Friday, July 13, 2012


hello blogging with my handphone again! :> Find this blogger app real useful, cause I'm lazy to connect my phone to the desktop sometimes to upload the pics :p

In a good mood today. Have been running 4km for the past three days! Later going to go for the audition at SP at 6pm :( good luck to meeee :/

Might be playing Majiong at night with Regina, Movin and Zigui! Very long never see them already. So might not run. Feels sinful man!

Nico's birthday Tmr! At club shake. Kind of excited cause my whole clique would be there = interesting blogpost coming up!

Stay tuned on this page then alright? Xoxo Eugeniania

cheesecake fantasy from cold stone ^^ really like this kind of cheesy with those biscuit bits and strawberries kind of icecreammm <3

tryna to cut down on my sugar intake >.< I eat like ALOT of sweets daily.. like up to 4 big packets. LOL
damn unhealthy :/ super sweet tooth la

tcc one for one again. getting sick of tcc LOL im like a TCC promoter keep bring different group of friends there to try. HAHAH ownself fat.

wenshy! on my underdressed town day!

only have like lipgloss on!

middle parting yay nay?

running 4km~

my hair damn awful!

aft running always need cool down then will take alot of photos LOL

can i have a dimple too preash

funny shirt.

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