Monday, April 29, 2013

Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Ramen) + Eighteen Chefs + Chocolat N' Spice +Sick

Back! This round of updates is still rather interesting in a certain sense. But i have been really in a bad mood these past few days, feel super fucked up, really hate spamming my own twitter timeline with all those whiny little bitch tweets because I, eugenia koh, hate to feel weak, so this is what happens when I let myself feel. I rather be the heartless one sometimes seriously. Its just so annoying when what i deem right just not enough for the other party to feel satisfied. This is just me? Can't change for now and most probably won't if you make me boil... Seriously a hard nut to crack. And as stubborn as a bull. If you love someone you'll probably love whatever that comes in a package alright. Really need the space and breath sometimes and additionally, its like school period, I feel so damn stressed sometimes I would just breakdown or secretly hope that I died in the hospital. ugh. 

Okay i shall just take a few breaths and probably a chill pill. At least I know that there are people who cares enough about me and I am real thankful to all those who really bothered talking to me and stuff typing long essays and giving me prep talks, shall not be wishy-washy winey-whiney. Thanks guyyyyyyz xoxo

Back to topic. I didn't go to school on Friday, got an MC, and after visiting the hospital, I finally went to 
Keisuke Tonkotsu King
pro-claimed as one of singapore's best ramen places. 
The prices are definately cheaper than Ippudo's
But i personally prefer Ippudo (& their menu range is wider than tonkotsu's) or perhaps I ate King Tonkutsu not long after my while-waiting-for-bloodtest-result-at-hospital-mcdonalds-meal so it didn't seem as appetizing as all the excellent reviews of Keisuke King on the internet. But I would go again with a friend because of the cost. 

1 Tras Link
#01-19 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 
(5 min from Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 6636 0855 
Their Opening Hours are
 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm 

Do not be deceived by the picture of the queue I have taken, I went on a Friday, at 2.30 pm (when their last order is at 3 pm probably during a working timing) Thus explains why my picture isn't like the other blogs where there are always a queue. This shop only sits about twenty. So there would definitely be a queue during dinner time & the weekends.

Most people order while queuing and all these are the short range of ramen the stall provides. 
I would recommend the Tonkotsu Ramen Special on the first visit because (all toppings) 
The taste of the soup I recommend normal and not strong because some people might already complain that its too salty on the normal range. And ask for less oil because it can be oily. And normal noodle texture for me.

The first column is just the original flavor, black spicy simply means - black pepper and red spicy means chilli oil? 
maybe since its quite chock-able LOL i choked on it but as I am a excellent spicy eater so I could still slowly drink more soup to de-choke? hahaha! won't sit there and tear like a loser. Plain iced water is provided tho no worries.

authentic jap cooks friendly~

sesame seeds provided for everyone to grind and pour into the ramen to have more taste but for me it didn't make much difference!

They provide a free flow of eggs and seasoned beansprouts. BUT, their egg is not like tamgago (the jap style of runny egg on the insides) its just a normal hard-boiled egg. I mean how many people can still eat so many eggs after eating a bowl of noodles.

so i suggest y'all to go for the beansprouts! hahaha I love to pour it in the soup~

keisuke ramen special all toppings

black spicy!

tried all three. Prefer the black spicy best as it wouldn't cover the broth's own authentic flavor. And usually I am not that much of a black pepper person. I am a person who would choose chilli over any from of black pepper. 

Keisuke's tamago is nice but I guess tamagos are naturally nice. Their charsiew pork has not much of a flavor, but their broth (soup) of the ramen is indeed the king of Japanese Ramen Broth in singapore.

total price of three bowls of all toppings

After having a very hearty meal at KTK, walked a distance over to Chocolat N' Spice's outlet in tanjiong pagar. It may not be known to you now but maybe in that area it is, this shop provides a wide range of muffins and other confectioneries. Cupcakes are more in the trend but i personally liked muffins better. 

long queue and awards.

wide range of flavors, and their double chocolate (heard that its their best seller) was already sold out. I liked their cheese and blueberry ^^

you can find chocolat n' spice at these locations

doesn't look that appealing cause they are not cupcakes but it did went well with my fruit juice and I even had space for these babies after an afternoon of Fast food and japanese ramen ;)

affordable and delicious :D

Last minute decision to party that night despite the need to maintain my health as I went to the hospital in the morning........ #guilty

Polka dot long sleeved crop top from editor's!

went over to dream for the second time to have a drink ( w my medicine T.T ) first.

zouk regulars.

zhiyan stayed over as usual :* 


Finally met up w kengyang after quite a long period of time. Been procrastinating our meetup sessions. Rushing for movie, so decided to have our meal at Cineleisure's newly opened Eighteen Chefs!
Level 4

They have many outlets and I used to be a regular in their simei's outlet clad in my secondary school uniform as that outlet was located near my secondary school (east point shopping mall - recently closed down) 

one fun fact!
(if i'm not wrong)
Eighteen chefs hire ex convicts. to show the public that people can start a new leave and afresh. :)

Wide more towards Western cuisine's menu. But usually I would customize my own food under this section of Eighteen Chefs' menu
Step 1 - Pick your base (cheese-baked rice/ pasta/ cheese-baked pasta ...) 
Step 2 - Choose one of the 8 sauces - I had my black pepper!! unique hehe
Step 3 - Choose one of the 12 main ingredients
Step 4 - Additional top-up ingredient (which is optional)

Luckily for us, we are all still students so we had a set meal inclusive of iced lemon tea and ice cream (chocolate flavor not sure if you can choose your own flavor)
and for students, if we purchase an additional top- up ingredient, we would get another ingredient free!
So total of 3 ingredients for us pigs.

guess who we met at cine!........ my favorite most awesome twin (she's going to laugh evilly here) and fangyi! Cause i needed to pass her IC back to her la hahaha so we had lunch tgt~

yup and some photos are taken from HER CAMERA CREDIT***
competitive twins sigh. hahaha
but took like 4 photos from her? only? HAHAHA

and thats me writing the orders

candid fangyi and twinnnnnnnn

me and ky

check out the prices and the customization yourselves!

unique display of ice lemon tea. quite like their ice lemon tea. the nostalgia of sec school days~ 

me and ky half candid side view that zy wanted to take!

became more muscular ah.
must post* quotes

twin's beef slices

and i had mushrooms instead of the beefslices! both had black pepper pasta and scrambled eggs and chicken sausages hehe

I think their cheese baked pasta is nicer but only black pepper pasta doesn't go that well with cheese i suppose!

yum :))

yummy twinnnnnnnn hehe but she thinks their standard deproved. 


and only kengyang ordered cheese baked spicy tomato. which i remembered it was regina's fav during sec school. quite nice actually.

before I went for my Movie as zhiyan had already watched Iron man III in the early afternoon!

I really liked iron man III was totally captivating for me but idk why some people would still complain that one and two was nicer. I thought three was good as well. Remember to stay back after the credits :D
I love tony stark and he's laid-back egoistic sarcasm hahaa very hot for a guy his age.

shall end this post w my pink bun 
so now i think i look like a ballerina now? hahaha

and then some pathetic #throwback pictures of me during 2011 hospitalized on my birthday 4th remembered that day i'll never forget, since it was my freaking birthday and my parents booked the mbs suite and my friends stayed in the hotel and me the emergency ward. Who wants to compete badluck with me now? LOL

so damn pain i really hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee getting poked numerous times

the medication i am now on and suppose to take three times daily but I keep forgetting and only take once :(
I feel bad for myself.

xoxo eugeniania!