Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skinny Pizza + Hotel Rendezvous + Ramen Play + Astons

HEYLO GUYS, i am so mother fucking tired i swear... sleeping for average 4 hours everyday, for the past few days. Just reached home and I seriously do not know if its the lack of sleep or my leg. Cannot help it but walk damn slowly, whole body feeling super weak.. and my leg hurts even when i am walking :'(

Hopefully i can sleep longer tonight because at this rate i am at, I really look damn haggard and fugly without makeup especially, which sucks because I want to look good natural too. But my body is so used to sleeping short hours, usually when I have more time to sleep, I would automatically wakeup, I need to treasure my beauty sleep more i swear :( 

Oh anyway, a long post of the weekends up ahead. Starting from TGIF on the friday. As usual i cant help but compliment my eye makeup skills. HAHA. Surprisingly, my flu and sore throat have mysteriously gotten better without me taking care of myself (which includes sleeping late and eating spicy food) so I hope i can do a new cover soon. As well as a long delayed vlog w my twin. 

Self shots before party. Btw if i am not wrong and if you guys follow me on twitter, this week's TGIW at zouk is free for everyone, including the guys. It would be damn crowded I presume, not even sure if i am going and even if i am, hopefully no one kicks my infected wound, which I would talk about how i got it later, because I think i will just faint and die. Haven't been exercising, and I doubt i can run without further infecting my injury.

food before club;
Turkey salad :)

and a famous dry-ier beach road hokkien mee. Ate this since I was young and have always thought why the hokkien mee at other places are more watery

some grape jelly my mom made


bruises part II, I should really start taking care of my body better. Super mistreating it, ever since I started clubbing, my legs have became a battlefield, it used to be so scar free.

With sam :)

and twin ;) Finally after her one month of no partying streak. Opps okay she just partied with me last week too!

Hongsheng and sam!

Our usual mimic facial expressions

And with jess :)

With the girls at zouk VIP area. Me, zhiyan, shiyun, natnat and jess :D

haha my photos are a little jumbled up. Pimp JJ w the twins.

With russel! :D He is so tall and wore a blazer that night, told him he looked like a pilot!

Slept for like 3 hours? Supposed to go back to office (intern) at 9am the next morning (Saturday) but i woke up at 9.11am LOL. Got my intern pay.

and this is how i look almost everyday at work because I spend 15 mins preparing and just slopping clothes on with my auntie hairstyle, dragging my laptop like a OL.

weishan came to my house after and we had delicious tomyam my mom made for us ^^

slacked and lazed around in my bed eating green apply jellies and watched some shows.


candid shann

took MRT to town and off to a long weekend of stayover w the clique. was damn tired and sleeping, wearing sunglasses on the train, suddenly....... felt some hands touching my thighs. Opens my eyes, LOL this damn cute infant hahahah then his brother damn cute also. Came and mimic me wearing shades HAHA

after some roaming about, we settled our lunch-dinner at Ramen play at 313's basement, probably one of the most convenient food places to go at somerset if you cant decide on what to eat. 

My clique loves their gyoza and would especially come here to eat them, but unfortunately it was out of stock that day and they were damn tilt. hehe

yup and i was too lazy to put any makeup

w regina ^^

looking at the menus~

shan probably looks the least different without makeup in the clique

couple number 1; nico and tessa!

I remembered the chef laughing at me after I took this photo. LOL cause the kitchen was transparent and it was damn embarssing LOL

newest couple 5; Regina and Eldin!

off to the Hotel Rendezvous!

me snacking snacking and snacking

hotel lobby

hotel lift

wenmin got me strawberry caramel corn ^^

happy pigniakoh

waited damn long for louis and wenmin to arrive

and now u see them

night swimming mehhh

takeaway the famous curry scissors cut rice

to eat at the poolside

okay some awkward pictures coming up... I seriously do not know why those bloggers can go swimming and look so nice, but erm. We all look like piles of shit LOL

hey sexy ladies

LOL weishan pulling my legs. Dont look at me like this, I AM A GOLD SWIMMER OKAY HAHAHA

but right now i am a trolley ROFL

wenmin and me.


eldin and regina!

me and wenmin!

too ugly without makeup man


hahaha couple, couple, ME, couple, couple -_-

me the lonely flower LOL zzz

photos with my iphone!

me and tess~

me and shan!

Group girl shot. Possessed demon me.


louis and wenmin!

couple back fight


photo bombed by nico and tessa!



many photos, i have decided to delete it away. hahaha

regina and eldin ^^

me and shan again :) , photo which i had already uploaded on instagram!

regina and me!

shan, wenmin and me!

finally. Back at hotel and snacking on my caramel corn..

waiting for everyone to bathe first. Cause I am lazy.

grumpy me

okay one last photo of myself wearing bathrobe, I think i cool hahahaha

some of them went and to play lan since our hotel was located near strictly pancakes, SOTA, cathay area, and the rest of us slacked around in bed waiting for our movie to start.

