Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bestfriend Tag with the twin! (Vlog)

As promised, the bff tag video with twin is up today hehe :) She came over to my place at around noon and we spent the whole afternoon eating, filming and editing it. Took about 6 hours, i have no idea why since we didn't even refilm the video think is time spent editing. hehe hard effort and sweat okay. 
Hope you guys will enjoy it!

P.S The video doesn't seems as long because we fast forwarded many parts x)
Remember to watch till the end!!!

feel free to ask me anything at too! ;)

yummy homemade pumpkin soup w bacon bits i made for twin ;) Just kidding hahaha

garlic bread

nuggets, black pepper nuggets and my fav cheese tofu!

xoxo eugeniania

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