Thursday, March 19, 2015

Passed my TP + Tricia's 21st + CNY updates + CM-PB + Tomi Sushi + Kko Kko Nara + Yu Cuisine + Edge

lol Hey guys! I am here to do something slightly more productive this weekend, which is to update my very dead blog (and study later sighpie). Hahaha, sorry for the lack of updates, school has been very busy for the past week & I had my TP last week among all my submissions and test,(can't believe I got so stressed) but I still managed to pass, (look above) hehe so yeah say yes to another phase of life, lol getting the driver's license. I alr failed once but I really thought I was going to fail again and sob about it for three months but I guess luck was on my side~ Thanks C.E.K HAHAHA

Will continue on my korea travelogue after some updates of what I have been up to for the past few weeks. As a form of apology, I would share with you guys this website I recently stumbled upon which I think gives rly good deals if you want to shop online (zalora, asos etc) or travel abroad (singapore airlines, jetstar etc) or even food hehe (pizza hut etc) link here > best offers from Cuponation

hehe rly doesn't harm to add another one of these websites on your bookmark page or subscribe to their emails like I did especially if you are like me always organizing itineraries and finding stuff out for your pals #auntieme  #kidding

Continuing with what February has been for me,

Typical chill nights at N2 or just around my house area.

And buying loads of snacks after midnight to snack on w my girlies

At Sheryl's 21st #TLTB (zy's clique)

theme was obviously black and white.

group photo with the poly peeps! From left: Amelia, Nic, me, sheryl, gervina, zhiyan & zavier!

Solo shot with da birthday girl! :)

School days on Mondays and tuesdays.

Ride to dempsey aft school, hehe very nice chillout area with so many restaurants *.*

CM-PB Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
7 Dempsey Rd, 249671

Food and ambiance is good, al fresco. Love these kind of appetizers - burretta cheese and parma ham yumyum.

super trufflish fries spammed with chili oil.

Wagyu pizza (second one I had since the one from the coastal settlement) and I thought that the burgers which was served there is not too bad as well. 
Totally over-ordered for two people but luckily my partner could eat alot hehehe :D

Another rdm school day where me and my new kakis classmates; sean and deon (forever with these guys since school started) left early aft class to go to this sogurt outlet at timah area. Free sogurt for all of us with loads of ingredients so thank you shannen ^^

And Milkcow + makisan day at cathay with Jiaying, treated her to this cause I was telling her how good milk cow was ever since I had the legit one in korea (lol sorry haven't blogged about that yet HAHAHA)

anyway this totally beats honeycreme at 313, and you can find it at first floor of the cathay.

first outlet in sg~

selfie with regina!

and w shan as usual cause we popped by zouk for like what? 15 mins? HAHA to wish my bro happy birthday.

I'm damn steady OKAY to my slacker brah deon tan who always leech on my tutorials hais LOL

In prep of CNY I also finally had my nails done~ 

so pretty right the marble mixed of colors!

and my hair dyed red again hehee

lol my hair too nice so sorry for all the spammage LOL

tessa's purplish streaks

rarely curl my hair for nuts and when I do, tessa says I look like an auntie hahaha

selfie with my #twofuckersinKR sista

Overall it was a very very busy friday, had my hair done > went to collect tricia's balloon for her bdae surprise > then still need go collect her bdae cake > then help shaun decorate the hotel room, practically ran around the whole day! #goodfriendawardtomelol

fakers who helped to decorate too, stanley and tessa hehee

nice setup right HAHAHA if excluding tessa lying in the background

petals spewed everywhere by me thanks I think I should be tricia's bf hahahaha kidding


photos sticked by shaun

waiting for the highness grand arrival.

selfie from the new camera canon N2 shaun just bought for trishy (lol i wanted to buy that too but decided to buy nx mini, talking about cameras, my dslr cracked SO ANGRY - so I had to go to simlim to repair it on saturday T.T)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ONCE AGAIN, one of my favorite shitheads in the world :)

white theme, I am like their bridesmaid hahaha

prettiest couple award shaun and trish

before sex selfie on bed w my valentine HAHAH

Rushed over to Sean's 21st at Mbs from Park royal cause I had three friend's 21st all booked on the same day?!

