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In-Room Dining MBS Staycation (Marina Bay Sands) + Rasapura Masters + 張 惠妹 Concert + Tessa's 19th Surprise (Wangz Hotel)

Hi guys, I am back! (Changed my blog layout if you all hadn't noticed) So easy to navigate to my travelogues and food hunts archives now! All can be found at the left-hand side bar of my webpage. Really lovin' the search bar I implemented at the side too, now you can just search for whatever keywords you guys are interested in! (But FYI it only works on the computer not on your iphone/andriod)

And finally gna blog about the stay-cation last week at MBS with the twin. My face expression above is like that in the picture cos I had this annoying pimple on my chin during the stay-cation which my itchy fingers caused it to be even worse. And I don't like to conceal my pimple cause it will just make it worst, thus PS the really ugly photos + no makeup & contacts.

It is my first time blogging about stay-cation at MBS even though its like my fifth or sixth stay there. Cause my parents are Sands Reward Club members. You can view my other numerous mbs stay-cations albums with my clique on facebook, this is the first time bringing the twin there though. Among all the hotels I have stayed at in Singapore. I still ultimately like Marina Bay Sands the most. The service, scenery and everything it offers makes your stay real pleasant.

Anyways, since I have dayre now, most of my personal feelings and daily updates would be more likely chucked there. So you guys do not have to listen to all of my grandmother stories here.

Checking in for two nights!:)

Room card needed for your respective floor.

Superb view of Gardens By the Bay

I bet this is one of the swimming pools, tourists and even local like us would visit during the stay here at MBS - the infinity pool. The highest floor of the building with magnificent view. Reason why most celebrities will choose to stay at MBS during their visit here in our country. Its a pity we didn't see Nicky Romero here (even though he went zouk to spin on Friday and stayed at MBS too!!)

Check out how my pimple ruined all my photos haha

Mandatory bikini shot of twin

and me! haha kind-of candid. I cant usually do such a "cool" expression hahaha

& Its dinner time! This was my second time ordering In-room dining at MBS and I really like their food and service?! Certainly didn't disappoint me. Food is good and large in variety, you can ask the phone operator what is recommended if you had problems deciding like we did. Its a pity some food are only served at different timings, there should be 24 hour in-room dining services.

All for convenience and the ambiance aye, lucky we did not eat before our swim, or else our tummies would be even more prominent. Cause their food is so large in portion and we kind of over ordered! And if not for school the next early morning, I certainly would have tried their in-room breakfast. Imagine breakfast in bed!! O.O 

The polite waiter serving our dinner~

Total bill. Slightly more expensive but I think its worth the price.

I look like shit LOL but the food looks heavenly

taste as good as they look haha. Aren't I romantic HAHAHAHA still in bathrobe all. Now you guys know why I am forever single. HAHA KIDDING

Complimentary cute sauces in bottles!!

and some complimentary tasty Keropok (singaporean style)

complimentary buns as well to go with the butter yum

Our almost full course meal includes:

Creamy Clam Chowder with obviously clams, bacon, potato, celery, carrot, onion. Second time ordering this. Totally wiped all of this out myself and was soo bloated after that.. compared to twin's smaller appetite!

what could go wrong with these Calamari Rings. With tar-tar sauce they are good to go! :)) Twin ate loads of these I think hahaha! Quite good but the price is same as the local delicacy we ordered (below) so I rather order two plates of that! LOL

Under the Local delicacy section - Mee Goreng !! lol this was twin's favorite and its freaking good like heavenly HAHA. Did Singapore proud seriously. Since it's MBS, the chef must have took pride in Singaporean styled cuisine. Cause this was pretty awesome omg. 

Btw the phone operator recommended this, Hainanese Chicken rice and Hokkien Mee so I cant imagine how good those other two would taste..

Tandoori Chicken Burger which is okay but I thought it could be better but the patty is a little dry.. The fries tasted better though. A friend recommended me to try their beef/steak instead! 

