Thursday, October 9, 2014

#KLMADNEZZ at Kuala Lumpur 3D2N

Just gna briefly draft out this short 3 days 2 nights impromptu trip to KL before I scoot off to bkk in less than a day's time. This whole trip was more about partying, drinking and more drinking, didn't rly have the chance to try alot of KL's specialty foods, since I was the only one who actually did some research prior our trip so we could only make do with some of the itinerary I came out with hahahah but it was still a memorable trip~ :)

Traveled by bus for approximately 5-6 hours via StarMart Express, booked the tickets online and thought it was cheap, but realized that it was EVEN cheaper when we missed our ride back at the last day so we bought new tickets in KL on the spot and it was even cheaper?! 

Ride was rather comfy cause my chair there was a little faulty so I could lie all the way down flat HAHAHA but rly, seats were big and all!! Okay some of my photos are taken and sent by Mae's phone so credits to her! I finally have another crazy gf whom loves to snap photos all dayz CHEERS :D

off we go~ double deck!

shan and me!

joshua & gary!

barefaced selfies in da bus

after 2 hours of the ride.. bin and mae was sleeping in this position..

josh who switched to the lonely seat with markcus!


Getting our sim cards (btw its for around 5 days, and i have to say the 3G was super lousy bkk's sim cards' 3G access is cheaper and faster, so you better think twice before buying their sim cards, maybe the hotel wifi will be sufficient enough..)

 and bin was folding his clothes in the phone shop, getting pretty used to his antics LOL!

Second stop after arrival, getting beer -_- whole trip was prolly abt drinking non-stop.

The wonderful hotel we stayed at. We booked like a family suite with two single beds and a queen bed - one room for the guys and another for the girls! There are still two toilets and a living room, so luckily we didn't book two family suites which we at first wanted.

Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang
136, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, 55100
Bukit Bintang/Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

No spooky encounters, very convenient, very affordable for all 7 of us & near our bus pickup point at Berjaya Times Square, walkable distance!!

checking in!!

selfie with the girls after the longggg bus ride in our hotel! Mae, me and shan~

our shared living room as mentioned earlier.

corridor linkage

girls room!! :) which Mae didn't even sleep in for both nights since she was a drunkard HAHAHA dk sleep on the sofa or dk where HAHA.

the guys' room!

Day 1 was prettily much spent at

Berjaya Times Square
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

Sadly we were always too rushed/hungry during this very short getaway we just rdmly settled for food in the malls and didn't really get the chance to eat their local eats! But next time perhaps :D

Settled for some western food at
Vivo: American Pizza & Panini

The ironic thing is that all six of us ordered Fish & chips (so boring LOL) and only Mae ordered their seafood spaghetti. We didn't even order pizzas hahahah

but food is chip and good! 

some mixed platter with onion rings, chicken bits and I thought their fried scallops was yummy!

I guess other than Sunway Lagoon 
(a water theme park in KL if i'm not mistaken, issit still even open for business? heh) a place you could visit in KL is the Berjaya Times Square Theme park! Even though some rides were closed on the day we visited, there are still some worth riding thrilling rides!

Located on the 5th floor of Berjaya Times Square! The whole mall must be damn big in order to fit in this amusement park!

Entrance fee for us was around 25 SGD (adults) each.

My tag and Markcus! (and my ring I lost cpl of days back in this pic sob*)

Bumper car LOL

There are many rides which goes the 360 degree flip in the theme park but I guess this ride - supposedly the most scary of all rides in Berjaya Times Square Theme Park named "DNA Mixer" me and shan took the MOST number of times, like three times so the guys took a video for us which I uploaded for a few secs on my FB! HAHAHA

First and second time we rode it we could feel the adrenaline rush but by the THIRD time we took it, it was actually painful and self inflicting, Malaysian made theme park rides can't be compared to the larger theme parks in the other countries in terms of the safety of each rides. 

