Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi this shall be a short and sweet post. THE WEATHER DAMN HOT ITS KILLING ME. 
how i wished i was as hot as the weather.
omg, how i wished it snowed in singapore. So, slept at dawn today and woke up quite early. Won majiong ytd~  without the need to use my winning money for cab rebates because tessa and nico fetched me home EEEHOOO :)

so this is what i do when im bored. HAHA my own original meme. HAHAHAHA ok kind of retarded, please dont judge :D

Crapping around today with many people. probably feeling kind of in a good mood? or rather crazy since the weather is driving everyone nuts i guess. 
stop pmsing pretty please pretty weather?:)
So i was saying, i will marry anyone who buy me this HAHAHAHAHA.
special edition nerds that i have been craving for a week now, but lazy go THAT place buy, ask my friend buy keep FORGET tsk* hehe, only certain places sells this, so far i only know one? so not so easy to ask for my hand in marriage. HAHAHA.

yumz mom keep feeding me with food, reason why i have been chubby since young, no?
okay i give u all who read this famous amos hehehe :D jking!

xoxo eugeniania. YAY next week three days of school cos LABOUR day~
feeling a little tad stressed!

Follow me on twitter?

:)) i shall try my best to be friendly and follow back muahaha.
And more formspring qnes please. me so bored!

on the other hand, i WANNA WATCH THIS

AHH Love superhero shows alot. definately my cup of tea.

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