Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cry me out

hello peepooooooooooo hahahahaha i made a vlog!
but of course not as funny as aaron tan's just like briefly how i feel etc lorrr
watch below here >> hehe at least I Dint put any makeup k even though im not very confident about my no makeup face LOL i just dontwant ppl call me AHLIAN....

oh anw first video i made using my new canon S100 :) GREAT CAMERA :) but i dint use the High definition mode cos it would take like hours to upload onto youtube, but i still think the quailty is great despite using like the lowest def mode in the cam :D

ok i still feel shitty HAHA i have no idea why i go use a high def camera and record up to almost 3 mins without any makeup on my face HAHAHA even aaron tan styled his hair in his vid LOL........ ok so ya the power of makeup

see i look so mature HAHAHA

kk byebye
xoxo eugeniania

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