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8 Eight Korean BBQ + Au Chocolat (Regina's 19th) + Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Hi guys, so I'm back again for my weekly updates. So sleepy right now. And I bet my Instagram is getting so annoying cause I foodporn like twice almost everyday. Which explains why I had my 3kg weight gain.. (okay la since taiwan and bkk too.....) I have so many overdued blog post this week to blog about and I finally had the mood to just settle down to do this. Since I am going to have a romantic staycation this coming week, meaning more things to blog about!!

Cut the long talk, starting this post with a few party pictures ytd night at zouk. Feel like I rarely party now. 
Ytd was Sonne's birthday at zouk members, so I was taking pic with some of the guys and then he suddenly carried me up. (I am soo darn heavy now, so I am shocked he still can carry me HAHA) Which resulted to the picture below. Yup my face squashed to his semi-sober (yes, he is that high) expression. I look like I am hugging him tightly cause I thought I would fall to my death lol.

Not forgetting a pic with Russel in his slack attire~ Im soo short here since I didnt wear my highest heels.

Standard expression much? haha

With jessica! :)

Thats all for my party updates. Anw do follow me on this new social media platform. Called Dayre.
Many bloggers are using this bite-sized platform to blog. I think it is kind of cute as I would be able to upload my daily routines, act cute much videos (check them out) and not so formal expressions there. Its like in the middle of blogger & Instagram, but less formal. Where you dont really have to care how nicely edited or filtered your photo is before posting it there up there to compete for the number of likes you get unlike instagram hahaha

So download it and follow me now! ^^
;) Think you can know me better there haha.

"Basically you can do all the things you can do in other places, add photos with filters, short snippets of text, video, quotes and icons or stickers, but what Dayre does differently is collect them into a daily diary entry rather than each post being a unique and separate entity.
I think it looks like the sort of thing that will be really nice in the future. Social media is so disposable, we feel like it’s here today and gone tomorrow, but sometimes it’s lovely to look back and see what you were doing a year ago today, or 2 years ago. This app will let you do that as it’s organised into days. It’s like the digital version of a diary stuffed with clippings of theatre tickets or notes and I think it’s rather lovely. It also means you don’t have to spend all day checking it every 5 minutes as the daily entries of people you follow are collated into one days entry."
                                                          -quoted from Retrochick United Kingdom.

Back to my blogpost! Introducing... One of my current top favorite place for Korean BBQ!
Its newly opened at The central at Clarkequay. Passed by it the other day I was there eating Ramen Santouka w the clique and I already wanted to try it.

I think the place is good for their Samgyeopsal. Meaning Pork Belly. I know some people prefer bbq-ing korean beef. But this is so good I think people might just make an exception for this!

8 Korean BBQ
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-79
The Central 
Singapore 059817

Daily: 11.30 am - 22.30 pm

Place is famous for their 8 Colours Set for $98 meant for 3-4 pax. Portion should be just nice, but MAYBE it wont be that filling for big appetite monsters like yours truly. If you dine in pairs, there are also the 4 Colours Set for $58. But then you wouldn't be able to try all eight marinated flavors of the strips which all tasted pretty awesome LOL.

Very very clean & organized dining environment. There is also a very cute drawer for customers to handle their own cutleries and tissue paper and dustbin. Did I mention that I am good at using metal chopsticks. (okay is there even a good in this LOL) kinda always been using metal chopsticks since young. cause my mom bought them when we were in touring in korea, and since then my family have always been using metal chopsticks haha!

Set includes refillable bean sprouts ^.^ my favv!

and kimchi!! another of my fav. lol I think everything is my fav.

and other refillable Banchan but I only took pic of these little fried fishies -which i forgot what its called-
cos it appealed to me the most.

Not forgetting the awesome Seafood Bean Paste Stew, which is also included in the set as well. The yummy broth goes really well with the sticky rice. And the seafood in this dish are all really plump and fresh ^^!

Now, introducing the main event of the night, The 8 color pork belly!! They are served to you from the mildest to strongest taste. So it is recommended to eat accordingly to the flavors presented to you. One good thing about 8 Korean BBQ is that the staff there actually helps you to cook the meat and almost everything. So you can just sit there comfortably and eat!! without getting too stinky :)

My favorite top three flavors are Curry (my dad likes it too), Wine (surprisingly cos im definately not alcoholic i swear lol), Ginseng. But I suggest you guys choose and order the flavors that appeals to you the most there because everyone certainly would have different opinions & all actually tasted pretty dope, just that those three made my eye gleam HAHA

had EIGHT's Special Lemon Tea and finished it, but didn't really like it even though the person was like we specially brewed this....... I rather drink some korean canned drink please.

damn good omfg


They would be cut into strips like these for you! So its damn easy to dip in the sauces they provided (both of the sauces is good!) and wrap it with the veg~

Yup and my camera was probably too jealous that I got to eat those awesome stuff right then since it died on me sob, canon failed me... :( and i sent it for repair the next day since I was sooo depressed cos i think if my house was on fire I would probably save my camera and its memory card the very first)

which explains the lousy quality of the photo here by my phone. then I had no mood to take any alr!

before it died its last wish.......

haha okay I am being dramatic. But it was basically a very enjoyable sunday night dinner! Bill came up to around 122 SGD. For four people so I guess its still acceptable! :)

next up, Regina's 19th!

