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Gardens by the bay + Regina's 18th

Finally found some time to do this post, since i had a fever ytd night aft doing project and slacking my deepavali holiday in town with zhiyan, enjia and samuel, i didnt go school today, so i have the time to do this post on my visit to gardens by the bay and regina's eighteen birthday, compiling up to 400 photos, talk about longest post ever.

if you follow me on twitter/instagram, you might already saw these photos.

twin zhiyan! ^^

had dinner at the handburger at somerset 313. First time trying it out as it received many good compliments from my friends especially ppl like samuel whom ate at this place numerous times.

this set with mushroom soup (you can either choose the soup/salad/fries) is around $21 after GST. Most popular dish called "the works" all of them said it was damn nice, i think i would also say its damn nice, just that i really didnt have appetite ytd because i had a mild food poisoning after regina's bbq on monday, the day before. So i kept going to the toilet and my stomach refuses to give in to much food and it hurt damn bad. Like excruciating pain kind. Then i was feeling so cold despite wearing such a thick sweater out..

they went around taking OOTDs and i took one. even though i wanted to die alr HAHA

spammed photobooth and this is just one of the collages.

back onto the main topic! Gardens by the bay on 11/11 such a nice date. Pre 'celebration' day for regina. Do realise that my post and photos are always mixed with a few from my instagram and then some from my camera because i cant seem to make up my mind which device to use, plus that day both had limited battery haha!

as it was 11/11 gardens by the bay had a wedding theme so it was more crowded than usual (?) i suppose and most ppl wore formal. My parents sponsered tickets for me, tessa, regina and weishan, so i asked all of them to wear formal!!
hehe my OOTD

weishan and tessa's

i seriously think regina can be a blogshop model..

all four tgt on instagrammm HAHA not a very flattering photo..

hate holding the camera. LOL awkward face!

with regina on the car otw there. hahaha its more convenient.. 

hehe and introducing my left cheek pimple WHICH is like forever there and gonna be in all my photos. since a few post back.  and has been there since a few post back. Hopefully wont be there by my birthday on fourth decemeber.. dont think its going to go away soon so FORGET IT. say hi?

hahah weishan behind us putting makeup in the car

regina and tessa!

hows my new grey contacts?

upon reaching GBTB in the afternoon~

with tessa chan and her demure hairstyle~

now both of them have red and short hair!!! i miss mine too~

The view from mbs, you are able to see two gigantic glass shaped domes, they are actually the CLOUD FOREST and the FLOWER DOME. you would need tickets to get into both respectively. Both are indoor and airconditioned!!! would elaborate on them later.

so many coupless

hahaha blur but quite swag tessa.

being the cameraman as usual :(

me and regina~

hehe our ootd as if we were getting married~ 
weishan wearing black, tessa wearing white. me and regina wearing black and white designs ^^

natural skinny girls BLOGSHOP MODEL

step one pose hahaha

our tickets~

some lights inside the auditorium

in some souvenir shop outside the two domes, sells GBTB icecream sponsored by udders. hahaha one is udder's famous liquor icecream. which i dont like. had some history with it some time back, and another is flower themed icecream since we were at GARDENS by the bay.

me and tessa bought orchid vanilla, which taste like normal vanilla icecream

and regina had some chocolatey one

happy girl with my icecream

okay at the toilet..again, girls being girls.. Finally we are going into one of the domes already!

one side of each for cloud forest and the other for flower dome!

okay finally we are going into cloud forest first, good choice. because i prefer cloud forest to flower dome to be honest.. maybe cause by the time we went into flower dome it was already night time so i think morning would be nicer even though there are night lights.

greeted by this pretty man-made waterfall. Really loved it! it was quite humid, as in you can feel all the water droplets mildly dripping on you but it was air conditioned inside, so it felt really cooling, as if you were abroad!!

wet grounds

okay this is impt! 

the difference between cloud forest and flower dome is that cloud forest is like 6/7 storeys tall. you could take the lift just like we did, all the way up to the highest floor and slowly walk down by the metal grids or by the escalators. And i preferred cloud forest because every level has something eye opening, and they taught you stuff of global warming and more! 

favourite photo of the day~

such a cooling walk

view from bottom up. now you guys can see the glass domes from inside! and the walk-able metal grids

a few photos taken from my iphone

pretty flowers

happy us!

going up~

at one of the levels upstairs.

does this plant seem familiar?

view from the top!

lucky im not scared of heights!

trying to take a pic with the waterfall HAHA

the crystallization level

hehe some science centre looking knowledge teaching stuff on the way down!

