Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi this shall be a short and sweet post. THE WEATHER DAMN HOT ITS KILLING ME. 
how i wished i was as hot as the weather.
omg, how i wished it snowed in singapore. So, slept at dawn today and woke up quite early. Won majiong ytd~  without the need to use my winning money for cab rebates because tessa and nico fetched me home EEEHOOO :)

so this is what i do when im bored. HAHA my own original meme. HAHAHAHA ok kind of retarded, please dont judge :D

Crapping around today with many people. probably feeling kind of in a good mood? or rather crazy since the weather is driving everyone nuts i guess. 
stop pmsing pretty please pretty weather?:)
So i was saying, i will marry anyone who buy me this HAHAHAHAHA.
special edition nerds that i have been craving for a week now, but lazy go THAT place buy, ask my friend buy keep FORGET tsk* hehe, only certain places sells this, so far i only know one? so not so easy to ask for my hand in marriage. HAHAHA.

yumz mom keep feeding me with food, reason why i have been chubby since young, no?
okay i give u all who read this famous amos hehehe :D jking!

xoxo eugeniania. YAY next week three days of school cos LABOUR day~
feeling a little tad stressed!

Follow me on twitter?

:)) i shall try my best to be friendly and follow back muahaha.
And more formspring qnes please. me so bored!

on the other hand, i WANNA WATCH THIS

AHH Love superhero shows alot. definately my cup of tea.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hot summer + Sending Wenmin off

 Hi, super hot these days sweating like mad as i type this post. I wonder what temperature issit now seriously, with the moon high above in the sky yet SO DARN HOT.

 Have been rather kind to my skin since i started week one of school applying makeup (sunblock during weekdays and bbcream is the furthest i'll go during weekends)

so week two not much~ just simple lipbalm for my chipped lips, most important stuff.

 yeah and i still cant really wink technically i guess its because my eyes are already tiny, so when i wink, both eyes will close HAHA. sigh!

 fail again. heh
 satay beehoon at ecp. rather famous for it but heard the old stall owner is currently sick so the shop now runned with newbies, mom says the taste deproved 20 percent? haha i think its still rather not bad tho :)

 yeah and my darling wenmin went overseas this week. miss her so much now~
i wanna go overseas soon tooz

 yeah my watermelon dress ._. never gonna wear it to school again LOL.

 LOL ok my eyemakeup was quite harsh here heheheke

 see what wenmin whatsapp me the whole day and sent me. envious~ MISS HER alot also mehz

 whoooaaaa lao HAHAHA this like become her blog already #okcan hehe

xoxo eugeniania, okay so tessa convinced me to go play majiong LOL.

really just want someone true to care for me that much.
dont really feel like talking about other things. Dissapointed really. k really bye alreadyz~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Autumn Nail Spa + DeeKosh Prata Challenge Video

Hey lovelies i guess this might be a somewhat interesting post because Its long and juicy, hahaha filled with many pictures of what i did last weekend and today :) drum roll please.. HEHE
theres a deekosh prata challenge within the midst of this post HAHA
scroll down?

okay if u are a guy, i suggest u scroll down because the
First Quarter of the post is mainly about me and my girls gging fareast to do our gelish nails on friday.
tired of having nails polish that chips off very fast? heh go do this gelish, its somewhat like half gel and half nailpolish, should be able to last to 1 month without chipping

cos i worked at as a manicurist as a holiday job after my olevels before so tht time i really had fanciful nails that i really liked. HAH now too lazy to do this kind. 

gel and gelish are different. more design can be done on gel nails and they can last up to two months longer but they are more expensive to get and it kind of hurts when you place ur nails under the uv light machine for the gel to harden on ur nails. damn pain.
rather stick to gelish. no feeling but same uv light is needed though!

but since it was a new start of a term, me wenmin and regina decided to go do gelish nails at
i dint think the service was that bad, i also dint think it was that great either. so just in case u guys wanna do gelish too, can go check out the address above!


                                                       regina and her leopard print nail design

                                               and i did the lastest gelish magneto design
 haha newest nail polish trend i guess ,last trend was the cracked nail polish nails remember, at first when you apply the magneto polish its like just the colour itself, then u place this magnet above it, stripes can be seen automatically formed by themselves on the nail polish :) more ex tho this kind. hahaha this one and designed nails usually have to add more money :)


                                           not usually a green person but decided to do green.

                               wenmin's pokka dott and my magneto and regina's

 ate this for dinner ayam chicken, the chilli damn spicy! haha i suspect this chicken has chemical which gave me rashes :(

 hehehehehe so apparently, i was crazy over green the past few days, wore green contacts and everything green precisely. HAHAHAHA sat went bugis shopping with wenmin and regina again. at night played majiong at regina's house with tricia and tessa.

 SUNDAY went town with tessa and regina~~

                                        outfit of the day hehe
                                                       regina's striking blue top nice :D
                                                                    hi tessy <3


 went school feeling damn tired today cos i slept 3 hours the previous night. can tell by my dark eyecircles right?

 went to this prata house at kovan with wenmin, louis, bryan, chunks and regina to eat prata and try do the deekosh prata challenge HAHA


SO THIS IS THE VID OF DEEKOSH's PRATA CHALLENGE, a lousy failed attempt, ahahaha cant be compared to the original.

hope u enjoyed it hehe

okay photos taken by my iphoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hope u guys enjoyed this post!
xoxo eugeniania :DD