Kind twin borrowed me her camera for the event (super touched, so all photos below except my ootd which i used my phone is taken with her camera! see how much she trust and loves me ^^)

clad in a bareback dress I l teft a long time ago to rot for the day since we were dining in mbs.

happy birthday girl ^^

our present for her from Reebonz.
very efficient at delivering and everything.

had dinner here!! on my list to go for the longest time and was so excited about it!! love going dining places in huge groups meaning more varieties in ordering hehe

Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

Daily: 11 am - 12 am

They have like a section to dine at for desserts.

and their bistro! the restaurant menu kind.

so pretty ceilings.

wenmin, tessa and tricia :)

weishan, me, regina (birthday girl) and her boyfwen eldin.

prepared shot LOL

love moshinoooooo-liscious

while waiting for the orders..

Another place where I ultimately loved their Truffle Fries like Strangers Reunion & PS cafe!! the difference here is that the truffle is already merged into the fries' cripsy outer skin and it tasted so good!! and the thicker cut of the fries. Really good and big in portion but I ate like the most of em. The bbq and mayo that came with it totally blew it to the top. but it actually tasted so good on it own alrd, you need not the sauce.

much loves

Another of a must order, also one of my fav dishes for the night, the Ultimate Benedict. Pancakes for the base of the dish topped with tomatoes, spinach, crispy bacon and two poached with hollandaise sauce infused with red wine and dark chocolate. So unique! Its similar to the Egg Benedicts dish they serve there but this comes all stacked on a pan. which looks so appetizing!

And another very awesome and weishan's favorite Cottage Pie with all the cheese and potato and beef within. YUM ^^ all the portions are quite big and filling!!!

Tomato infused Linguine Chorizo with sausages also v good :))

Signature and must order Duck Confit comes with heavenly potato mash, white wine poached pear and topped off with tangy chocolate orange sauce. Super cripsy duck skin and tender meat!! Loved it. :) and the carrots hehe

Another yummy pasta the Homemade Garlic Pesto Pasta ^^ au chocolat had it right, tasty!

Awesome sandwich as well, Au Chocolat Mega Club

and not forgetting the Au Chocolat Signature Burger you can choose the done-ness of the beef patty within. :))

All their dishes was good actually!!

Another one of my favorites, Frozen Hot Chocolate Cup / Au Chocolat Fudge Freeze
I really love the simplicity of this ice blended chocolate goodness.

we look like drug addicts haha

Ordered the Signature Au Chocolate Chocolate Cake for regina~ 

look at how happy she is! somehow her birthday is always the best planned as it comes before tessa's and mine.. which then the hype gets lesser meh

group shot! hehe love CBOAH <3


Many people who doesn't really like chocolate cakes like this dessert too. (I will go back to eat more of au chocolat's desserts ^.^) Its one of the better chocolate cakes around, but the slice is really bigggg! perfect for sharing. Dark Choco Cake served with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. Non-Chocolate lovers will love this even!

Dining there wasn't exactly cheap, but all their portions and food were fit for almost kings and queens, so I really liked the restaurant and would actually go back there for desserts and trying other things on their menu as there are really sooo many varieties. As Au chocolat consists of Western, french and European Cusisine! ^^

I took this cos I was like "This looks like reginaaa"

mandatory group shots.

love this shot with tricia <3

rare one capture look brilliant pic with tessa haha! <3

and wenmin my lovely~ <3

w the birthday girl <33

happy three friends haha

and did i mention I found out my angel charm broke and disappeared :( first time my pandora failed me haha dk when I lost it sigh!! so RIP to you my angel which flew to back to heavens sob. my birthday coming anw. hints* anyone. haha kidding

LOL my annoyed face. I am always so unlucky so I was like ohwells, at least i lost a charm not the whole bracelet.

And last but not least! A solo foodporn date w the big twin tht day! Hehe wondering why my face looks so happy??

cos I brought her to my fav place for minced meat noodles in the whole of Singapore!!! what is bedok 85's famous bak chor mee compared to this... the queue is always very long here, but lucky us we came at the right timing.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles (Bak Chor Mee)
Tai Hwa Eating House

Blk 466 Crawford Lane
Singapore 190465

Daily: 9.30 am - 11.00 pm
(Closed on 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month)

abit pricer for hawkers but its really good and worth it!!

we both order a $6 portion Minced Meat Noodle cos we added wantons!!! so its like 5 bucks add 1 buck for the wantons. love their wantons there as well. 

and their Meatball Soup which is sooooo good. The meatball tasted so good. Much better than ikea meatballs haha! But the traditional version. think you can customize to replace some meatballs with their wantons if you are wanton lover like me too! :)


and my failed ootd of w my cameo jacket for the day. I matched it with my fav crochet dress :)

still have many blog post to come. hope you enjoyed this one!!

signing off with a happy me with my Mc Donald's new bubblegum flavored flavor-burst. yummmmmm I like the new black sesame mcflurry too. HAHA fat fuck

xoxo eugeniania

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