the less cold it gets going down a level

some show that we didnt really watch haha

map of GBTB

after coming out from the exits we were greeted by this stall which sells some cool food stuff :p


me and reginaa

OPPA ELEPHANT STYLE. hahaha i tried sitting more lady like but i prefer sitting on the elephant the other way HAHA

this was the lady liked one

alright! night time at flower domeee

hehe liked this part! so colourful

almost whole view of flower dome!

is just a normal two staircased storey dome

photos using iphone because my camera ran out of batt.

with much more colors and flowers compared to the cloud forest though.

i think i would recommend going to both domes in the morning!!! because... at night everything seems more dark.. 

group photo on some corn and pumpkin chair

pumpkin field

i like this photo~

leaving GBTB~ basically, its worth going at least once i guess. I am SO NOT a nature/flower person HAHA but our government spent so much money building these two, indoor airconditioned domes, i guess going to be one of our major tourist attractions, us being singaporeans definately have to go there at least once.
I loved the fact that its air conditioned and i dint sweat a bit. and I definately prefer cloud forest to flower dome!

at night slacked at coffee bean with regina tessa weishan and gary! have been such a tiring day and had school tmrw, was trying to countdown to regina's birthday!

recently starting to love coffee bean's pure vanilla more than starbucks :O and regina had pure caramel which was also nice hehe slightly more salty taste compared to pure vanilla!

alright! moving onto 12/11 regina's big day! SHES FINALLY LEGAL... i feel so touched for her! hahaha CANT WAIT FOR MY TURN THOUGH!!

my ombre, dip-dye, topshop beach wear looking ootd!

while waiting for wenmin to change hahaha

had some 'healthy' yami yogurt in preparation of the unhealthy food im going to have that night

minimal makeup~ and really damn tired cos i slept for 3 hours only.

bought stuff at editors market with wenmin and her classmates

then tricia camee


LOL can see my eye makeup smudge LOL UNGLAM

without filter

hehe i prefer looking whiter

me and wenmin and tricia went to the icing room to customize a birthday cake for reginaa

basic stuff they provide to decorate ur own cake!

looks so artifical but it turns out to be quite nice actually. chose the middle sized vanilla one with fruity stuffs inside! quite nicee

basically i designed all HEHE lousy artist eugenia in the making here!

pay more money for more decorative sweeties!

eugenia is being attentive

tricia tried helping HAHA

then she went off after awhile to meet regina to buy time and regina spammed call me but i dint answer LOL

hehe DONE

HAHAHAH horrible

me and my rainbow peeve

me and louis and wenmin reached earlier at wenmin condo to prepare for the bbq. moved all the chairs and tables and bbq items we ordered.

potential chef in the making i swear. louis!

rainy weather :(

hehe but lucky there was shelter at the bbq, smart architecture!

ALOTTT i think the sambal sotong damn nice and nicer though compared to the stingray. the satay and chicken wing nice also!! i ate like 5 packs of each. until i got food poisioning HAHAHA

the hotline number and the website is on the packaging if you are interested!

100 satays!

hahaha recently keep squabbling with wenmin cos too comfortable with each other =.=''

some pork which louis marinated from home and is damn nice?!

but take the longest to cook

regina and tricia reached first!

otah LOL had one cold 'accidentally' HAHAH

louis porkkk

haha we look drunk LOL. long time since tricia appeared in my camera photos! cos she took time out from her busy As cos its regina birthday~ in a few weeks shes gonna be the most relaxed being on earth since her as are ending soon..

model to be as well..

haha i have to say wenmin and louis did the most T.T esp cooking. i ate the most.. 

gary weishan couple louis and wenmin

full CBOAH photo!!

regina and tired looking me on the verge of collapsing LOL

tricia and me both cmi LOL

tessa and me

me and late queen shan!


loved the mussels and prawns

took from regina's phone haha recently she love to take photos too hehe

mini me, tricia and regina!

favorite besties for life

regina is happy!

solo bdae girl shots with weishan,




and not forgetting me!

kinda like all these pics!

regina and nico, louis and gary!

insides of the cake!

awkward expression hahaha

happy birthday regina <3

posing with my marshmellows. sigh all the boyfriends bbq-ed them for their girlfriends and me and tricia had to bbq for ourselves.. HAHA

everyone bbqed 4 marshmellows at one time but i bbqed 7 HAHA


pretty tricia camwhoring with my camera

all of them swam while i slept for awhile cos i was really super exhausted my eyes could barely open and my throat was damn pain.

them slacking and basking in the moon aft their swim while the guys played frisbee.

LOL hahaha dunno when i took this but omg look at my eyes.

okay hoped everyone enjoyed this post. kinda lazy to elaborate more as the pics took all my energy already!

xoxo pinkyniakoh

btw watch this video i painstakenly compiled on youtube on the cake smashing of regina's 18th birthday if you havent!

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