Saturday, April 6, 2013

BlackBall + Natnat's 20th Amara Sanctuary Resort (Sentosa) + Seoul Garden Hotpot + Zouk

Hi guys, im back from my short stay-cation at Amara Sanctuary Resort with my pals! :) Late nights and liquor certainly made me gain some weight, plus I cant exercise because of the deep cut i have at my knee, I feel so fat now.... Furthermore everytime after i reach home after club, I would be damn hungry and the semi-sober me would start a rampage at my fridge and start eating loads. Then sleep with my makeup.. LOL BEER BELLY and PIMPLE FACE is me.

Anyways, twin is going to come over to my house tmr to do our vlog which we have been procrastinating for a pretty long time now, and I cant wait! Just that the editing of the video would be so tedious and I feel so lazy and tired. :( and my intern is stressing me out. SIGH. I shall make this a brief post because I am a lazy blogger and I would be attending a funeral later :( 

Its surprising how a simple text can make me feel. And right now, I feel so complicated. As usual, nothing new......... I want to quit nightlife. But i have said this so many times now i bet its annoying.. :(

Alright, less talk, more photos.

Okay i shall not upload anymore homemade salad or sandwiches tea-time snack photos on my blogposts anymore. hahahaha Every post also will have.

but my mom made new egg sandwiches this week and they are so yummy i can't help to upload this photo hehe

meal at work. ROTIPRATAAAA yumyum and the beehoon goreng which looks so tasty cause its so red but it was just average. :p

me without makeup and finally revenge shot of weishan slacking. LOL hahaha

one of my fav snacks JAGABEE. ohh why issit purple?? (I think im crazy today LOL)

Usual TGIW on wednesday!

Jessica Anabella Lim muacks 

blonde streaks in her hair

okay awkward major spam. With jess'a phone. Using this iphone app camera 360! Lika nice only.

Clubbing have been so mundane I cant really feel if it was a fun night or not anymore. Cause its just like a routine..Wednesday was alright though :) Had fun dancing with some yourfavoritegirls clique etc at the dance floor on the ladies night where admission was free for everyone and its like a sausage fest everywhere

took some pics with alicia when we went to the toilet hehe

Slept for 3 hours and off to bugis for some intern filming as usual~ 

food first. Everytime i see someone eating korean sticky rice cakes, its like something i wouldnt ever miss. Bought it immediately!!! 

starbucks and some freaking cute Caucasian baby was there

he is definitely one of those baby models on baby products' packaging

Filming done with sarah and shan!

Met jess and we started roaming around bugis to get some of the final birthday surprises materials for nat!

a card her friend made. Super nice :) Self-made 3D birthday card! how sweet.

After a long afternoon, we settled down at Bugis +'s Blackball outlet to have some taiwan dessert that was raving on my twitter timeline.

had to wait.

First time there, we ordered the blackball special because supposedly it should be made up of all the more raved ingredients like you'll definately have to try at least once before returning there to self custimize your own blackball perfect match. Among the chewy yamQ, golden sweet potato, sweet potato ball, yam ball i guessed i liked the golden sweet potato the most if i remember correctly. There are black pearls and red bean in there too. And obviously grass jelly, which made this shop the No. 1 grass jelly in taiwan?

Some people don't usually eat these stuffs but don't worry its not really like a real actual yam piece, more of a chewy floury substance instead. I ordered the icy version (could choose cold, warm, hot, ice) and i thought it was rather not bad. Think the next time i am there i would request for more ice and NO RED BEAN FOR ME anymore hehe

They have like bubble tea there too and we ordered the fresh milk with grass jelly one which supposedly is a must try.

And look, jessica influenced me to have some colored hair extensions in my hair and i went for purple. I think i don't mind dying my hair purple soon.

The extension is more expensive than usual hair extensions but since it is a clip-on, you can reuse it and take it out when you bathe! which explains the price.

happy girl cause i like colors :)

party shop near bugis+ !

bought some balloons, as the red-code was supposed to be PINK, WHITE, BLACK. but no one followed except for me and jess, apparently. hahaha 

cabbed to sentosa after and I was squeezing at the back with all the balloons and shiyun i bet the taxi driver had a hard time visualizing 

hotel lobby!

everyone wants to take artsy photos with the balloons

and this happened.

even for a 170 cm girl + shiyun trying to carry her, we still had to ask for the hotel staff's assistance. HAHAHA

first ootd of shiyun on my blog!

model la

took this to our hotel room cause we were lazy to walk hehe

I sat at the back so i could have rolled out any moment and won't be doing this blogpost cause I wasn't really safely seated plus holding the balloons at the edge and my camera.

super candid and blur hahaha cause the car was like moving super fast

what is this la?


could have been nice if it wasn't so blur and shakey!

finally arrived!

big luagges

front porch of the room!

super couple and romantic! yea the bathtub is like in the middle of the back porch, tell me about it.

tada! thats where the back door leads you to

the pretty pool :)

it was drizzling!

poster done with some those people whom planned this ^^

before nat came into the room, we laid our our gifts for her on the bed! Like romantic only.

shoes from me, regina and zhiyan. Outfit from her bff jess!

added the balloons and a pretty cake which shiyun decorated. Inspired from tumblr aye art student ^^

cake from the icing room and added her own m&ms and kitkats ^^

night time soon!

pasted all these!

night swimming for the girls before everyone arrived.

sexy jess and nat

I was just the camera lady cause i didnt want to swim with my knee like this.

finally twin arrived ^^

photo w regina :)

and jess!


With the bdae girl in her swimming costume LOL!

not forgetting twin hehe

sad me posing like a loser cause I can't swim hahaha

But i look quite cool leh, like super woman with the purple streak in my hair and this position LOL

loser twins taking photos tgt with them cause we didnt get in the pool hahaha

loving my camera's effects!


standing in the lights till its over, out of our minds~

hehe nat wearing the shoes we got for her!

late dinner at Seoul Garden hotpot at vivo's outlet. Some foodporn place i have ate at countless of times

carlson had like two bowls of rice and still not full...

my bean paste myon which i tried for the first time! which twin preferred over hotpot and it was her first time trying seoul garden hotpot. Guess the hotpots are more blendly flavored!

clam hotpot

their fried vermicelli, one of the cheaper dishes there that shiyun and jess ordered. Super yum too!

dumpling hotpot!

went back to the hotel after waiting for willy jiawei and james to reach

willy holding the cake!

happy 20th birthday happy nat ^^!

played drinking games and we all didnt sleep much!

next morning.. spotted peacock at the door!

unhealthy kfc breakfast with jess, jiawei, james and shiyun in the morning. whoop 2 piece chicken hehe

afternoon swim~ 

Decided to go for a afternoon swim!

me and nat ^^

group shot!

James vs Jessica hahaha

Photos with all the girls that came down!

only i am in pink tsk hahaha

solo shots with the birthday girl! twin and nat

me and nat!

regina and nat!

jess and nat!

the lightning makes us look ghostly.

with love from the twin ^^!

smell ya guys later!

Think her camera took nicer girl group shot photos!

Friday night, before we went to zouk, we had Macdonalds! so much fast food..

twin has nicer and straighter teeth than me..... 

photos with my iphone!

lent jess my purple hair! 

took this kind of ride to zouk hahaha 

I am so not in a proper club attire. 

drinks at the table. i love drinking pure guava/pineapple/apple mixers hahaha!

saw casey! 

xoxo eugeniania. VLOG SOON!

Ask me questions on my ask fm please! and any recommendations on what i can blog about or what vlogs should i do? hehe

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