Sunday, July 29, 2012

i dont have a future figured out.

Don't know much about your lifeDon't know much about your world butDon't wanna be alone tonightOn this planet they call Earth
You don't know about my past andI don't have a future figured outAnd maybe this is goin' too fastAnd maybe it's not meant to last
But what do you say to takin' chances?What do you say to jumpin' off the edge?Never knowin' if there's solid ground belowOr a hand to hold or hell to payWhat do you say? What do you say?
I just wanna start againAnd maybe you could show me how to tryMaybe you could take me inSomewhere underneath your skin

did this in the afternoon hehe I LOOK QUITE BAD.only put lipgloss. my eyebags bad. no makeup!
hahaha. must go running and do some proj later :( hahaha my vid abit lameee
GOT bloopers wahhhhhhhhaha

xoxo eugeniania

How my friday went

hellohello, wow so i'm starting my blog post with a mini vlog! hehe so should i do vlogs more often or would ya'll rather see me type. my vlog is kinda lame. hahaha but you get to see my natural look and clubbing makeup look in them for 10 seconds. i love my clubbing makeup but sighzxc

NO EYELINER LOOK minyminy eyes

went school on fri for an interview. for my next year module :/ hopefully i'll get in. but its really damn hard come to think of it. i really wanna still be in the same class as zav n ej next year even if they had been bullying me esp for the past week......

evening went to Founder's ba kut teh (i think they are singapore's no. 1 Ba Kut Teh restaurant. loads of celebs even those from overseas went there to eat before. We went to the rangoon road outlet but if im not wrong they have a few outlets around!)
154 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218431
6292 0938

347 Balestier Road (New Orchid Hotel),
Singapore 329777
Tel: 63526192

 with weishan, zavier, enjia, yaorui and liwen and casey joined us afterwards.  Cos Casey's @shinedivas family owns the outlets, we Wanted to pay for the meal but cos we were sort of casey's friends so her mum just asked us to come back next time and treated all of us. Thanks alot really!

zavier's direction sense damn horrible so i was damn sweaty, plus the weather damn hot these few days. im not usually a bakuteh person, i doubt i even ate that before in my life, i think this the first time hahaha, for proj  need to ask questions and stuff.


the wall where all the celebs that ate the dish before took photo with casey's grandfather

camwhoring before liwen and casey arrived.


nice limey and jelly drink THUMBS UP

me and shan

yaorui me and enjia

my mee sua :D

salted veg

liwen's youtiaos


me and weishan shared these LOL. i ate like alot..

pig trotters. damn nice. i love the fatty parts hahaha

(took this in school with tessa before leaving for bakuteh)

AT NIGHT, helipad with the usuals ^^

with liwen hehe


kimberly regina me euniceee

wow horrible aft club photo. one side of my earring GONE ALR AT THIS TIME



Hey sexy ladiesss

three drunkards LOL me alvin zigui


hahahah keith and me and my drunk pose LOL he also drunk..

taken from eunice phone. my face is LOL

the love birds

hahahaha kunliang face damn funny
didnt really take much pic. quite a fun night, despite falling down and embarrassing myself. Now everyone calls me 'national diver' 
i was super talkative-high hahaha irritant me. :(

school week. uploading these shots cos RIP to my missing earring aft my club, think it dropped somewhere, my fav pair of white fluffy feather aldo earrings. i always misplace things! :( ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIEE :(

so SP had a fire. haha should have burnt down the whole school then i would have no exams.

i secretly think im swag

my frank card is finally here. chose space theme cos of my blog hehe

super nice bacon, garlic butter corn!

aft club effects.. my whole body aching la 

just now, movie date with tricia, caught the thai thriller - I MISS YOU
romantic, horror, touching mind f***ing haha. worth watching!! LOL i was like screaming at the starting though, but really got some super hilarious parts hahaha

faster ate our texas chicken and fries before those shocking parts or i comfirm throw my chicken at the cinema screen.

ootn haha

trisha and a burnt looking me 

no facemakeup on my face needa breathe


xoxo eugeniania.