Saturday, November 30, 2013

Standing Sushi Bar + Symmetry + Blackball

Back for some weekly updates before partying tonight. zouk anyone? hehe. Its offically my holidays again. Would be quite free for a month or so. With just one presentation and report to submit. I wanna go overseas. 

Spent too much on gifts, presents and food recently.. Since its the birthday season. And my birthday is finally coming in 4 days time :) I am a December baby. Not wishing much for anything much nor practical, since my birthdays are always a disaster every year, like getting admitted into the hospital ON the day of my birthday so on and fourth. Then again its finally a year during my birthday that it doesn't clash with my poly examinations since I have none. & its on a Wednesday, ladies night, hur hur hur. So guess what I would probably do? kidding. Not really sure of my plans yet, since most of the time I am the one planning and deciding and organizing stuffs :( Guess my friends are racking their brains now for me since I am a hard nut to crack.

Back on topic. An overdued and long awaited foodporn date with the twin and the bros last wednesday.

Had the famous taiwanese Blackball dessert for the second time. Read about the first time HERE.
This time round had it in Cold but I guess Icy is still my favorite option for their Signature Blackball. A very refreshing and chewy dessert for pearl, grass jelly & floury-carbs lovers!

Outlets nationwide at Star Vista, Clementi CityVibe, Bedok North, Katong
(the one I usually go)

Hungry guys and us.

took these from zy's cam! didn't really bother taking much pics for the face cos I looked terrible that day.

twins + roy!

went to the outlet at

The Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street
#01-03 Singapore Art Museum
Singapore 188535

Tel: +65 6333 1335

Lunch: 12 pm - 2.30 pm (last order 2.15 pm)
Dinner: 6 pm - 10 pm (try to go earlier, most of the time there is a queue)

The reason behind the queues after 6pm, evening every weekdays is probably due to their different weekday promotions only after 6pm (dinner time).

$3 for 5 Slices of Salmon Sashimi
$5 for Wine, Umeshu, Asahi, Hot Sake
$2 for Cold Sake

50% off Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi
Housepour alcohol by the glass and bottled beer

50% off Handrolls and Rolls
Housepour alcohol by the glass and bottled beer
(My fav and also the day we went, too bad for jon cause he loves salmon, but good for twin cause she hates salmon LOL)

Same as Monday

rolls and handrolls for TGIW!

A must order, and one of the best dishes the night, priced standard-ly, $7 for a plate of Garlic Fried Rice. I recommended it and the guys all loved it. You can see why standing sushi bar needs to implement weekday offers for their business to continue rolling, their standard prices are a little steep for the portion.

We ordered two slightly different type of salmon rolls (both with salmon) and its obvious which is the more popular roll. Cause we ordered a double for the latter. Rockstar Roll, it doesn't taste as good as its name sounds. But i guess twin could easily eat this cause the inners are cheese, so she just needs to remove the salmon above, what a douche hahaha!

All Salmon, All the time, tastes so much better, made it to one of my another favorites of the night. Because somehow the flavor was better brought out in this roll. And obviously, since the insides were totally salmon, we ordered two sets of this, but the poor twin couldn't touch it.

Surprisingly, The Prawn King, of similar concept to the disappointing dragon roll from Sushi Tei, with prawn tempura inside and avocado above, tastes so much better than sushi tei's because even though the rolls were smaller in circumference, the width was longer, meaning more better flavored pieces. This made it to our top favorites too ^^

Crabby Chicken, softshell crab inners and showered in pork floss. Only I seem to appreciate this roll as jon and twin didn't like it so much I guess? But I thought it was not bad leh!

Last but not least, the top pick of the night goes to this recommended Magic Dragon, with prawn tempura and unagi. We all forced zhiyan to at least taste and try this (oh man suddenly I realized how picky she is..) HAHA so she tried unagi/eel for the first time and went. "EH, not bad leh, quite nice leh" So I guess from this experience hopefully next time I can try more unagi based dished with her now ah *.*

sparkly clean off the plates and the side over at zhiyan and jj's was so much more messier.... tsk LOL

super affordable bill for a table of 5, and we still double-ordered some rolls to share. and almost 50% off was minus-ed from our bill since most of the food we ordered are rolls!!

And back to my Cafe hops. Finally tried SYMMETRY, its like one of those cafes where I wanted to try their brunch menu reaaaaaal bad for quite some time already. Quite a pity the day I went there, was for their dinner menu. :(

For starters, I really like the decoration and the ambiance of Symmetry. Recognize these green windows and doors.

perfect for phototaking. (You will see a spam later since I went to dine here with my photographer friend, zipeng!)

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
Singapore 199206
Bugis/Beach Road

Opening Hours:
Mon: 10.30 am - 9 pm
Tues to Thurs: 10.30 am - 11 pm
Fri: 10.30 am - 12 am
Sat: 9 am - 12 am
Sun: 9 am - 9 pm

Please take note!
There are three kind of menus at Symmetry

Lunch Menu
Opening to 3 pm
3 pm - 6 pm Desserts & Finger food only
Dinner Menu 
6pm onwards
Brunch Menu
Only available on weekends opening to 5 pm

Check their menu out at

Kind of sad that I didn't get to try their brunch menu, which I will be back for. On weekends... my hatest day to go cafe hopping since I usually don't like to squeeze with the crowds.

very good ambience & if you see photos like ^ these above, their most probably candid taken by my photographer pal! heh

love how cute their menu looks too

candid while i was exploring zipeng's camera.

Complimentary Grapes.

One of the must orders. Truffle fries. Really good! But I seriously think I had too many truffle fries recently during my cafe hoppings. (You can click on my labelled "truffle fries" under the food hunt category at my left sidebar to view other places' truffle fries!) But all taste nice in their own ways! Or maybe its just truffe + fries = explosion.

Another side, Prawn Popcorn with wasabi seaweed remoulade. Recommended by zippy's pals. But i think i preferred their truffle fries *.*

And the mains were served aft 6pm! Chicken with asparagus, morel compote, truffled mashed. Not too bad, I loved the asparagus and truffle flavored mash potato. Most of the chicken used were chunky yet tender. This dish should be healthier since its like more of breast meat!

And the most interesting name under the mains menu, the Pork Cheek Pasta; tagliatelle pasta, mix mushrooms, creme fraiche, parmesan cheese, arugula salad. The pork cheek was nice. Its like the english version of pork cheeks compared to the jap ones I had over at Ramen Santouka (but I guess I preferred the jap version ones!) The pasta was acceptable though, what could go wrong with something that tastes like carbonara.

Overall, I really LOVE the ambiance of the place. Dinner was filling. Customer service was excellent for us.

But I still think the prices you pay to dine at Symmetry is still a little steep for just two sides and two mains. 

Maybe I would have enjoyed my trip there if it was brunch. Because their brunch menu really sounds good with so many people talking about their egg benedicts. So I guess I'll be back for that & the ambiance but not for the dinner nor its prices. Needa scrimp more for the next trip here I suppose!

with zipeng!

and he kept trying to take my candids lol!

these were taken by his olympus, dreamy mode~

"take enough alr not"

"stop taking!!" LOL

kinda like how artsy these shot looks in the restaurant though. why is there a man standing behind me? LOL

shall end off this post w my shag face! hope you enjoyed this!

xoxo PNK