Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ah boys to men gala w the youtubers + Filming

LOL, haha started this post with a retarded looking picture of my face! My complexion is at its worst state now, very miserable, so i spam mask. Im so sleepy now, procrastination at its best. Slacked the whole day away :/ dont know what im doing! but yeap i am having a hangover..

brief summary of the week.

I love vita soy~ :)
Last week i was damn emo and all so i lost like one kg haha!! then this week back on track already. THEN ATE ALOT EVERYDAY REALLY CANT DO THIS ANYMORE, now gain three kg. hahaha funny how my weight fluctuates. 

random shot of one of my fav pair (which only left one side now because i dropped the other side in zouk) of dangling earrings.

Monday after school went queensway where you can find many sports kind of stuff at a cheaper price, you'll know if you are friends with many sports player, with zhiyantay (TWIN) and sam to accompany ej to get his new era cap, recently they keep buying that!! back to caps and slack school dressing without the style of hair for the guys.

an ootd of her with cap ~

and mineee, feel like getting a new era cap too! haha!! but somehow i think the shape matches the guys head shape more.

sam's ootd~ #redwings yada yada

veryvery tall. enjia's ootd~

my 'dimple' looking double chin line is obvious!

camwhoring with caps haha!!

and ej's cap!

the curry chicken and rice and laksa is nice at one of the coffee shops in queensway :D
i had my favorite teh-cino ice! super fattening with the concentrated milk and then tea but i love it, hehe mine still had milo dinosaur powder. YUM

swag checked ! hahaha i super love this girl here!

Shop name DA CAVE @ queensway

was damn tired but aft that went to Ah Boys To Men gala movie premiere. Saw many famous youtubers like deekosh but not really a stalker kind of person to go and request a photo from them!

watched the interview and everything, but seriously too many people to get a nice shot, and i dint bring my camera so couldnt be bothered!

unglam photo of jack neo introducing the movie to us before it starts!

and i like him!! tosh rock, he is a youtuber which got casted as the Sargent in the movie. i think his youtube videos and acting is nice!

ridhwan and lobang king in the movie haha

the rest of the cast in the movie. like noah yap and joshua tan (ken) in the movie main character. i think he damn handsome HAHA like after you watch the movie you'll know why.

before the movie started with some of the youtubers! too many talented people in the world T.T im just like a peanut HAHA i mean i really think their damn good at both being in the video and out of the video meaning video editing skills too.

with jianhao, jay and julian!

was a long day and damn tired aft that since school was 8am-5pm the next day, so im like zombiefied!

the movie started later than 8.50pm too! so i was konked out. but surprisingly i didnt fall asleep during the movie. its worth watching! :) very funny. just that the ending was a little abrupt because this is just part one of the show, part two is coming out next year during the chinese new year period!

the tickets and can see the pack of sweets that i keep buying last week. HAHA im so addicted to sweets its unhealthy. i can like finish two packet of sweets on an average daily basis kind.

school on a rainy kind of day~

my ootd of tuesday, charles and keith red loafers and a knit red top i like :)
 finally met and caught up with my bestie tessa chan :))

tessa's ootd in slippers HAHA 

my awesome popiah

went and walk around city plaza and ate at the banmian stall at the top floor everyone claims it to be very nice, saw alot of bloggers eating it as well. i think okay only! but maybe cos i go stupidly order the mee-hoon-kuay not ban-mian. but their chilli is nice!

tessa ordered the one with prawns and mine was fish slices~

love her~ friends for 4 years? hahahah took these in the train and this group of guys were like laughing at us talking in a language we dint understand. damn awkward HAHAH

keep snacking.. random shot of a very nice biscuit in milk chocolate from marks and spencer

one of my fav classroom company. mini m&ms!

wednesday ootd! :) tribal maxi dress.

town with weishan and tricia who is currently in her midst of her A levels. Went to fareast to pluck my eyebrows. recently really feel like uglier than usual, so aft i plucked my eyebrows (even though my eyebrow is those kind that is very thin and invisible kind) i felt a little better about myself haha!

ate at this jap restaurant, my tomyam seafood ramen, i remember it was nicer the last time i came, but its still nice! hahaha weishan had hers in beef.

