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Jai Thai + The Sushi Bar (!!) + Pique Nique + Dessert First

Hi guys! :D I am up quite early on a Sunday, (1 pm) HAHAHA. So i shall update my remain post of my week! So should i separate my posts like this next time or just upload the whole chunk-ful? hehe IDK. I think i am getting more boring :( Oh wells, hope you guys have already eaten because this post have loads of nice food and my new fav place to eat! Im so hungry nowww. First part of my blog would be my another solo foodporn date with the twin! But this pic above was taken from stomp on the party last friday.
hahaha see Im the "BETTER TWIN" cause i started my post with her cute face where she always throws mine at the back... hahhahaha.
btw watch our twin vlog to get what i mean on my youtube channel here if you havent!


First time tying a bun to school without much fringe cause my head was still hurt from the bruises tsk ( I think girls who can pull of this is damn pretty hahhaa but not saying i am pretty and can pull this off) 

Me and twin decided to be more healthy as in "club less eat more?" So we have to bring each other to one of our foodporn places in our list everyweek and BEING TWINS AND TELEPATHIC, the first place we both chose was the same! *opens my mouth in shock*

JAI THAI! We both read from ladyironchef's blog that it was one of the most affordable and tasty thai restaurant for him in singapore.

They have four branches around singapore, listed below, we went to the one at purvis street, where Saveur (cheap french food) is located nearby, located between city hall MRT & Bugis.

Jln Pemimpin Branch
7 Clover Way
Singapore 579080 
Tel: 6 258 0228 

East Coast Branch
205 East Coast Road 
Singapore 428904 
Tel: 6 346 4940 

Purvis Street Branch
27 Purvis Street
#01-01 An Chuan Building
Singapore 188604
Tel: 6 336 6908 

Dhoby Ghaut Branch
11 Orchard Road 
Dhoby X'Change #B1-12 
Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
Singapore 238826 
Tel: 6 338 5766

Their menu! Such a Wide variety so we really couldn't make up our minds to what to order and later ended up overordering :o Good thing about jai thai is that their food is available in three different sizes, so luckily for us, all our dishes we ordered SMALL but still quite big in portion to us..

Usually I'll defnately have my favorite Thai red ruby desert but at jai thai, its in a drink form!

happy twin :)

happy me after a tired day of school

I got the red ruby drink and who else would miss out on thai milk tea? both quite yums

twin have to take a pic with the red ruby drink. HAHAHA so did I.

hehe much love

red ruby!!!!!!

Their phad thai was as tasty as claimed!

long awaited pandan chicken but it was quite a dissapointment. Nakhon's one still trashed theirs!!!!

But one of my fav dish at jai thai was their green curry!!! very nice

their fishcake was good too! do order this over to their pandan chicken if you're there.

their mango salad!! which was one of my fav as well

normal basil tofu w minced meat

and their clear tomyum soup which was another dissapointment, as it had a way too heavy lemon grass taste, and tomyum soups are one of the most impt thai dishes to judge in a thai restaurant!!!

claypot prawn tanghoon, was not bad hehe just that i keep burning my hand cause i kept forgetting the pot was made in metal hahaha dumbb

two ppl & all these?!

and glutton me had to order their thai green milk tea, quite special and i loved it HAHA damn awesome!!!!!!! imagine how bloated I was drinking two sweet drinks in a row

twin's fav tapioca which was nicely made at jai thai as well! yum, probably the only dish we managed to finish completely hahha

my CMI too full to stuff face -_- people in africa has no food and we are so wasteful :o hahaha this group of Caucasian family next table looked damn amazed at two little girls eating such a junkful and they kind of ordered what we ordered. Maybe cause we ate until like can take a commerical-food-damn-nice kind-of -expression HAHA

look at how afforable and how much we two ladies overordered there! But overall me and twin still decided we preferred nakhon than jai thai, but some dishes are really worth trying here and their service was good, staff was polite :)

my ootd from the back cause my stomach was simply explodingggggg

hahahaahaha brief and explosive night think we learnt our number one lesson on our foodporn dates.
Which is to have more self Control over our raging pig hormones next time.


weather has been crazy hot this week but it was raining on tuesday morning so i clad myself in my Abercrombie& Fitch blue stripped sweater

