Friday, May 3, 2013

Zouk Mambo Jambo (Party) + Clarity Zedd Cover Vlog

An Overdue party photo at zouk last week with zhiyan and jess. Coincidentally we are all wearing monochrome - black and white and I am wearing my long sleeves polka dot top from editiors!

As promised, I did a new video - a cover on clarity by zedd. Not very well done, in fact one of the few videos that I sang like shit. but i just uploaded it because I had my clubbing makeup on and i think I looked nice in the video. God my voice is mad screechy and not appealing to the ears. So you can just mute and watch my mouth move HAHA

So i guess this is the maximum i can make myself up w my makeup. 
Bbcream, majolica eye shadow, za concealer, NYX lipcream, eyeamazing eyelashes, topshop blusher and mascara for my bottom eyelashes. For clubbing, its for daily routines, and my face complexion would have detoriate even more compared to now, since i always forget to remove my makeup after parties :'(


So basically, this week has been more of a clubbing week due to labor day on Wednesday so i have no school. And I went to school on monday like a zombie -lack of rest as usual- with minimum makeup and me hair-banding up my fringe and exposing my fat cheeks.

dinner at lagoon love satay beehoon 


tried a new icy lychee soya bean at mr bean.

Sad face cause my eyes hurts and bored while waiting for nat and jess to prepare

at nat's place

with the cutie natnat ;)

and act cute jessica HAHAHA jk ;)

group shot :* my all single clique here, any takers?;)

last but not least my fav twin ^^

cause tuesday was zouk's mambo jambo night, & it was my friend's birthday. So i thought i'll most probably sit and chill at the VIP area. i decided to wear something i'll never ever wear to clubs. this pair of heels that i cant dance in and a long dress. LOL really awkward to move in these. And i feel so insecure cause of my fat arms.

fattie me

VIP area!

super huge amount of alcohol and there was two tables

a random guy who took this group shot w us LOL and me and zhiyan looks quite horrible here cause our expressions are -_- LOL no wonder we are twins


Finally shiyun is back to party~

finally saw vail in the club! babe had her hair cut short, really matches her well ;)

some group shots w some of the guys

I look quite horribleeeeee was quite high that night and somehow i'm quite a good drinker and still helped this fellow december baby of mine to drink Bacardi - which jess was promoting LOL

alright so right now im signing off with my horrible haggard makeupless face which i always drag to school due to these kind of night activities i lead. hahaha boy i hate it when i see familiar faces in school like these, especially if they saw me in the clubs. gah the vast difference!

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