Cause me and shan changed the spots we sat each different time we rode, the last time was the closest to the right hand side, second row, maybe cause the place was situated nearer to the turning gear and force of the ride, EACH TIME WE ROTATED ITS LIKE OUR THIGHS AND SHIT GETS SLAMMED ONTO THE PROTECTIVE BARRIER WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO ''PROTECT US'' I will show you my bruises on my thighs in awhile. LOL

but its kind of hilarious actually cause me and shan not rly super whiney kind so it went like:

First ride- Me & Mae: @^&#%@&^$%# spurs all the vulgarities* Shan: ahhhhhhhhhh
Second ride(only me and shan could take this thrice LOL)- Me & Shan: HAHAHAH AAHWHOOO
by the time the third ride- Me & Shan: OUUUCCCHHHH OOOOOWWWWWWW 

okay main point is- if you guys want to take this ride just dont sit at the right hand side of the second row.

guys were supposed to video us.

gary and markcus being gay hahaha

spot me and markcus on this ride!

me, bin and shan tried this rodeo bull ride which looks so easy but....
Highest score was 88 secs,
Average score was 55 secs,
Bin had 28 secs?
LOL not as easy as I thought it would be okay!!

Can watch my instavideo on my instagram @pinkyniakoh !

guys playing the arcade!

there's us!


Weishan yawning damn tiredly HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hui Lui Shan for dessert after the tiring evening~

I think it tasted better to me in KL than the one i blogged about during my Hk trip! lol!

Love the chewyy rice balls set yum

Some curry chee cheong fan they served which actually tasted good too!!

Went back to our hotel to prepare for round 1 of drinking night 1~

Group selfie before we set off from our hotel!

Okay time for some KL recommendations!
Lucky I did some research prior hand *proud of myself*
So this trip we only roamed around the area of Bukit Bintang during our stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Some places you can visit during night time while in KL is:
Changkat Bukit Bintang 

"Changkat Bukit Bintang is one of the city’s most happening boulevards. Regarded as the ‘it’ party venue in KL’s lively yet fluid clubbing scene, Changkat is crammed with restaurants that morph into nightclubs with cocktails bars and pubs that transform into rowdy drinking joints, with deejays spinning music. Live performances from various local acts are also held in a number of nightspots."

and for supper or dinner near Bintang Walk & Changkat Bukit Bintang there's a food street called

Jalan Alor
Also located in the area of Bukit Bintang and its prolly the most famous hawker-food street in KL. It's alfresco dining with alot of smoke but festive environment!

Cabbies will prolly know these places!

whole stretch of pubs and bars in changkat bukit bintang.
Cool shot one of the guys (can only see markcus & josh face here)

then bin and gary's face haha!

Randomly settled down for drinks (so cheap in KL) at:

No. 52 & 54, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

bombarding of my camera time.
Josh and Mae!

The handsome guys wheee Gary, Markcus, Josh and Bin!

guys with mae~

and shan~

I think we were abit high alr lol


Bin me and shan!

quite a cool pic, gary, markcus, mae's nostril photobombing and bin!

group shot of all the girls and guys! <3

da girls~

with Mae!

josh face forever red, Mae and me!

bin photobombinggg

now gary photobombing..

me and the guys!~

yup that's about night 1 round 1, wait for round 2 in awhile!

