so much sia? why type so long? what u want me to pity u? WHAT? seriously just STOP SAYING ANYTHING IT WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER I SWEAR

anw continue

Really, just take my advice. im blogging this cos I really have no intentions to talk to u, nor reply u even tho u 'changed a new leaf' and wanna be a mummy's boy again. whats more i alr gave u 2 chances but u just dint get the hint of my silence. then had to send me all this crap again. seriously. u are a peanut in my life lol. i think a peanut is better for me cos its much tasier. lol.

so i want u to see this and Be smart and get it. good for u IF U WNA change. ok? just stop texting or talking to me me cos seriously i dont give a shit abt ur life. change my number in ur phone to ur own number so when u feel like thinking or apologising again u can just send to 'eugenia' and get inboxed to ur own phone. kthnxbai

stiu persistant?
read this:
i wont pity u

xoxo eugeniania

ARGH now u make me feel like a bitch for blogging abt this lame shit again but really im just goddammed irriated by u zz and i want u to get the point of just the two easy words i mentioned earlier.

and im not trying to be a attention seeking whore because this is not the kind of attention i want.
just trying to prove my point here.

edited// ok one of my friends read this and said i should just sms bob and tell u that instead of posting this up. andsaid i am damn bad and said i shouldnt add fuel to the fire since ur family is 'torn apart'. sadly im not so naive, i kinda dont believe u know im not that stupid, didnt u boast before that ur family is so good and ur so rich etc. lol and serious today is the first time i scroll thru ur fb pics and ur family took so many sweet pictures tgt and ur mum can still joke with u on fb. hey happy not im praising u here, not gonna put ur face here tho -.- just go add this dude on fb if u all dont believe me. tsk. how can pity this kind of guy, he will step on all ur heads.
then again its MY BLOG, MY CHOICE TO WRITE ABT WDV I WANT isnt that right?
hello i never report police very good alr leh pls stand in my shoes ppl how freaked out u think u will feel la.

lastly the thing is abt blogging this is i know if i reply his msges, he will reply me, so i dont wnt that. get this point? let this be the end ok? i know i am evil, mean, blablabla rolls eyes* so thats it end of story! dont ever talk to me again really. (bolded) and u say alr last time alr ah.

seriously my uncontrollable bad temper got ahead of me again, waste my time and other ppl's time once again for this post. sigh. whatsmore the worst thing is this little thing is not even a bit of a significant thing in my life to me so im really mad. omg.

hey ok look i won't want war so yea go watch this vid of big bang if you guys are feeling angsyt :) their new mv :) out ytd! they filmed it in Newyork city. i love them~ sooo talented, their songs are never a disappointment. :))

and this
peace out xoxo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We were in love

hello peeps, i just did a new cover t-ara and davichi we were in love :) Hahaha i really loveeeeeeeee my new camera leh damn nice! hahaha damn good. canon s100 ^^

if u realised, this is the first time i actually Look at the camera while singing face to face ROFL HAHAHAH i think i still look kinda AKWARD. LOLOL IF only i knew how to play guitar, i think it will be better. OH WELL, enjoy ;) hahaha i was trying real hard to keep my facial expression in place!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A SAD SONG ok i shall improve !!!!!!!! hiokhiok


sorry if i havent been updating with interesting stuff lately im kinda lazy :p PLUS XAMS
anw leave me some comments on my formspring or smth okokok :) <3 thanks!

dont i look akward in the vid LOL ok i shall vlog soon and show my feet LOL someone from formspring ask me show my 'BEAUTIFUL FEET' to the camera then the person tellme who is he/she LOL

xoxo eugeniania

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cry me out

hello peepooooooooooo hahahahaha i made a vlog!
but of course not as funny as aaron tan's just like briefly how i feel etc lorrr
watch below here >> hehe at least I Dint put any makeup k even though im not very confident about my no makeup face LOL i just dontwant ppl call me AHLIAN....

oh anw first video i made using my new canon S100 :) GREAT CAMERA :) but i dint use the High definition mode cos it would take like hours to upload onto youtube, but i still think the quailty is great despite using like the lowest def mode in the cam :D

ok i still feel shitty HAHA i have no idea why i go use a high def camera and record up to almost 3 mins without any makeup on my face HAHAHA even aaron tan styled his hair in his vid LOL........ ok so ya the power of makeup

see i look so mature HAHAHA

kk byebye
xoxo eugeniania

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2nd post of bobcullen rofl

watched ghost rider :)

i just deleted this entry's top post. I think the bob thing is really getting too big so i should do that, and im also flamed for being a attention whore etc. lol. Issit my fault that im on stomp n stuff? Who stomped me anw? Blogging is supposed to be for leisure anw. How'd i know so many ppl would read the posts?.. Plus my senior asked me to remove this post. How i know this thing will get so big?

