Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weishan's 19th; Genki Sushi + Spageddies + Takashimaya + Changi Village + Fei Fei Wanton Mee

Hi guys, I'm back with the weekly updates. Start off this post with a overdue pic at zouk members' taken last saturday w natnat, jess, the usual people. unglam clayman, douglas, jeff etc. Super dressed down night clad in my jacket and without my high shoes. My attire and jess's matches hahaha. baseballers siboz.

 Heh sorry for the tad emo post below this post..... I guess I am feeling better now, hopefully the pain would go away. And everything would naturally fall in place. Hmm idk.............. okay talking to myself again, no wonder I'm so entertaining on snapchat hehe. This week was real hectic with loads of reports and presentations to submit. So stressed! But i'm glad thats over. Last week of the term, finally, I only have one paper next week which i know nothing about -NIL- and YUP its da' holidays again for me~


Shall start off my post with weishan's birthday since she is my bestie hehe, on tuesday, 21st of may! :) Getting older by the day so these celebrations are just normal dinners with the close ones, still love them the most no matter how playful I get being the only single one in my clique and partying and despite the differences that happened.

Recently just normal eyeliner to school and some lipstain look. I look so tired.

tried wearing slighter nicer than normal since its her birthday, then tried to take ootd shots.....

like wuddd?

hahaha fail, picked the best.

Went to eat Genki sushi for her birthday meal (my first time there hehe) since weishan was craving for jap food.
They have two outlets in singapore. We went to the outlet at orchard central. Actually i realized orchard central looks kind of quieter in town, but it hides loads of acceptable food restaurants!!

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
# 03-32

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road

Genki sushi is actually quite a normal sushi restaurant that serves a little more innovative sushi compared to those other normal brands like sakae. But I found the choices of sushi was still quite limited.. esp my friends are most fickle and doesnt like to eat raw stuffs.

But its also one of the most high-tech sushi restaurant as we were provided an ipad to order our selections
PS ( With every 8 plates of sushi ordered the ipad will generate a lottery if I am not wrong and customers can stand to win a plate or sushi or 10% off total bill ) I didn't get to take a picture of the lottery cause regina pressed it away bleah

Their menu! those with the genki sushi logos are the more recommended ones

Very cute way of serving sushi, after your order is taken, the kitchen would prepare them and your sushis get delivered to you by these cute little choo-choo trains! Press the buttons to send the train back to the kitchen once the items are taken!

choo choo train carrying few of our fav chanwanmushis!

ordered some of their more raved sushi's at genki. Quite a cool combo, the smoked duck sushi with honey mustard!

some black pepper shrimp sushi

Scallop Carpaccio Sushi

My favorite of the lot is also the signature at genki sushi. The cream cheese premium shrimp sushi! yum :)

such a healthy rice bowl, forgot its name heh

i always never fail to order those fried vegetables (called kakkage or smth?)  at sushi outlets!

unagi roll which I dropped hahaha litterally ROLL off the plate okay.......

regina is gonna kill me hehe

gift time!

got her a victora secret wallet. its super pretty make me & tricia feel like getting one for ourselves too LOL ^^ glad she liked it though! hehe score! I rarely pick pink presents for people cause PINK IS MY COLOR HAHA #selfish #lame #childish but I love weishan more than my selfishness heehe

Cause a few of them came later and genki was getting boring, we went to Spageddies, a level above where genki was located. Have always wanted to try their spaghetties there cause of their restaurant name, Spageddies~ sounds so funny and cute. But didn't think that their food would be that great or special but it was actually better than what i expected!! Will go back soon. hehe pasta is one of my fav foods.

181 Orchard Road
#04-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

their menu have quite a few choices of unique pastas and stuff!

hehe and my camera was snatched.

who's the one secretly snap shooting the birthday girl? and I look dumb!

Hehe happy 19 th weishan! :) happy girl with her helium balloon. Have no idea why my shirt looks pink when its bright orange.

seafood platter, dumb tessa left the calamari in the sauce LOL. it was so-so but the fried soft shell crab was good.

carbonara! yum, but some people thought it was too salty.

their sunny pizza, not that great, maybe cause it is not their signature pizza.

but this pasta which was under the catergory of mama's specialties under the menu was good! despite it not being a chef recommendation. Its the Crayfish & tenderloin combo, matched with aglio olio!