Was so hungry after drinking me and josh got ramly burgers at the street stalls. 

eating ramly burger part I. DAMN YUMZ


Day 2 was spent at 
Bintang Walk
Which is the shopping and entertainment district of KL, equivalent to Orchard Road of Singapore. Its home to many landmarks shopping centers, cafes, bars and night markets. You can try staying near that area as well! Many hotels ranging from luxury to budget accommodations can be found in the area!

we actually went to Pavilion KL (mall)
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

and there are so many shops in there! Ranging from high end to mid range! Went to zara and forever 21 there and there is this HUGE sephora outlet just opposite the mall! *.*

Rdmly settled for some Dim sum (yummy) at one of Pavilion's mall rdm restaurants, they have many dimsum shops there I think. And I can't rmb the name of this one opps!! I didn't even take pics of the dim sum we ordered cause we were all too starving haha.

but this pan mee was goooood! Made up for not trying kinkin pan mee in KL! the origins.

only have a shot before food arrived LOL

& chicken feet which only I ate. LOL

selfie with shan in a mirror of forever 21 while waiting for Maeee

The guys went to shop on their own so the girls had some girl time and we settled for some high tea at 
Chapter Two
P1.02.00. Level 1. Pavilion.
Kuala Lumpur 55100

cause of their popsicles actually, looks so cute!!

selfie with my Dragon fruit flavoured happy face popsicle and Charcoal Mille Crepe cake which tasted so good! I'm the crepe cake expert hehe.

the guy was so good to write happy saturday for me hahaha. Shan had lychee flavoured and Mae's one was soursoupe!

Wonderful afternoon ^^

with my pretty girls!

Mae was like scolding me cause I bit my popsicle. LOL 

after that back to hotel to prepare for round 2 night 2!! #KLMADNEZZ

One of the guys took this in the cab otw to KL Zouk, the Twin Petronas Tower, one of the sight seeing places you could visit in KL!

KL zouk for the first time!!! so excited for the zoukers HAHA btw their legal age to club there is unfortunately 21 years old! keep that in mind!

Zouk Club (KL)
113, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

treated like kings and queens! this is the difference between the power of spending between different countries. Haha LED menus! Look at the price!


the F4 handsome guys la LOL.

Mae and Bin!

Shan and Josh!

shan and gary!

pouty mae and bin!

markcus and shan!

selfies with shan~

the girls and bin HAHAHA

with mae!~


me markcus and mae LOL

oh the club was cold i swear, josh had to give me his sweater to wear. BTW OUR DRESS CODE IS ALL DRESSED IN WHITE IF YOU NOTICED.

maximum seh HAHAHA

I LOVE YOU GUYS #KLMADNEZZ HAHAHAHA muacks pls check our hashtags on instagram.

i HAVE NO IDEA what was I doing and Mae is just like whutttt with the rest posting LOL

whoohoooo behind the dj console hahaha!

the only survivals went to seven eleven to get some food LOL

in josh sweater and my punchable expression LOL OH AND LOOK AT THE BRUISES ON MY THIGHS FROM THE DNA MIXER RIDE LOL.

DAY 3 (last day :() 
yeah and our hotel had free buffet breakfast in the morning which only some of the guys could wakeup for LOL. so this pics are credits to them.

no eggs and sausages for me :(

cause I am in the toilet back in the hotel room LOL

Lunch settled for some sushi *.* had cravings at Sakae! Wanted to try some special outlet but berjaya times square was too huge so anything lo~

but somehow even sakae sushi tasted better in KL as their ingredients were much more sufficient and their prices are cheaper than sg's as well!!!


super yummy salmon and mayo WHOO

played bowling after that! HAHA quite funnn

then missed our bus ._. LOL #KLHOMELEZZ

all of us pouting maximum.

bought the next ride tickets and I actually thought it was a blessing in disguise cause I could spend more time with all these lovely peepos HEHEHE

we went to some karaoke ktv place in Berjaya Times Square. and its so cheap!!! Each 20/30 SGD only? with private toilets in each room, and FREE FLOW BUFFET (whut) and two free huge drinks as well!!! Money well spent!

excited Mae~

we are the anaconda sisters HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA inside joke.

FOOD FOOD FOOD salmon again!

bus ride back, then its back to sg. hehehe mae and bin so cute!

LOL zoom out abit. #KLMADNEZZ.

I think only I wasn't that sleepy at the end of the ride.
Can't wait for our next trip tgt alr! <3



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