kk so was my bestie's birthday hahaha
happy birthday trish <3
went to her house with the usuals and ate alot of nice food her mom cooked and celebrated her birthday!! love you!
i did a super sweet collage for her LOL spend quite some time at eating bbq chicken restaurant trying to take diff angles of my arms to create that image! haha regina said she was ashamed to be eating with me cos i was doing those stupid looking actions.
one photo of the collage looks like this

end product ;)

and the good news is, i just bought my new CANON CAMERAA!!~ i really love it. hahaha the quality is damn good! now i can blog more nicer and clearer pics as well as my vlogs and covers hehe :)

cine seoul garden hotpot :) recommended flavours: beef tendon hotpot and
premium seafood hotpot. hehe if u go from mon - fri, before 5pm, now got a 1 for 1 offer :) damn good! normally one hotpot like 15 dollars around there. then now 2 for 15? LOL damn nice somemore :)
oh my green tea frappe lOL RDM

k i know im chubby. i dontwant put too many pics now cos i feel stressed. Not pretty enough also at fault. Say i xmm ahlian okay thats fine. English not good, also can. Its your own opinions anw!

xoxo eugeniania <3

i dont wish to get judged.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2nd aaron tan sia

WHOA seriously firstly i dont even know why am i blogging about this lame stalker that i have lol but he already pissed me off too much so i just need to talk about it. So it started when me
and regina at white sands pepper lunch eating. then this waiter go put this on the table

"hi are you eugenia koh? i follow you on twitter =)"

LOL then i tell regina, WTF CAN WE GO. then she just laugh then like i also think funny then ok la. then he came to talk to me on facebook then i tried to be friendly la. then after that he send me this

"although i dno u in real life, i have been takin notice of you and ur public life, like whad is known to people who have u on facebook. although it may nt be de full story, i think it could be considered as a sorta representation of whad kinda person u are. and, although during de period where i haven started takin notice of u, i been attached with a few different people, but i think man man de, i am being to like u. i dno whad kind of guy u are loooking out for, or if u are open to being attached at ur current stage of life. but i hope, u can gimme ourselves an opportuanity to know each other. i read ur blog b4, i know u have bad exp in such a aspect. but yea, i have some feelings for u, that i cannot explain right now. and i wonder whads ur view on this. end."

then i reply him quite nicely cos like i think he quite nice will type this kind of long shit to me so quite sweet then ok lo. then after that i gradually never reply him alr la lol like i lazy alr ma whats more normally i dont even reply this kind of ppl one is cos i had some interaction with him reallife before so i will reply cos i dont want to give ppl bad impression lol.

then after that blabla then i never reply his msges alr la lol wtf
THEN one day i on mrt like last week I was so tired and then suddenly got this guy msg me.
"Hi i am opposite you"
I look up then i saw him then i was like "wthefuck sia i got so suay meh?!!?!" in my head then like he texted me then ofcourse i reply I MEAN THE PERSON SITTING OPPOSITE U HOW CAN U JUST IGNORE I ALSO SCARED RIGHT NB
then he keep ask me where i stay so im like pasir ris then he ...... me
LOL cos the mrt going pasir ris then of course i stay pasir ris right then i also dontwant to like tell him where i stay lol.
then reach pasirris alr i tell him bye and faster left the mrt.

i walk quite a distance until through the shopping center alr, suddenly got a tap on my shoulder
-what i dint want most to happen thats why i quickly zao from mrt right CANT U GET THAT HINT DUMBASS-
then of coourse but who is the guy la then ask me where i stay again BLABLA i just point there blabla then like hais fuck la SEIORUSLY what u want me to do at that time?!?!?!?!

then was getting quite akward then my mom called me -first time i so appreciative of my mom's call lol. then i randomly say i never put makeup then THE GUY GO AND PINCH MY FACE. took me awhile to realise then i was alr like disgusted la but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tricia say i should have alr slap him or smth but i really dunno what to do la FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE

then we just walk then normally got a place to turn and cross the road what. then at this weird part suddenly the guy go touch me and push me to cross the road. at the time i was alr like YOU MAD BRO like are u trying to take advantage of me in my head. lol but i never say that la ok i think i damn lag also. lol then i alr keep ask him, go home,

i can go home myself blablabla but he say cannot now what time alr. i say normally i go home later than this also can lol. then he say LOOK AT WHAT IM WEARING will attract perverts.(HELLO I THINK U R THE PERVERT)
lol i say IM WEARING LONG SLEEVES leh. he say NOT UR UPSTAIRS IS UR DOWNSTAIRS. i was like wtf nowadays alot of girls wear shorts what lol. i really damn irritated alr la.

then reach my house downstairs alr i dint even bother to say thanks or bye cos i really damn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i alr very nice never kaopei him or what alr leh lol
i think dumb ppl also can get it hello i keep tell u go home alr right cb FUCK U

so he keep sms me fb chate me blabalabl
ok then cos he seriously stalks every single thing i do like my blog my twitter even my converstaion with my friends la sia. so ytd i go tweet this

wtf if some guy do this for me i think i 99 percent will say yes

I THINK he saw thats why HE DID the same thing for me lol then he send me all those msges but i see alr i want faint so i never reply.

