Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Old Airport Road

short update. Ytd was one of the most TIRING DAYS ever in school, surviving with only like 3 hours of sleep, didnt even have the energy to run ytd. Super guilty, since i had a sinful dinner. have been oversleeping these two days and wearing very horribly with no makeup to school.

during one of the lectures, the lecturer told the class actually he wanted to choose me for our course model face, but the level coordinator was like -her makeup too thick- hahahaha im like quite WTFED because my  makeup is not very thick what! the most i put to school is like eyeliner mascara blusher lipgloss etc ._. all my poly girl friends also do that.. plus i sometimes also dont put makeup esp these days when im late and lazyyy

then he added on saying aiya she more decent looking ma, but too skinny, you better la. 
I started shouting and said "SO YOU SAYING I FAT LA?"
am i not decent looking? :( hahaha!!! wdv! quite joke.

After school went to old airport road to eat with Zavier Yaorui Samuel ZiJun Sheryl and Gervina some of the TLTBZKXSCBC :)

with gervinaaa omg my eyebags.

caution for horrid pic below..

gary and weishan came to find us to eat for awhile and i was playing with his motorcycle bike helmet LOL! super unglam heh

with gervina again hahaha we both most camwhore

our food hehe oh jian and popiah etc ^^

sheryl zijun gervina and me ahhhhhhhhh

kk i really cannot tank these days super dressed down!

okay check out Enjia's blog for somemore of sam and yaorui's centre parting competion ytd at old airpord road pics there hahaha

hehe and just now i met zavier's gf! hehe first person who got introed to. Kay i shall advertise their blog here too. HAHAH for our school project. damn gay both got blog hahah!! AND I HELPED THEM WITH their awesome banners and layout and backgrounds heehee

xoxo eugeniania, sigh i have only one day to master Christina aguilera's Hurt :O DOOMED 

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