Look at gary sleeping and wenmin looks happily naked.

iphone selcas on their iphone!

silly me

went to have some supper (FAT) and to the nearby seven eleven before the movie. But i really love the late night feeling spending with friends roaming around town district in singapore. Feels so much like overseas so I cannot wait when we really go overseas together soon. :) Love my friends! Love freedom.

me and wenmin again~ #nomakeup

caught the host at cathay at 1.45 am, didn't read the book but found it quite nice, a special story plot for me but for my friends whom read the book, they obviously thought that the book was better.

the croods drink cup !

Sometimes iphone front camera doesn't exactly make one look nicer....... This was how i look surviving on 2 hours of sleep.

after the movie!

only tessa would have energy to do this kind of stuffs with me

say cheeeeeese!

before I slept at 5am in the morning.

The next morning. Look how much difference contacts and a little eyeliner stuffs can make me look...

and btw i slept Without the blanket for the whole night cause i have no idea who kept hogging it. hahaha

with tessa and gina

went cathay to have our brunch!

astons~ super affordable to me and their biggest outlet here

sunglasses on the hair ftw with regina!

even though tessa closed her eyes, I uploaded this cause i think nico looks nice!

LOL candid

mushroom soup and garlic bread

our food. hehe love their mac and cheese.

some people gave us balloons and i just wanted to burst them actually

i look like TROLOL

i chose the pink balloon obviously, and regina the balloon head.

walked over to cold stone at somerset as the weather was a killer

customized a red velvet flavored icecream with graham biscuit and brownie!

non-chocolate coated waffle biscuit for me


I cant remember the last time i spent money on buying new clothes for myself since I only have a more social night life now. I wanted to buy this dress but eldin and regina strongly objected. I think guys and girls taste are so different. Or issit just my own weird fetishes?

while shopping some guy came and ask for my number damn persistently at cineleisure and I was wondering if he was in his right state of mind cause i was dressed so sloppily to town in slippers ._.

Okay since i was wearing slippers and it rained, I rolled down a flight of stairs at scape and it wasn't even like rolling more of slipped, flew, and crashed from the height and my elbows and legs bled............. I didn't cry duh. But regina was like "eugenia you better walk properbly ah.."
LOL i thought i almost died. Cause my head went first =.=
So it was probably for a better cause that my legs and arms are injured now? If not maybe I am already in the hospital stitching my head.

sigh........ more scars on my leg :( Regina wanted to faint cause she scared of blood.

dinner at pasta mania!

caught side effects! For channing tatum and i didn't think it was that nice. Seriously nothing much to do in Singapore other than movie, food and club. No wonder clubs are earning so much. Awhile back i was complaining about not watching movies for so damn long, now I have watched 3 movies in a row.

I didnt apply medicine when i reached home cause I don't believe in medicine and it felt okay still on sunday.

after i bathed

taken before my cut got infected. didnt realize my left leg's cut was so deep.

monday's breakfast. turkey sandwiches!

papaya ^^

applied sunblock only as usual~ my pimples were annoying me.

went over to clarkquay for filming in the morning 

filming session 1 done~

stole from weishan's insta. sarah, an angmoh's butt, weishan and my butt. look at my disfigured legs.

bought royal pudding hehehe

and went cathay AGAIN to watch another movie- the croods. Its quite funny.

Have always wanted to try skinny pizza, (If you guys don't already know, I love trying new stuff, new food, and have two list of food places in my phone i went to before and WANT to go ;)

Some of my friends tried skinny pizza before from the raffles place outlet as well as the wisma outlet and they thought it was not as nice as expected. Skinny Pizza have many outlets. I went to the outlet at Plaza Singapura, near douby gaut MRT and surprisingly, I thought it was rather nice seriously!

so many people despite it being around 8pm, waited for 15 mins to get seated. around 9pm after we finished our meal, still had orders coming in. So maybe you guys would want to go to plaza sing's outlet.


me hehe

they have many chef recommendations, but we ordered the black pepper prawn linguine @ 25 SGD. Its really not bad :) 

The most raved squid ink pizza. Skinny pizza is called skinny for a reason, the pizza crust is definitely the most thin pizza crust I have ever had and the area of the pizza is larger than what i thought, but maybe due to the thin crust, if you are very hungry, perhaps this will not really satisfy your hunger.

it was around 23 SGD if i am not wrong

unlike squid ink pasta, this definately does not make your teeth have black stains. I liked it ^^

with james :)

my leg was feeling alright the whole day until........ I reached home and it started to feel damn itchy and sore. Which was then I finally applied some medicine. I am not whiny about these stuffs usually really but i cant help complaining yesterday night :( cause it really hurts like a bitch and the parts around my knee was getting redder. sobbbbbbbbbbbb was tossing in my sleep the whole night :'(

look at all the pus the medicine made my knee produce. I should takecare of my wounds better in the future.
anyone wants to lick this? JK.........

xoxo eugeniania

cant wait for natnat's birthday resort celebration this weekend! hopefully i have no intern :( PLEASE

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