Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie week + Sembawang BMF + Teppanyaki (; Argo, Breaking Dawn, Perfect Pitch)

I love rainy sundays like this, totally not in a mood to head out definitely, probably just slack, snack and   snuggle in my bed the whole day. 
Didnt party last week, not planning to party because my birthday is coming in around 10 days time. Not really planning to celebrate like last year because my birthday is during the exam period and for the past two years, the period around my birthday are always damn miserable and tearful like how i got hospitalized last year. 
So i'll be glad if i can pass through my 18th birthday peacefully.

Just going to briefly summarize how the week went, bare with me.

presentation wear on tuesday. I hate presentations. Somehow i just get butterflies LOL.

blazer from editors market, cropped top and flowery shorts with my fav heels hehe :)

playing around in video audimental class.


Me, weishan, zhiyan, enjia, zavier went to the north to meet movin and yaorui to try the famous sembawang baimifen they have been harping on about. On the tiring train ride, fooling around~

This place apparently came out on the newspapers and you'll have to queue for like at least 1 hour before getting a table to order. Closed on Tuesdays.

22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre)

the girls ordered the small sized plate while the guys each ordered medium :o

no coconut juice :( lime juices.

sad and rainy wednesday where i cried LOL hot food for comfort.

I cried because i dont want to be alone next year.. My better friends from my course all going into the ent module, then i was thinking of transferring to weishan class next year, then she got shortlisted into ent too. so i was damn upset with myself, :( friends also cant do much.

 I cried, i know we have to accept life, but im just not strong enough, but i tried appealing, then on thursday was slacking with my friends then suddenly received this email saying i got accepted also WAS DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN happy i mean this is the best birthday present i could have possibly received for the year already. LOL i think i screamed for 1 min and everyone was like O.O even the passerbys think im mad but I DONT CARE so im damn happy ^^ damn thankful, for ONCE in my life, i feel so fortunate.

aft that pasta mania with the clique ^^

what we ordered.

CBC <3

haha stole ej cap to camwhore.

fat snacks before breaking dawn

super awesome, have to watch!!! the people in the movie are super gorgeous.

emmett cullen EYECANDY

hot pot after movie.

camwhore with the very free tricia kor since she only left As MCQS hehe shes offically back in the field.

hahaha keep snacking, but very depressed with myself, and insecure, so i think from monday im going to start eating healthy. Like i'll still have proper meals, but i'll eat healthy. 

watched perfect pitch on friday. and it was great too. but i prefer breaking dawn? but both movies were hilarious to me ^^

headed out to tamp to try and 'study' ytd.

finally had some feel for starbucks again and this is my fav drink. White choc cranberry mocha frappe! christmas edition. time passes so fast~

teppanyaki at tampines mall basement for dinner

my love for squids.

hahaha and bought the longer version of mini m&ms hehe and my dumb idea HAHAHAH

majiong at night. lost as usual haha so not a gambling queeeeen. But had damn alot of fun laughing and talking to the girls~

xoxo pinkyniakoh

watch my cover on titanium if you havent~

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