Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Singkoba + Lady M + Platypus Kitchen + Pasta Brava

Hey guys! I'm back again and I recently am seriously addicted in applying lip glosses and I tried this really cool specific plumping gloss from Soap and Glory. So many youtube makeup gurus have did a review on that and now you can actually get soap and glory products online from Zalora, super efficient, lol I got my twin's birthday present delivered from them in an blink of an eye.

Anyways, some short updates on my tummy journey last month.

Met up with da twin for our long awaited meal tgt after school on a monday, and settled for some korean bbq. Always wanted to try Superstar K @ 25 Tanjiong Pagar Road but that outlet was closed on Mondays.. so settled for their alternative second outlet which renamed into the latter thus the meal was kinda disappointing, I still want to try it at their main outlet.

Superstar K2 Korean BBQ Restaurant (formally) / Singkoba (now)

155/157 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068611

Monday – Saturday

order a set and quite a number of ala cartes, felt that it was not that filling and rather overpriced imo for the quality and quantity

selfie with cons & eunice!~

amelia who joined us!

can you tell them apart? conz hehe

quite yummy seafood pancake tho

kimchi toufu steww

two free servings of buttery steamed egg! supposed to be free flow i heard

pathetic amount of meat so me and eunice had to keep gobbling on the free flow side dishes to satisfy us lol.

food isn't THAT bad but well, it wasn't that great neither

candids of us from eunice who posted them on her dayre hahahaha

Obviously we still had space for desserts so I went to google for nearby desserts and I realised one outlet of the yummy bakery I always wanted to try was just nearby. (Ps recently they just opened one huge megastore of this in orchard central serving all day breakfasts as well!)

Lady M Confections
One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road #01-10
Singapore 049213

Tried their strawberry shortcake, the better ones I had around cause I don't like my cakes too spongey~

as well as their signature mille crepe cake, super yummy! I can see how Lady M live up to their hype for their cakes, will be back to try more of em!

another day spent with regina, quite an unlucky one, everywhere we wanted to dine at closed so we settled for smth rdm since we were starving!!

read good reviews of this but never gonna come back again, food was meh.. kinda like coffee shop western food standard.

Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street
#03-29/29A Bugis Junction

excited us before the meal LOL

Shaved truffle fries ($6.20)
what could go wrong with truffle fries.

Bacon and roasted pumpkin soup ($8.90)
(only) this was good!

Squid-Ink and scallops ($16.90)
my pasta was still okay... their pastas are like traditionally made or smth so its not the squid ink i imagined but just the pasta flour was black or smth imo? kinda bland and tastes like meepok kind but better than regina's...

Spicy diablo crab and prawns ($18.90)
one word -LOL-

Had celebratory buffet again aft I passed my licence @ Rise MBS, but honestly I prefer's Pan Pac's edge I had previously. Paid like around 80 bucks per head after gst etc! 

spammed in all their seconds. from seafood

to western


and desserts, love the gelato (?) icecream and egg tart here tho!!

and re-ordered my fav cod fish ala carte from rise *.*

was freezing so mom threw me her scarf!

had dinner with sean (his treat hehe ty) and we went to this italian restaurant which serves srsly good pasta (heaven and earth if compared to platypus lol and I think the bill was reasonable for the food and service!!)

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road, Singapore 089671
6227 7550
Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:30
Mon - Sat: 18:30 - 22:30
Closed: Sun & PH


chalks for me to doodle on the paper cloth lol cute

Prosciutto Con Melone ($18)
Second time eating this appetiser since Sean hates seafood so there's not much we could have ordered but this was so yummy!!! parma ham never goes wrong with melon!

we each ordered one dish from the pasta section & the homemade pasta section based on their best recommended.

Spaghettial Cartoccio ($23)
spag w crayfish, garlic, herbs and tomato sauce served in parchment paper! SO GOOD, usually i dont rly fancy tomato based spags but this was good!

Ravioli Con Carne Di Manzo Al Gorgonzola ($23.50)
lol need name so long not.. basically ravioli filled w minced beef and light gorgonzola cheese sauce. soooo goooooodddddd 

idm gging back here anytime soon!!!!!

happy me w my phone

& happy sean w his ravioli HAHA PICKY HIM LOVES CHEESE DA MOST

school day with min

dinz at dynasty paradise again their peanut noodles were actually goood and first time trying their spicy szechuan fried chicken!!! New chinese favorite dish.

love their colorful xlbs

and noodles ehe

dessert after at sheraton towers. quite a nice combi of crispy apple pie, pear icecream & some jelly

first time driving from town > east side after passing my license (ps this was my friend's car)

needa cut down on suppers lol but this bkt at cq is good

and more suppers with regina the skinny bitch :*

geylang frog porridge never goes wrong.

nights spent at bars

and a fun saturday at zouk

members with kun, michelle, yuanming and their bball coach LOL

paparazzi action by jj - me being a glutton and eating curry rice at havelock road aft club, near zouk lol quite nice i swear

ending off with a pic of my pouty lips HAHA. Me love all kind of new lippies.

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