Warm Chocolate Tart which was recommended to us. And my favorite among all the dishes!!! Really had the explosive effect on me when I gobbled this and the Ice-cream in the jar which comes with this dessert. After this I realized how much of a sweet-tooth I had. Wiped this out almost all by myself. Cause I freaking love it HAHA

Really, that with this (nutella or kinder bueno insides) flavored ice-cream really made my night.

Was so freaking full after this seriously...... I think once again twin was amused by how much I ate lol

Mandatory shots of us and food.

I'm like "Omg I cant wait to dig in!"

Ending the night with my freaking tiny eyes haha

Off to school together (for the first time) from Mbs tgt! ^^

me in my peplum swimwear.

finally have a chance to use my lush products I got as my present last year or so hhaha

fizzz pink + bubbles

bubble-bath time

long time since I played with soap LOL

Since we took a long time to shower.. We were late for the 張惠妹 zhang hui meconcert which we were supposed to go to. 

So we quickly settled our simple meal at Rasapura Masters at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 
Its like a hawker at MBS which serves a huge variety of local favorites and regional favorites. All of the stalls there are award-winning regional street food stalls (obvious cause MBS is one of Singapore's tourist spots so everything has to look good there I guess)

But I seriously don't remember eating anything which didn't taste nice there. Even their BBQ stall I ate before is good!! They open 24 hours anyways for some selected food stalls.

forever ordering my korean cuisine there.. cause I super love ddeokbokki (korean spicy rice cake)!!

the chicken rice meat was damn good and soft! my dad loves it.

twin's favorite. korean vermicelli. quite yummy but it should be spicy so I'll like it better :)

and my favorite korean spicy rice cake. heh. tasted better the other time I had it though.. Maybe cause it was a friday and all the chef were rushing orders!

lol I still have sauce on my lips if you see carefully hahaha!

lol I have no idea why I am pouting

concert time. There are sittings and ballroom looks kinda dope! Love the ceiling haha!

w twin in the toilet w ugly yellow lightings heh

I recorded some videos which I think not many ppl would be that interested so just a short insta vid on my instagram for you guys here! :)

she sings real good but I think she put on weight like I did. haha sorry ah mei fans!!

And it was just the start of my long night! Nico, tessa's sweet bf actually booked a surprise hotel at Wangz Hotel (around outram) for Tessa and invited all of us and his pals for his girlfriend after they dined at ang siang hill's PS cafe. *.* Second time there since Gervina's and jorgine's 18th ceb was held there too!

Quite comfy for couple stay but I guess for parties the management are more strict there, so lucky for secret stairways!

the guys actually decorated the wordings hahahh! And louis drew the H since the party stall ran out of them.

her durian cake HEH

wenmin holding the surprise cake

Jeremy and Louis in position to shoot the confettis.

which some of it got stuck in Tessa's teeth.. HAHAHA and bra, and every other thing.

Happy early 19th! for the happy and prettiest girl that night :)

First time she looks more photogenic than usual in my camera. LOL

her and regina!


me and my silly looking plaster to hide the hideous bugger.

and zhiyan!


kiss for the sweet bf! Nico chia!

w her bro jer!

girl group shot! Zhiyan, natalie, wenmin, me, tessa and reginaaaa

and the guys. Ivan, andrianto, nico, jeremy, davis, louis, chunks!

nico's present for herrrr. our present will be given on the actual date coming this 28th of sept hehe

Rdm shots of some baby full month I went to on saturday after my hangoverrrrrr

no shots of the baby in real cos I was too busy eating HAHAH so a shot of the baby from the cake box

which was kinda smashed

and how I partied my weekends..

jess, nat, twin and me!

fak my pimple LOL

and on saturday with linette and nicko :) A ultimate fat pic of us. hahaha.

oh tell me how much better I look with makeup LOL

famous cupcakes from high society another fine-dining restaurant which I will blog about better next time round! (I prefer their main courses than their cupcakes)

From left to right

left vanilla cake with blueberry compote, middle some dark chocolate muffin which didn't really appeal to me cause I prefer sweet stuffs, right and red velvet; light tinge of chocolate vanilla cake w rum raisin and cream cheese toppings!

aite, shall end off my post with these cupcakes! be back soon xx

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