yoguru used to be my favorite brand of frozen yogurt, okay maybe it still is now haha! I LOVE THE MOCHIS

With shan and my horrid complexion

tricia shan and meee love them~

this is damn stalkerrish by posting one of her pics i viewed on her blogpost on my blog but i really am damn inspired by this girl from my school. shes damn inspirational. she lost 45kg! heard she dint eat any noodles or rice this kind of things for two years.. and ate like nuts and oats and exercised T.T so i should do that too? HAHA then i'll be 0 grams.

 i think shes damn pretty and its like i sort of understand how she felt? but i think she deserves to be so pretty now cos i think she probably had a tough time back then. thumbs up to you girl :)

actually i was uglier before so its kind of mind fucking how this world works. people treat you nicer when you are prettier. thats why i will always remember who was nice to me. but sometimes being nice really dont get you anywhere. Used to have revengeful thoughts on people who bullied me before want to improve myself to mock them, but once you become better, these people will naturally treat you better. Then my revenge plans fail cos i become jelly. hard to see who is true and real nowadays, fake is the new trend in this society. HAHA everytime i talk about this kind of things i cant stop, so i shall stop here LOL.

lunch in school. VERY NICEEEE and cheap western food at Foodcourt 4 in koufu at SP! like this for 4.80 :0! hehe singapore poly students who read my blog, must go and eat this!

a very busy fri night, was drunk as usual so got forced and sent back home early :/ HATE IT WHEN I LEAVE THE CLUB BEFORE CLUB ENDS. always happens to me :(

but im super glad all my friends had fun, no fights, no guestlist problems and everything! :) but still super regret because around 40 of us went tgt, then i was damn busy settling all the guestlist things, didnt have time to take pic with all of them!:( but think maybe i have some photos in the helipad album which i will upload here once its out!

before heading to heli met up with the youtuber group because i am gonna try simple acting for the first time! haha cant wait to learn more stuff from them and watch the short vid after filming a few more sessions i guess. 

LOL i think acting quite fun and is not that hard? but of course its my first time, so i think i still have so much to learn and i think i suck seriously bad at protraying emotions LOL, but i think if you are nervous when you act, its a bad thing, surprisingly i dint really feel that nervous cos they were nice people hehe. but wow i dint know that for just a few seconds of scenes, theres a need to retake so many times one, and have to take from all different angles!

candid with ridhwan (one of the actors in ah boys to men) holding the reflector and danial ron as the camera man. ;)

back to heli, photos with some of them only T.T
with the awesome chloe aka fairygodsister :))

twin hehe LOL my blog is getting spammed with her face 



tried all sorts of expressions with zhiyan for me to insta hehe

how alike we look? hehe

with my old pals while waiting for the rest for drinks. 
forever unlucky but still takecare of me, the burden, wenmin louis and shan :)) really appreciate.
i like to take pic here HAHA i think the backdrop damn nice!! still have more group photos sigh but alot of my photos disappeared and dint save from instagram!

with one of the cliqueys~ tltb and ameliaaaaa

with alex~ one of the longest people i know in SP

zijun hehe caring babe <3

technically, we all had fun!! first time club with kengyang all! LOL marcus party until needa call ambulance HAHA. took this from ej!! cos i alr went home :( and god, all my friends have the photo of me lying down outside my fav spot at helipad HAHA FML REALLY HATE THEM but this pic is still damn funny HAHAHA

and thanks those people who took care of me laaaaaa i know i can really be annoying and burden sometimes :(

and i have a new twitter dp HEHE follow me now! hahaha okay i always change my dps. i have too many photos of myself haha!!

ate alot the whole of today........ like non stop, aft waking up with all my makeup and heels HAHAH i slept in my heels, and cant remember much of ytd night :/

HAA and i love this strawberry flavored straw thing meant for kids!! hahahat

okay this has been quite the boring blogpost because im really damn sleepy to elaborate...... but still have to do project before i can sleep. since im gonna be real busy from tmr. going gardens by the bay, hehe more nicer pics!! and regina's bdae is coming and we gonna have a BBQ cant wait to spend time with them!

xoxo eugeniania

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