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Laduree Macaroons Flavors Review + Shiok Maki + Star Vista (YomenyaGoemon) + KFC Double Down

Hi guys! So school offically started and thus I have lesser interesting things to blog about other than bombarding this space with my own face & with my projects slowly piling up. I know that this time round i updated my blog slightly slower compared to usual. Hope you guys would still bother to check this space now and then :) Recently blog hopped to a few blogs & as compared to those my blogs, my layout and details are so unorganized! 

Been rather satisfied with my life, other than some complicated battles in my head and an issue of me balancing pals...a simple solution is to just not give any fucks.. other than that, you guys better have already ate before scrolling down through all my photos because your stomach will really start to growl I swear. I should really start to resume my exercise routine soon or I think my future job can be a sumo wrestler with all my fats jiggling around my body. I really envy those girls who are born skinny. But afterall, i still did lose 10kg before in my life and i would still hope that that miracle would happen to me again once someday.

So this ex classmate of mine went and posted some ridiculous sexual question on my and it really creeped me out. But how can someone do these things and forget to make themselves an anonymous seriously. Big fat joke. 


Mandatory shot of my normal weekday face to school. Still very much in love with my pink streaks of happiness. Hahaha okay i sound slightly bimbo. Shan says that i always fiddle around with my hair like a bimbo in class.

Visted Star Vista again, the new shopping mall which hosts many restaurants and food outlets located at buona vista, just a mrt stop away from my school. Yomenya's Goemon for the third time there again, always accompanying different friends to eat the same things, which I try not to repeat, cause I always like to try new stuffs. Not a very loyal customer.

with jon and shan!

oh wells, their lunch sets which are also available for dinner (i think) is rather affordable. Set C which includes a choice of drink, salad, desert, miso soup and pasta for only around 22 SGD.

One of the things I love doing is to cam-whore with shades. hahahaha secretly think i'm full of swag

pretty shan!


Jon thinks he looks like GDragon/TOP/edison chen hahaha all the handsome stars..

The set! which then later i spilled the whole cup of my apple juice on my kate spade, dr martens and myself.... Always happening to me, super used to it and i have a very slow reaction. I still continued to let it drip until weishan took the cup up. LOL All for taking photographs for you guy to see :'( HAHA touched?

My cream based seafood pasta~ preferred the mushroom one tho :)

weishan's aglio olio. Normal. Needs to have more taste, but weishan enjoyed it!

lastly the squid ink pasta everyone raves about. But i still prefer Bella Pizza's squid ink pasta so much more!

Deserts! Yomenya Goemon have three choices of deserts for the set lunch to choose from, the another two times i went, both times i tried their cheesecake w strawberry icecream desert. And i would actually rank that the last because I thought that their Mango one (left, which i ordered this time round) was their nicest! followed by the chocolate one (right) then their strawberry desert. 

But it all depends if you are a chocolate lover or mango or strawberry. But appearance wise, their strawberry desert was the nicest (?!) so do not judge a food by its cover? hahaha

Finally, the crave that i have been waiting for. The new paris brand's arrival in singapore! 
LadurĂ©e :)) 

LadurĂ©e Singapore has two locations at Takashima. 
Find the main boutique at #02-09, next to Jo Malone 
and a counter at Level 1(which sells the macaroons), 
in between the Louis Vuitton and Chanel stores.

The counter at level 1

the queue would be longer after work hours especially during the weekends cause it just opened! 

After ordering my macaroons!

approximately 19 flavors to choose from..... having a hard time to decide....

hehehe super happy!

decided to get 24 macaroons! Cause if i'm not wrong, to get a laudree box, minimum purchase has to be 8 macaroons or they'll just dump ur macaroons in a pathetic paper bag. 8 followed by size box of 12 then 24? One flavor each to try and review for you guys :) Still could double up some flavors! This box was 95 SDG!
one macaroon cost around around 3.80 and the golden chocolate one is the most expensive, one for 7.80? More steep than usual macaroon shops.

Review of the macaroon flavors!
something for you guys to brainstorm* bought these yesterday and how on earth did i manage to finish tasting all the flavors and do this review by today. hahahaha gonna get diabetes soon.

You can refer to the pretty picture abv or the brochure below :)

Vanilla- I liked this!!! Cause I love sweet stuff and milky stuff so i'll definately fall in love with vanilla!

Orange blossom- Heard this was nice but to me it was average?

Chestnut- One of the best sellers but I am not a nutty flavored person so its normal.