I will go back to try the other combos under this selection yum~


hehe group shots of the girls! mostly unglam and unprepared LOL

auntie wenmin, skinny tessa, sexy shan, kiddy me, eccentric regina and lady tricia LOL

never fail to eat at cold stone mostly when I'm in town

colorful array of our half eaten couple icecreams cause no one wants to let me take a pic hmph. I like the cotton candy flavor!! (blue)  hehe shared my usual red velvet with tricia, I guess ice cream flavors are the only thing i'll stick to when i eat them, since I always like to try new stuffs if you don't already know it by now.

long time no take photo with this regina, feels long at least. heh with regina and tricia ^^

meow ^^ love!

hahaha my hair is bombastic LOL


wore like a jersey like top i got from italy last time. hehe so causal yet comfortable

went to takashimaya aft school to find my mom and bought sapporo petit doughnuts again!

they have loads of flavors, ranging from cream cheese, strawberry milk, red bean to banana, potato, custard, chocolate etc!

30 pieces for 12 dollars only!

sweet tooth craving satisfied!

and once again ladure! hehehe the macaroons I was craving so long for again. Got 8 pieces this time only for around 30 bucks, cause I don't want to really turn into a pig. I choose a few of my favorite pieces ( but too bad pistachio was out of stock ) and finally tired their liquorice since it was missed out the previous time. The one in black! its was not bad actually! quite nice :)

 read here for all the reviews flavor of laduree macarroons i did the last time! --> Laduree

In order - Red fruit, Rose petal, Vanilla, Salted caramel, Liquorice, Marie Antoinette and strawberry candy marshmellow hehe


two presentations that day. My formal ootd!

with my entrepreneurial group mates! weishan, me, morgan and xavier!

And last but not least FRIDAY

I think my makeup and outfit was rather cute. New black polka dot dungaree from ohsofickle! but ended damn drunk sorry and thanks :(. went to 
dream > playhouse > zouk
 fml i think makeup also cant save me ytd LOL

ate some nice delicious red velvet cheese cheese cupcake twin baked outside dream LOL check her blog if you guys are interested to make them too~ so thankful for her thoughtfulness!

snapchat my photo w natnat and twin!

these was slightly taken before i was totally gone at zouk UGH...
With ben and jon ^^

and constanceeee

haha fuck my drunk expression talk serious i think i don't even know whats a camera, where am i looking at?!

my handsome quads~

w conzy!

and yup my hangover was damn terrible SAY CHEESE. #nomakeup #drunkardjustwokeupface


Last weekend, went to changi village to eat with my family~ One of the best foods found at the hawker there have got to be this stall!

solo picture worthy chicken chop hor fun! best! drools

the rest was good too from other stalls~ signature mee sua, nasi lemak and mini faces of me drinking coconut juice and eating goreng pisang hahaha

and thats what i did on sunday! hahahaha ate some homemade pizzas and got traditional selegie taohuey delivered to my doorstep! i know you must be thinking what a glutton i am right...


& on monday, went to the rather famous fei fei wanton mee king for dinner, one of the better wanton mee in singapore. Good thing about cars is can go and eat at these more inconvenient areas. 
Anyway do give them a call if you are unsure of going there because I have always visited this place since young, but recently another feifei wanton mee shop opened nearby the authentic one! So please be careful not to eat from the wrong stall!

72 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 64405013

was damn hungry I had two bowls of wanton mee for myself, sometimes my appetite scares me.
 good rojak available there as well, their wanton mee looks plain and normal at first but all the ingredients are hidden below of the noodles. Their soup is good and their noodles goes really well with the chilli provided which is not spicy at all!

next to them is a shop that sells mini drumpling hehe ate two of them after I consumed the two bowls of noodles, I am not kidding.

Enough of my pigging adventures for the week! Can't wait for Fast and furious 6 later!

xoxo eugeniania