Sunday, July 8, 2012

Double down + Icecream

hello! i have to say the weekends were really kind of boring and mundane. IF it was the holidays, i would have nothing to worry or think about and just go out everyday. Life of a student. Sometimes i really do not like studying, and all the projs that we get but everyone have to go through this stage, unless you quit school or you come from a freaking wealthy family.. 

I still do not know what i want in my life, i doubt i am working hard actually, 6 projs and have not started doing any. i dont think im learning anything in school, I really dont like my course, and my GPA sucks.. dk what im doing.

check out this link:
Life's hard.. lucky im not a guy. Dont really have to provide for my family next time. But who wants a bum for a wife. was telling this to my friend and he touched me by saying "if any guy looks at your qualifications, he is a dick" quite true, but still... i wouldnt want to live of men or be a bum. But i doubt there are so many good guys that thinks like that alr. Society is screwed.

HAHA ok i think too much.........

anw this was taken on friday night, HELIPAD. alot of people went that night man. Freaking one of the most crowded times ever. It was asher's birthday. So quite alot of us, SP students went as well. Didnt manage to take any pictures/group pictures. Cause i was quite gone. 

tricia and regina from my clique went with me as well. I feel rather... about the night but its hard to type here. oh well... I dont know what i want actually. I just want to be friends. Clubbing always lets me make alot of new friends but theres a awkward-zone too.

anw it was really just damn crowded and i kept falling off the podium and there was once me and regina totally like fell off without anyone catching us cos someone pushed regina damn hard and she pulled me so we both should have looked really retarded at the point of time. HAHAH

regina crashed on her back i was worried about her in the back of my brain. I collapsed on her and landed on my knees can u imagine that height. my knees are really swollen and bruised now..

 some day in school where i met up with cherie and yiping at foodcourt 5 during break to eat!

 finally had my double down haha :)

 just took this pic cos i think it looks nice, hehe colorful. soyabean, bandung, milo.

 tried this ice cream that tricia recommended for the first time HAHAHA

 hehe jelly tots :)

 wore pink bralet with tightskirt on fri. haha really needa lose more weight. someone said i was VERY FAT.

 totally can see my shag face and seh face and melted makeup. HAHA taken this aft club. ate this at a kopitiam nearby with the smoove peeps. wanted to go zirca and rebel with sherwin and clive actually but didnt, i cant remember why haha! the noodles are really nice, even though i wasnt that sober but i could taste hahaha.

 hangover saturday. got tricked by tricia and junwei to go town and watch spiderman -.- but they only used it to lure me all the way there. Okay but at least they waited for me to get my hair cut.

shorter hair hmmm

 candid shot, hehe tricia say first time her parrot let stranger hold~ hahaha it likes me so much so it kept biting my toes to get my attention LOL! damn pain eh sharp beak.
 was really bored and tricia have to leave early cos she had some family dinner so i went with her. her cousins are damn cute and funny hahahaha and her relatives are friendly hehe and home cooked food are the best hehe i like tricia's mother's cooking ^^
her little cousins asked me if im from malaysia, sound and looked like one. HAHA.

 her new room lighting like nice to camwhore hahah!


 hard to maintain this shorter hairrrrrr man needa go buy all the straightening tongs etc..

needa save money man! :( keep cabbing around and eating too much good food, my bank acc slowly like decreasing >: signed up for a stupid frank card for 20 bucks this week also. i wont even use it la. HAHA. cos the card design nice. Once i recieve i'll upload it HAHA themed like my blog *hints*


 two of my fav flavors ^^
 ate like almost the whole carton of this today :( MEH. i shall go for a long and slow run later. I really wanna lose weight. haha, hasnt really been helping because i think i have a unhealthy diet.

four pics below taken by my camera! haha when my hair was still longer this week.

 turquiose earrings to match my contacts.

xoxo eugeniania, sorry for the boring post! boring school days leads to boring posts :P

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