Met my twin there and we took selfies with the birthday boy hhehe

haven't met up with this bitch for pretty long alr :(

catered food from some Italian restaurant for their pizzas and pastas for sean's bash, so good! 

opps unglam photo of birthday boy eating hahaha

back to Park royal after andrew's birthday cause I could only choose one person to cut the cake with at 12 midnight with and definitely its tricia la hehehe

hope you had a great 21st :) haha standard cake all the girls from my clique wants for their bdaes ever since they like tried it on my 16th birthday.... I should help advertise for the Patissier.

selfie with ma koh sister who wore the same shit as me that day HAHAHAHA #joke #nexttimeshoulddiscussprior #plusbothredhair

group photo with the prettiest loves of my lifes #7yearsandcounting!!!
(from left; me, regina, tricia, weishan, tessa and wenmin~)

#cboah ftw

cheeky funshot of regina and weishan attempting to kiss trish. And idk why I was kneeling down, wenmin and tess alone in their own world LOL

not forgetting another one of my best loves eva my twin, lol #mybestpersonalphotographer hehehe HAHAHA

before we broke up sobs*

Valentine's day this year~

Dinner was in town and I had jap food in town at cuppage (alot of hidden gems in the area there!)

Tomi Sushi 
35 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace,
Singapore 229459
5 pm - 11.30 pm (last order)
They have three outlets in sg btw!

Food was surprisingly good always with william, and I wouldn't mind dining over there again! 

I love their spicy pork udon there!!! surprisingly delicious! Will come back fo this

and our chirashi-don hehe

Dad's birthday lunch the next day where I was already feeling very unwell due to under the weather right before CNY :/

shag and barefaced but with my family so its alright hehe

Yu Cuisine
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue

My second time here & obviously any restaurant and food at mbs usually doesn't disappoint. But this is a very modern and hip Chinese seafood concept restaurant at MBS which have a very unique choice of chinese dishes and dimsums. Will appeal to tourists especially if they want to taste chinese food ^^

look at that unique range of dishes!

love their porridge broth, SO GOOD

some damn nice xo carrot cake thing HAHA

rice roll yummy

wasabi and salted egg prawns *.*

chili crab tarts?!

pumpkin custard buns look at them ooze. lol hungry right now.

zouk again on a tgiw cos it was my cousin, fabian's birthday. Seems that my zouk every once a week phase is back again (no goal)

crazy cray

seriously did not know how I dragged myself to have supper after that. BUT I LOVE MOOKATA. hehe

Buffet with the guys after class last week. I think I eat more than some of the guys HAHA they say be my bf sure damn fat hahaha

The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Level 3

One pax around 100 bucks++ after gst, more expensive on weekends, but this has got to be one of the best buffets I have ever had in Singapore. The quality and range of the food and cuisine served there is really good!

sushis hahaha who takes sushis in buffets, me LOL

very fresh range of seafood heheh

love their clam chowder soup!!

and zhiyang got me lou hei HAHAHAH over-stuffed of salmon lol. But only I solely want to eat this kind of lame things to waste my stomach space, hahahah but I think this cny I never eat enough lou hei thats why hehe 
ME heart yushengs ;)

yeah and you can request for grilled meat too, photo from sean! his instagram like more artistic than mine for a guy HAHAHA

desserts after and my stomach ended up looking like im preggy with 5 months

ootd for the last day of practice for my tp, was so nervous before that I swear HAHAHA

my mom likes it when I dress like that #lupsupstyle

And all my CNY ootds~

and more food

reunion with the poly peeps at gerv house on the third day of CNY!

I one hour banker win this much from them need to show off abit HAHAHAHAHAHA most of them bet two bucks and I didn't lose a single round thanks to my banana underwear.

Kko Kko Nara
68 Tanjiong Pagar Rd, 
Singapore 088489

Korean food which Ischelle dragged me and Tessa to after school. And me and tess finally recovered from our abstain from korean food after two weeks in korea hahaha!

they are famous for their chicken wings, garlic flavor is the best in my opinion, their beef bibimbap is good too, tessa and ischelle loved their army stew (not me I think normal only), and I thought that the korean rice cakes tteopokki they served there was super chewy and nice but they think normal only HAHA!

but their seafood pancake wasn't that good sadly.

Me love chicken

Snow ice dessert after food with the girls at some dessert shop nearby at Tanjiong (lol we da 3 little pigs) Not bad but portion was a little small for the price, HAHA and I forgot the shop name so wdv. I love cold stuffs!!

Last week at members with constance~

roderick, shan and ryon and deon ~ SIM kids ftw.

shan, me and conz~

and last but not least with my twinneh~

okay thats enough updates for recent weeks in SG now, will be back soon with more interesting updates and pls don't forget to check out what I mentioned earlier hehe


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