Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Korea Trip (Part V); Seoul- {Day 11: Nami Island x Apgujeong - Chrome Hearts} & {Day 12: Namdemun x Yoogane x Beans Bin} & {Day 13: Homebound}

Lol finally at the last post of my long & super tedious korea travelogue. LOL *inserts tears of joy* now cause I took about half a year to upload it. Now I'm lagging at updating this space w my mundane life in sg lol. Maybe cause I'm also busy with school (bad multi-tasker), left with only one paper (there was three others & I rly hope I don't flunk anything) before my holidays & japan + bkk trip this may & june hehe. 

Without further ado, part five of my vaca last winter~
To recap your memories:

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Korea Trip (Part IV); Seoul- {Day 8: Gyeongbokgung Palace x Bukchon Hanok Village x Insadong} & {Day 9: Stylenanda Hongik University x Express Bus Terminal x Hongdae Clubs} & {Day 10: Ewha Women University x Namdemun}

Sorry I am rly taking rather longgg to upload my korea posts because I'm so busy with school and other shits but since I have some assignments to do this weekend but I am totally not in the mood to do it, I shall blog abt koreaaaa part four! One more month to Japan can't wait, but exams first haiz :(.

Recapping your memories:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Campaign; Change Destiny Beyond the Limits of My DNA

You know the familiar advertisement you always have to endure through before your youtube video loads? I finally had some time to really watch through this short film and it has been really a pleasant journey.

SK-II have unveiled the first chapter of the brand's biggest empowerment campaign to date - #ChangeDestiny, with a film featuring acclaimed ballet dancer Misa Karunaga. She wasn't born to be a ballet dancer. Yet holding the honour of being the first Asian to become Boston Ballet's Principle Dancer, Misa's life story of defying the odds to achieve professional success takes centre stage in this inspiring video above..