Coffee- Coffee taste which is quite cool!

Salted Caramel- Got two of these cause it was recommended! One of their best flavors! very yummy! :)) actually most salted caramel items eg at twelve cupcakes or just caramel flavored items are usually very nice!

Praline- One of the recommended! hmm not bad?

Marie Antoinette- Heard that this was always quickly sold out and one of the best sellers. More tea flavored quite unique i guess.

Lemon- lemony a little sour.... then tastes good, then sour again LOL

Pistachio- not bad but i think i prefer pistachio flavored icecream. also an recommended flavor

Red fruit- A little weird on the first bite, then you'll start to appreciate it and then feels like theres a fruity substance there!

Chocolate Yuzu- heard it was good but for me ITS BLEARGH

Rose Petal- Flowery taste but not like you ate a flower la. hahaha recommended flavor as well. Not too bad!

Strawberry Candy Marshmellow- MY ULTIMATE FAV. you can actually feel the marshmellow bits and coated with little sugary flakes, looks and tastes the most special and i loved it! Feels the most crispy and its so pretty!

Raspberry- very raspberry jammish which can be found in many different macaroon outlets?

Chocolate- I HATE CHOCOLATE cause im not really a chocolate lover and the person gave me two chocolate instead of one choc and one liquorice. hmph but it was alright, there are two different types of chocolate! 

Liquorice-refer to the line abv. Didn't get to try it ;(

GOLDEN chocolate- I think the chocolate used here tastes nicer than the normal chocolate flavor. not sure if i'm just thinking too much because it is gold in color tho HAHA

Chocolate Coconut-(??) think i had an unlabeled macaroon in my box hahaha maybe its a seasonal flavor? taste like coconut to me. quite cool hahahah 


Foodporn date 2 with jon ^^

finally tried the very much raved shiok maki at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
@ Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
Tel: 9180 3805
nestled at a corner of wisma's food republic!

bento sets which are available. Didnt try it because i heard it was not that great.

and we came for these SHIOK MAKI. available in generation 1 and 2 hahah sounds so cute.

One plate of Shiok maki.
Quite big, I think it looks smaller in pictures but actually there are 8 sushis in total.
16.80 SGD for each plate. (there are many other quite innovative sushis in the menus too! like pidan-maki; century egg)

This is the generation 1st Shiok maki. Me and Jon both ate it and was like WOAAAAAAH really good, lives up to its raves and expectations!
but we both preferred 1st gen to the 2nd gen. 

1st generation shiok maki 
both has slightly grilled salmon (so not totally raw, great for people who does not appreciate raw salmon)
their difference is that 1st gen has grilled eel and avocado

explodes in ur mouth with this unique sauce and fish eggs and cheeseeee

century egg tofu ^^ yummm also kind of raved and i am one of those youngsters who appreciates century eggs

and this is the 2nd generation shiok maki
Difference is that this has crispy tempura prawns in it and no avocado.
not bad too lah :) depends on ur preference maybe?

thanks jon :DD

chubby chubby face

earlier on this week! astons w james cause he haven't ate this in gazillion years, i'm so nice hahaha
I meant i ate astons frequently and i always order their mash potato and mac&cheese as the sides.

wore jeans to school eh with a jacket from HOLLISTER hahaha

tried rootbeer flavored frolick hehe :D one for one frolicks on tuesdays!


"I just want to party"

cycled w dad on a weekday & not to mention he spent around 10 k on his bicycles........

became fatter,

itacho for the fourth time w jamesss. my fav sushi there is still the one with the mango. 

crazy amount of icecream i have in my fridge and ate.. hahahahahah quite cool right the first one has pearls in them!


Satisfying KFC double down hehehe they added a hashbrown in the middle this time round to make fat people like me fatter.

hahahahahah fast food queen excuse, mac came out w a new burger!!


not badz? with a new citrus thai flavor shaker fries too

no makeup retarded face

mink for the first time!

8 shots and still alive.

i'm alive but twin is not. LOL

new dress with mesh from H&m hahah rarely wear dresses to club cause im such a lazy tomboy

fav cadbury chocolates :D

normal curry vs green curry

homemade tomyam vermicelli hehe

claypot prawn vermicelli my favvvvv kind of noodles ^^ 

barefaced :)

pizza and sandwiches im such a glutton. 

ABRUPT ENDING. going to bathe now ;)
hope you guys enjoyed this post and your coming weekends! ^^

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