Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Campaign; Change Destiny Beyond the Limits of My DNA

You know the familiar advertisement you always have to endure through before your youtube video loads? I finally had some time to really watch through this short film and it has been really a pleasant journey.

SK-II have unveiled the first chapter of the brand's biggest empowerment campaign to date - #ChangeDestiny, with a film featuring acclaimed ballet dancer Misa Karunaga. She wasn't born to be a ballet dancer. Yet holding the honour of being the first Asian to become Boston Ballet's Principle Dancer, Misa's life story of defying the odds to achieve professional success takes centre stage in this inspiring video above..
Her story perfectly exemplifies the philosophy behind #ChangeDestiny, SK-II's latest campaign to inspire women to change their own destiny, regardless of the little dictators' in their life. SK-II believes a woman’s destiny isn’t locked in her DNA and set at birth – it’s something she creates for herself.

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#ChangeDestiny Beyond the Limits of My DNA
To empower women to defy destiny.

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Catching Misa Kuranaga in SK-II’s latest video has made me determined to pursue my dream in life. Rmb to watch and share the video now and get inspired to #ChangeDestiny!
For 35 years, SK-II, with its iconic Facial Treatment Essence, has helped women take control of their skin destiny to unlock crystal clear skin, no matter the skin DNA potential or risks they were born with. As proven in the brand’s recent groundbreaking Skin Destiny Study, it is possible for women to go beyond their DNA limitations to change their skin destiny. Based on the study, loyal SK-II users had lasting crystal clear skin even in their 30s, 40s, or 50s regardless of the skin they were born with. Whether she’s breaking stereotypes  or setting new standards, the SK-II woman knows what she wants and goes for it, even if it means changing her destiny. 
To further empower women to transform their skin destiny, SK-II has also launched the first-in-the-world Skin DNA Concierge. Now exclusively available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, SK-II’s latest Skin DNA analysis service brings skin counseling to an entirely new level – more in-depth, more personalised, and delving right down to the genes – to understand your future skin’s profile. 

being a women may not be so tough after-all.

xoxo eugeniania

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