Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tioman Cruise Vlog 2014

Hi guys! I'm back with...~

My very first travel vlog!
Since being on a cruise (sponsored) to tioman by Chan Brothers where I did my first virgin snorkel with the fishes (ugh no photos of that cause I was scared I'll drop my cameras into the ocean) - time to invest in a waterproof casing for my cameras/get a waterproof camera!!!!

Usually I can't multitask (like take videos and photographs tgt) BUT this was my first time away from all internet connection *gasps* & it can get kinda boring so I decided to make this vlog~

hope you guys will enjoy this! With many of my unglam & barefaced moments hahahaha since you guys requested some makeup tutorial videos which I'm still lazy to do hehehe

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Thanks for watching :))

Be back soon with pictures of the tioman post!

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