Thursday, August 28, 2014

3D2N Star Cruise Gemini to Tioman Malaysia + (Advertorial) Shopvexed

- from the rather long silent hiatus since I have been soooo busy and tired! Currently got a part time job at the airport and they scheduled me like almost everyday for the last two weeks of august, could barely breathe, injured myself (if you saw my fb/twitter - my casted foot), had flu and slight fever yet could not take any MC.

So glad thats kinda over, hadn't work for 9 consecutive days in a row in such a long time or even in my entire life before!! Other than that, working in the airport has its perks like staff discount in so many retail outlets (without taxes) and I pretty much spend all my time there now and I should really stop spending my pay there too hahahah

Finally got my thoughts sorted out for now, and I'm currently waiting for my Uni intake for Jan, along with wenmin and josh; so yay to friends from the same batch! 

& I just booked my bkk tickets in Oct ;) {was pretty near to cancelling off one of the things I wna do before I die, which is to travel overseas once, SOLO, but my friends were so against it & kept saying bkk is too dangerous for me to do that so I have company to my second home, kup, once again} & Korea in Nov, can't wait!

That should be enough update on my life currently and I should pretty much revive my dead blog with some pictures of my most recent Tioman trip (before other overdue updates) - luckily I did a vlog before i MIA-ed. Spent so much time on it & I think my video editing skills are improving hehe! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tioman Cruise Vlog 2014

Hi guys! I'm back with...~

My very first travel vlog!
Since being on a cruise (sponsored) to tioman by Chan Brothers where I did my first virgin snorkel with the fishes (ugh no photos of that cause I was scared I'll drop my cameras into the ocean) - time to invest in a waterproof casing for my cameras/get a waterproof camera!!!!

Usually I can't multitask (like take videos and photographs tgt) BUT this was my first time away from all internet connection *gasps* & it can get kinda boring so I decided to make this vlog~

hope you guys will enjoy this! With many of my unglam & barefaced moments hahahaha since you guys requested some makeup tutorial videos which I'm still lazy to do hehehe

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Thanks for watching :))

Be back soon with pictures of the tioman post!