Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend with wenshy and jabberjoop

hello! wanted to blog on sunday BUT had to do my project :( then was procrastinating LOADS so finally got started on my proj at like 2am just now and slept at 5am so i kinda skipped my first lesson, AGAIN... i need to get burned in hell really. Woke up and went to school tgt with regina :D and had breakfast-
SUBWAY over my KFC cravings. heehee
(Very determined to carry out my diet plan this week since i PROCRASTINATED AGAIN since last week if you guys cant tell by the food porn photos i have been tweeting/instagramming :P)
 and slacked around school in the morning with zhiyan, tessa, morgan, jeremy, reuben and reginaaaa 

so i quarreled with ej ytd, and just made up today.. but made up with tricia after a week, which was ytd. HAHA. seriously i am always the one whos quarreling with all my bros :( i think i have an issue!! but ok la the making up part is always kinda hilarious.

so shall start off with two pics of my look of the day with my feathery earrings ^^ taken when i waited for the slow poke regina. windyyyy~

ok i shall talk more about my weekends~ without makeup and contacts!! 

 my eyes without contacts and makeup VERY small puny hehe so must open very big :D

delifrance tarts for breakfast yum ^^

there is this shop at tampines1 basement sells very nice bread like raisin cream (for sweet tooth) and this mushroom and cheese (for salty tooth??is there such thing LOL) that i bought, nice there were bacon bits inside ^^

whoohoo and finally got my FAV edition of nerds rainbow edition heheh min find for me one. super nice ^^ damn fattening la. i bought two boxes LOL!

went to Greenwich V in mid morning for lunch with chantel wenmin etc~
first time there since it opened recently i think!
Greenwich V is a village-like mall offering tantalising wide F&B choices ranging from Paradise Inn, The Coffee Bean, Cedele, Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant, Toastbox and BBQ Chicken to grocery shopping at Cold Storage supermarket, gongcha, coldstone etc

address:45 Pekin Street
 #02-01 Far East Square
 Singapore 048775

ate lunch at quiznos sub; similar to subway but a higher end subway i think, haha but the speed of the sandwich making like much slower LOL.

their coldstone and quinos in the same outlet.

the salad

honey mustard chicken or smth.

super my new favorite flavor from cold stone! pistachio flavor add almonds and graham crackers. SUPER nice <3 and the waffle yumm~

after that practically spent the whole day at chantel's house. first time there!
 hahaha took a photo with her dog bobo hehe i like to call it BOBO CHACHA :P breed: chowchow? i think hahaha freaking cute and big hahaha
(i realise i like to copy the action the dog is doing when taking a photo with a dog)

her walk in wardrobe :o

her room

second floor living room/corridor

main door

her room !

elevator! wow i think i comfirm damn skinny if i stay here everyday climb stairs

her brothers room with the spiral staircase 

some part of the yard with a fountain play

we tried to 'study' at the top floor in the gyming room for awhile

the part i love most about her house is that they have their own private pool thats really..!!!!!


freaking love the see through pool

bbq pit area

LOL thats me trying to run

only ran 3.25 km :/ i think my stamina deproved this week!
last week ran 5 days 4km
this week ran 5 days - 3 days 4km the other 2 days 3.3 km :(

wenmin ^^

hahahahah i find this photo of me damn funny. LOL!!! i look like a retard in goggles la! hahahaha unsightly.


something damn cool about their pool is that can see us swimming from second floor LOL!

unglam shot wenmin took of me LOL

aft bathing and preparing for dinner~

otw in the car to eat korean dinner <333

chantel, me, wenmin

near chompchomp at serangoon gardens!

10 side dishes (had three sets) that comes with the main course.

some traditional korean rice sweet drink that apparently only i know how to appreciate! hahahaha they said i looked like korean :O HAHA oh really? i so tan..

some seafood with sticky rice


omg my fav korean rice cake and seafood <3

ginseng chicken soup

korean seafood pancake

LOVE THIS hehe wrapped in the veg and the sauce damn nice! korean meat bbq

aft dinner went chompchomp to takeaway some milkcurd (something like beancurd without the beany taste?) quite cool la.

chantel's strawberry, wenmin's almond and my egg flavored with aloe vera! sinful day.

back to the house at night

greedy me decided to ransack the kitchen to eat chocolates SUPER NICE

ggoing to the basement

where there is a freaking bar filled with liqours

the toilet area of the basement

the pool room..

and the karaoke room

took some videos but hahaha dk if should upload

unglam shots of my ootd LOL with wet hair :<

my specs keep dropping


me the pro singer LOL constipated face.

hahaha the dog looking at the choc i holding la.

okay that summaries my weekends!

how i look with centre parting? hahahaha


ytd eunice suddenly posted her pic of herself last time and now SUPER slimed down alot, then she pyschoed me to do the same. So twitter, instagram and facebook was spammed by us hahahah. The pic above is my poly year one photo, and then this year's photo. My friends say i slim down alot also since year one of poly but the thing is, on my weighing scale is like dropped 2 kg at most only..

okay and are you prepared to see this?.. AHAHAH uploaded this pic
(worse like few years back the left side photo) 
on my fb ytd and yup, HAHA many is shocked i presumed. 

I could blog about these things (I WANNA BE A INSPIRATION AND ENCOURAGE PPL :/) 
if you guys want me to ? :p hahaha but this changes happened in like a few years of timeframe so im not that great.. i know of a guy losing weight in 2 months (20kg) and another girl also like 2months (20kg) they sacrificied so much more than me and put in more hard work.. so i have no stand! im just lucky i think.

 but i havent exactly reached my goal yet la. still feel like losing at least 5 kg more :/ . But i believe ppl should improve on yourselves. Not saying i very pretty now but like you see the difference.. Like i think anything is possible people should accept whoever for who you are or look like. You'll never know the 'fat nerd'(sorry if it sounds offensive) next to you now might end up being a fucking hot bitch next time so on and fourth. (again im not saying im a hot bitch now -.-)

so even though i may not say much. I actually remember who deserve my kindness now. Like those people who bullied me because i was such a nerd last time. they are just going to live to regret it, unfortunately. HAIS this society is really way too practical :/ sometimes i wouldnt know the people who want to befriend me are real good or fake good -if you get what i mean-

so people shouldnt look down on those fat and ugly ppl.. I was bullied before lor like in primary school and sec 1? maybe 2? then started to change... then become like this now.. but sometimes i still miss my old self, people might have preferred me last time more? but there are also ppl who appreciates the change. but hopefully they are real :( You'll never know who your real friends are until you turn into a toad and see who still treats you as their good friend.) (so a toad might just have more real friends than you. being too good, average or below average, all has it perks really, in different viewing aspects.)

i really talk too much, but this is a topic of LIFE that i could just continue on forever. 
criticism is harsh, but thanks to those criticism i shall work harder to prove judgmental people wrong, people may think that im way too sensitive or care too much about this things but i rather do something about it than to cry and cry over it without trying to do ANYTHING, it hurts the most when those people WHOM you thought were your friends are the ones ranking you and your looks :'( hurts alot. 
what happened to character > looks?
ok idk what am i talking about alr. and i should stop here..

so yeah shall end off here, played poker just now and lost 40 bucks LOL!
shall be optimistic and think like "at least i dint lose more" "at least my friends are safe and happy" etc all the happy thoughts ^^

xoxo eugeniania!

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