Thursday, August 28, 2014

3D2N Star Cruise Gemini to Tioman Malaysia + (Advertorial) Shopvexed

- from the rather long silent hiatus since I have been soooo busy and tired! Currently got a part time job at the airport and they scheduled me like almost everyday for the last two weeks of august, could barely breathe, injured myself (if you saw my fb/twitter - my casted foot), had flu and slight fever yet could not take any MC.

So glad thats kinda over, hadn't work for 9 consecutive days in a row in such a long time or even in my entire life before!! Other than that, working in the airport has its perks like staff discount in so many retail outlets (without taxes) and I pretty much spend all my time there now and I should really stop spending my pay there too hahahah

Finally got my thoughts sorted out for now, and I'm currently waiting for my Uni intake for Jan, along with wenmin and josh; so yay to friends from the same batch! 

& I just booked my bkk tickets in Oct ;) {was pretty near to cancelling off one of the things I wna do before I die, which is to travel overseas once, SOLO, but my friends were so against it & kept saying bkk is too dangerous for me to do that so I have company to my second home, kup, once again} & Korea in Nov, can't wait!

That should be enough update on my life currently and I should pretty much revive my dead blog with some pictures of my most recent Tioman trip (before other overdue updates) - luckily I did a vlog before i MIA-ed. Spent so much time on it & I think my video editing skills are improving hehe! 

btw *Watch out for the blogshop advertorial I have at the end of the post for discount codes ;)*


So my gay partner of this trip is tengggtenggg Jessica~~
And that's an introductory photo of her chewing on our pathetic packet of gummy worms (I swear we should have bought more packets onboard)

had black ball (some melon flavoured combo yum) before we got some of the necessities we needed before boarding the cruise!

our cavern for two nights


lovin' my zara maxi I got from HK

opps my tag was out, you'd know, the strings that hangs your dress on hangers

some selfie on the top deck

had some complementary course dinner at bella vista

imma bread monster

tomato soup

my lamb shank

and jess's pathetic dory or something which is prolly too healthy for my liking

yup so I practically spent my time camwhoring and fidgeting with my camera and going to the casino for the first time (cause you only need to be 18 onboard) hehehe wonderful experience!!! LOL. *future gambler alert* :0 went there for the two nights when I was onboard hahah and poor Jessica accompanied me and lost all of her cash she brought hahahah Im such a lousy friend.... but I got sponsor her ok hahahah


Suppose to be reaching Tioman, malaysia that day for some water/land activities! whoopie

us being bored in the morning. I didn't want to wear my contacts cause I knew the sea water was gonna sting my eyes

buffet breakfast hehe

my fav hot milk tea lo

more camwhoring 

the yatch to tioman island was so fast my camera and phone got totally drenched!

wind was sooooo strong hahaha

this is the island we snorkelled at! After this trip I told myself to invest in a waterproof casing for my camera cause I was so upset we didn't even have any underwater shots with the fishes and corals cause I didn't want my devices to get wet, or worse being the clutz for an owner, I might drop them into the sea or smth.

But the whole experience was a blast! But I felt super dehydrated afterwards cause the sea water was sooo salty, and my newly rebonded hair prolly got much frizzier.

It was kind of scary at first cause I totally didn't want my body to come into contact with any fishes no matter how pretty they looked hahahah

ugh, look at how non-polluted and beautiful the beach is!

yup, no one told me snorkelling was gonna make me look like such a fool 

two fools

phineas and ferb much from disney channel anybody? hahaha

YUP and I managed to drag jessica into the sea with me cause she can't really swim, but the life jackets helped a great deal, you just needed to paddle yourself cause its super buoyant lah. And I just pulled her along by one of the life savers. 

But I took the jacket out at a point of time cause I rly wanted to swim, but its not advisable cause the floor of the ocean is just claded with sharp corals so your feet can't even touch the ground whilst swimming.

Had a whole body of muscle-aches the next day cause I haven't been even exercising for like what - a year already? hahaha but I love swimming! But I still wouldn't consider myself as a beach vacation or rural area person compared to the love I have for cities.

had some extra time on the beautiful sandy beach before gging back to the cruise!

some yummy durian ice-cream jess was fantasising about

and my coconut1314

HAD TWO DINNERS (omg, but nvm cause no more wearing of bikinis already hahahah) that night cause i wanted to eat chinese food but jessica didn't want to

then I accompanied her and ate at another restaurant so I was like too full that night I swear, but hehe no regrets cause I had my favourite tom yam soup at the second restaurant!

pasta with cheese

spent out night at the casino afterwards with my big belly (doesn't equates to more wealth though)


I think i generally prefer breakfast the most so we had another round of that before we reached SG! Was sooo tired by then cause we practically spent our last night at the casino as well..

yup and thats about this short getaway, Boracray next anybody? ;)


If you followed me on instagram, you would have seen me clad in this Red Bustier Flutter Peplum Top - the perfect feminine outfit for a date out to town.

It has been soooo long since I dressed up since I am so busy working recently! 

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so what are y'all waiting for now?

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thats all for this update *.* hope you guys still read my blog, be back soon xx