Friday, November 30, 2012

Tessa's 18th :) 2D1N Korean BBQ

The day before tessa's birthday. Went town to study, slack and buy her present with regina, ej. Movin and marcus also working at ion now so saw them for abit.
 First day of my 'diet' which made me ate coffee bean caeser salad BUT with a large pure vanilla frappe. hahahah so NOT a proper healthy diet.

Coffee bean lunch set meals from 11am-3pm
with a main/salad/pasta + an iced tea which is up-gradable to a frappe. 
My meal was 13++

my diet ended that night LOL.
Tuesday after school met some of TLTB, sam, enjia, zavier. We all went town to accompany movin to buy his first pair of redwings.

No makeup at all for me~

girls being girls, camwhoring in the redwing shop with my ESTC ;)

horrible eyebags :D

group photo with zijun, sheryl and zhiyan ^^

Watcha lookin at?

some cool OOTD. Zijun~



do we still look alike without my makeup and specs? :P

astons for dinner!! grilled dory fish.  hahaha i still wanna go eat at astons again..

collage i did for tessa on 12 midnight. you would have seen it if you followed me on insta!
hahaha its like photos collected from a few years ago. Changed alot.

happy 18th birthday my unglam bff <3

haha did another one which i didnt upload.

All of us went her house at 12 midnight to surprise her. Cause we all acted like we are not going to countdown to her birthday but in the end we all still did. hahaha my Outfit of the night with shades. LOL

lighting the candles on the cookies and cream baskin robbins birthday cake (one of my fav icecream brands)

melted :/ singapore should be a cold country! :( hahaha her dog kept barking..... but lucky she dint suspect anything.

me and regina's present for tess from sephora. wanna guess what is it before scrolling down? 

good boyfriend.

wenmin with lush present from her weishan and tricia

i liked the icecream inside. but the icing damn sweet...... im a person who can eat extreme flavors but the icing really too sweet!


okay we got her the best selling naked 2 palette from me and gina

card. LOL my handwriting damn messy! cause was writing it for 1 min and then her dog keep barking. LOL

unwrapping nico's present to her.

some 200+ exp transparent jewellery box :o

haha sweet pinboard


hahaha we all tried driving around before going home.

this week everyday went school damn late. Not enough sleep :/
and i missed the first class in the morning as expected.

went to hilltop to watch 'the tourist' with zavier and enjia during break.

camwhoring with my lollipop hahahaha saw alot of handsome guys that day and imagine if they saw me camwhoring LOLOL

went town before tessa'a actual birthday dinner. Me and tricia waited for her to cut her hair.

LOL ootd :)

me and trishyyyyyyy~

and my wanky hairstyle hahaha if my face was slimmer, i'll dare tie my hair like this all the time.

brought my camera out~

LOL can see tessa cutting her hair at the back.

me :)

with tricia!

accidental shot trish took LOL

ooh why so pretty?

say cheeseeeee

made our way to 2D1N Korean restaurant for dinner!! it was raining, so we cabbed.

2D1N Soju Bang
44/46 Tanjiong Pagar Road
tel: 62276033

They have a few outlets, but we went to the tanjiong pagar one, that district area have many korean restaurants. hehe one of my fav cuisine. 2D1N has the alcarte restaurant and the bbq restaurant, next to each other seperately. I advise to call and book before going there for lunch/dinner. Since we went for dinner and we chose to eat at the bbq buffet styled one.

this is the alcarte one

stairway next door is the buffet styled menu

hehe very yummy

love kimchi! and the beef wrapped in veggie and with the special korean kind of paste is damn nice!

feels alittle korean. hahaha but the shop is rather warm, so lucky we went on a cold rainy day.

the free flow drink is nice :D hahah basically all the food was rather nice. im not really a beef lover but the beef there really awesome stuff ^^

tricia is a pro shitake mushroom bacon wrapper :D

after eating damn shag and warm so tied my hair like this. hahaha so 2NE1 sandara park style :P

with the bdae girl!

clique photo! hahaha i look damn cheeky

please dont judge my tummy and white pants. i just had a buffeh okay! spent around 23 bucks. quite affordable.

hope tess had a nice night ^^~

shag expression with my cammie

ending off with some solo pics with bff. but shan didnt take. tess and tricia~

tess and regina!

hahaha im damn short cos they wear heels okay.

nice ambiance.

next day bought this in school ^^

had awesome lunch at coffeebean with tessa regina and nico on thursday. what a waste of money hahaha

no makeup!

i had their spicy tuna fusilli, that comes with bread. i loved it.

nico's carbonara!

and tessa and regina's beef bolognaise!

town with tricia after school today. supposed to meet timothy and study but our date failed. explains why i carried my dumb backpack. LOL

went and accompany the lady to find her prom dress. in a fashion disaster outfit everyone was complaining about.

dinner at imperial kitchen. laughed at mad cos of our seats. eat facing the wall LOL

and the basement of ion finally had a revamp. now alot of nice food outlets. hehe ate takoballs theree

grumpy me with an funny outfit!

ciao xoxo. short update cos my exams are around the corner and sadly for me. my birthday is in the MIDST of my exams. doubt i'll celebrate too :( 
18th birthday leh! have a paper before and after my birthday. what luck. nvm my birthday every year are always unlucky. so must be appreciative already.

xoxo eugeniania. ;)