ok then i he added regina on fb and was like:
    • hi. we dont realli know each other, but i am de pepper lunch guy. i am chasing eugenia, dont tell her that, and i wanna give her flowers on vday. but i scared she will be scared cos she got no bf before or smth, so i think mayb it wud be better if u were present when i give her de flowers. u are her bestie right? thats my assumption.
      anw, i plan to give her like 1130pm on vday, cos i have work that day till eleven at white sands pepper lunch.
      can tell me if u free during that tyme, at her house void deck?
      thx ar, dont tell her anything about this pls, i wan to give her a surprise, ya thx alot!
      in any case u need to msg me, 81811357. tyty
    • u got receive my msg?
    • hi. okay i know this is so damm unoriginal. but if u got notice de foto eugenia was talking about in her twitter, bout de guy who made de heart shape with his foto collarge, i made one for eugenia too. i sent it to ur email liao, whether u see this msg or not, i am going to send it insoft copy form to eugenia on vday. cheers
so i today cant take it so regina help me reply him

ok so aft kena reject then haolian all and all la LOLOLOL OK CAN U DO EVERYTHING BEFORE???? LIKE WHAT :) FUCK AROUND? EEEEEEEEW

oH YA u want see screenshot anot. what the fuck is duck lips fuck u think i smsing u only meh cb i was like smsing regina and tricia OMG LIKE FUCK MY LIFE THE STALKER OPPOSITE ME IN THE MRT LA KNN then so funny what LOL thats why my face like that cos i wanted to laugh about i so suay take mrt also can take same as u right cb fuck u who want act cute to u lol

scold me alr then act all sad about spending so much time on the fucking collage lame ok can

ok he even email the collage to regina's email she tell me she see alr want die omgggggggggggg
i dont even wanna upload it on my blog i think ur face will pollute it i really want die OMG DAMN DISGUSTING I SEE WANT FAINT ALR

ok can i also never tell u i pretty or what right common face then common face lor then why still keep talking to me and harassing me when i look like A commoner lol STILL SHOW ME TO UR SISTER SIA OK CAN I SO BIG IN UR LIFE HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

LOL ok blablabla now regina calling him LOL cos she see alr damn angry LOLOLOL im just enjoying show and he dontwant answer sia.

reject call then sms me back say "nabei who wan hear ur voice sia blablabala"
louis call then he say " fuck stop calling im working damn u"
when i sms u stop harrassing me U WORKING THEN STILL CALL ME LOL ok can excusesmuch


ending off,
ok fine i shall upload the collage i swear u all should just off the webpage now lol if not later tonight cant sleep


U MAD BRO?? u created a image all in ur head, i dont folllow u on twitter, i dont reply ur msges BLABLALBA U REALLY MAD

GOODBYE n stop spamming me with all the nbcbs la U THINK u big ah

okay LOL i think this is a fucking lame post lol SORRY IF I WASTED ALL OF UR TIME K
im not so bitchy but this guy really mad one i cant take it lol.

ok bye zzz

go see the fb 700-800 quarreling comments pic with like 7 shares and 20 over likes ROFL
cos aft he send me this rude long msg boasting abt him kissing with some girl when i alr stopped quarreling with him alr i was damn angry so i screenshot it and tagged him on fb.
if ure my fb friend u should be able to see this


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Louis's 18th

hey so, just woke up not long ago.
should be going to jinda's house or smth later to gamble?

On fri ytd~ went to eat
fish and co with my classmates. haha used class fund ma.
me and Gwendolyn ordered new york fish and chips :)
after that did project and

at night regina and i went to Zhiyannies house to gambleeeeeeeeee
with the usual ppl and zhiyan's classmates and sp friends
tess, nico, morgan, jinda, asher, zavier, samuel, nicholas, zavier, zijun, gervina, jorgine etcetc
as USUAL, regina won like 70 bucks hahaha she FOREVER win one i swear like forever this cny she wont like a few hundreds alr la HI REGINA TREAT ME EAT LEY~ ^^
haha at first i won like 15 dollar bettter than nothing, then after 12
the bankers nic cos is his bdae i guess and samuel started wining so i lost almost all my i wingings hahaha but is ok at least never lose like cny 100 +
ya but i think they quite sian lose alot also due to regina obviouslyyyyyyyy
ate supper & homedddd

okie now post some pics of louis' bdae chalet a week agoooo
happy belated brah~ post,
wenmin louis tricia regina, LOL im the tallest




ok end off with this pic that is totally rdm,
ME AND TRISH :D with out father hahahah ok i want buy abercrombie & fitch thing soon whoa i like their perfume smell NICEEE

xoxo eugeniania, i am loving my iphone heahahah ok la normal.
WALAO my camera out of stock the one i wanna buy so must wait until march??
the courts person say WHOLE SINGAPORE NO HAVE