Went to this place which i really wanted to go and since I was supposed to meet up with tessa only (whom loves jap food) at first, and then tricia and jon later decided to join us

The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza #03-89
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213

And i swear this is one of my favorite places to eat now. just that it was more pricey because their food portions was quite measly, or perhaps its because we have 4 people in total, so maybe this would be a great recommendation for those with a friend OR when you want to find some healthy places to eat if you are on a diet. But still I would be back! cause their dishes were all so damn fresh and excellent. I would want to try their other dishes there the next time!

quite a small and simple shop

I think i do not need to elaborate much, this place definitely can fight with Koh Grill & Sushi Bar's shiok maki because all the dishes were wonderful here and at there only a few top pics. FYI, I would always try and order their must orders at every food place which i first visit. 
Their scallop mentaiyaki. drools*

good chanwanmushi-s

two of my friends are a salmon expert and they were like 
"wow nice, i'm damn expert at tasting salmon and this is good"
raved Salmon belly~

ordered the large portion of sirloin steak, sliced delicately thin but its a super excellent dish to share. Very tender and mouth watering beef to pop in one's mouth which we whipped out in a blink of an eye. YUMM

Their salmon aburi rolls (top pick, comes in 8 pieces) appealed to those who even does not consume salmon raw. Their sauce used really brought everything in together.

Their soft shell crab aburi roll is raved as well but for my personal reference, i preferred
their salmon aburi rolls over to this which has an extra soft shell crab :)

bill ended up like this but we were all not that full and had space for more......
So we headed to ..

Pique Nique!!
391A Orchard Road
#B1-01/02 Ngee Ann City
Tel: 6238 6705

HAHA what pigs. 

their pastries always looks so yummy when we walk past!

had their strawberry cheesecake

and red velvet cake :) which looks damn good for a cake but somehow it had a texture like a cupcake. cause its quite hard and really just tastes like a cupcake in a shape of a cake. my friends preferred this cake to the strawberry cheesecake, but i preferred the cheesecake cause maybe I am lazy to chew more LOL

but the best dessert wasss... the sticky date pudding!!! last to arrive but first to get finished. super nice combination of hot caramel syrup and the sticky date pudding with the icecream (although i prefer the combination to be with vanilla ice-cream like the previous time i was there) they just randomly gave us chocolate this time round.

and their special meatball pasta which i thought the pasta was rather nice heh

skinny tessa recently ate more hehe

and the dessert was unfortunately still not enough (tsk the sushi bar) LOL so we ordered pique nique's whoopie fries ( quite a huge portion ) one of the more popular choice amongst its fries section

yum i love mayo and all the calories it carries. hehehe and I had to camwhore with the fries which i thought was damn big in size HAHA


finally a pic with tessa :))

and a girl group shot ~

somehow with two of my fairest best friends my camera lighting made me look up to their fairness hahaha


Some days I would wake up with a puffier face due to water retention (how my weird body works)

supposed to be a full clique outing but tessa ended up quite lazy~ but the rest of us met up to collect our new pandora charms. Cause recently wenmin, tessa as well as regina got their pandora bracelets too!
but mine is way completed cause I started collecting mine two years back before the trend okayz! hehe

So this is how my bracelet looks currently!! pink theme right hehe! I added a new heart clip and the 14k gold safety charm which was the most costly of them all. :(

a photo with them! rarely see attached regina nowadays

After settling our dinners at astons (so mainstream hehe) We went to Tang shui xian! located at the streets with loads of supper food places, opposite bugis junction. A good place to chill and eat dessert even at later timings 

spot the two boyfriends. wenmin and tricia was the light bulbs of the night and for the first time i wasn't hahahaha

typical taiwanese strawberry snow ice

and their rather famous durian snow ice I would order almost everytime I am there. hehe so smelly for durian haters. overall their dessert was quite big in portion so we ordered 4 bowls of snow ice. and us 8 people could share them. :)

alright i shall continue watching my beloved one piece, then start on my assignment which is really a pain in the ass. This week is gonna be so full of reports and presentations, wish me luck!

xoxo eugeniania
hope you guys don't get bored at my bloggggggg maybe i should not keep blogging about food hahaha but we all have to eat right?!

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