Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekends short update*

hi people. so technically, on friday went school without makeup ; i think i am going to start going school without makeup to improve on my skin's condition haha! ok but i saw alot of ppl then like SIGH hahahah wdv~

after school go n gambled n worn like 60 dollar plus.
then at night go Louis's chalet at ecp, goldkist. issit? pics up soon i guess once he uploads it.
then gambled again but this time lost like 55 dollars? haha most due to inbetween. at first lost like 20 then lika sian then when i get 3 - k i was like COMFIRM can one then kena one 3 REALLY DAMN SUAY then pay double 40 dollars gone. fml~

today morning went visiting the food n house damn nice hahaha. after that go cine buy bbt then soloman brought tricia, me and regina to his friend marvin's house for visiting and gamble. lost like 50 dollars there. but like alot ppl there all play damn hiong one hahaha so 50 dollars not considered alot i supposee.

whoa n today i saw two ppl who did plastic surgery on nose n stuff. like nice only I also want do hahahah so chiooo :o

anw me and timothy bet treat the winner eat he need gain 10 kg and i need lose 7kg by april. but at this rate on cny i think i alr gained like 2 kg and now im eating a packet of chips FML.
thinking of piercing my tongue so i wont eat so much..

n i wanna do eyelash extentions~ haha oh at marvin's house met donna, blogger, haha shes damn cute her character n shes quite pretty too. i think she had eyelash extentions on? so pretty i also want ^^

sian school assignemnts r killing me the work load. and i feel like a bad partner to Gwendolyn even tho she like always mia then time for assignment handup shes like I DID ALR then im like a slacker cos i never do anything. haha.

tmr going clementi relative house. hopefully can gamble n win some money leh~
at night got room at mbs, mom booked i guess will be like a gambling den again... heehee looking forward to Lou hei at clementi tmrw. like this newyear only lou hei once, no wonder so unlucky. normally like lou 5 times or smth la~ COME CAI YUN DANG TOU, ZHAO CAI JING BAOZ <3

im going to get my new camera soon ^^ so my boring blog posts can be bygones

xoxo eugeniania

Thursday, January 26, 2012


did a extremely sucky cover on fb.. aiya dunno whats my problem..

ok i want to tweet and complain but i scared ppl find me irritating on twitter so i shall just blog..

sigh i feel sooo insecure sometimes...
why cant i be prettier?
why cant i be skinnier?
why cant i be cuter?
why i so ................ unlikeable
why are my friends all better than me..........
whywhywhy am i not smarter?
why good things happen to ppl and bad things happen to me only...........
i mean why am i so ugly why am i so fat why am i just a childish little kid in people's eyes.....................................................

i want to cry byebye :(

why now my complexion like worser...................
why dont i sing like extremely well but just ok..
why my results so sucky...
why am i born like this................... but i also am afraid of death
life so ironic..
why no ppl love meeee

okeh i think i can add like 1000 more why i not this tahtahtah things on this post.

if only .......... zz

kk i should try to appreciate more but i just cant..
ok i think u guys will want to slap my face cos im such a whiny bitch................

am i too mean? am i too fierce?
am i too egoistic?
am i too tomboy am i too childish am i too friendly am i too eccentric o.o do i play too hard to get? i mean im confused too seriously. someone help meee
i want to change for the better i want more people to appreciate me
but like this world really very tough,
no matter what u do how hard u try.. there is still more to do and change for.

idk what i talking already. have been coughing for 100 DAYS sian too greedy

but one thing i dun understand, how can some people just 'use' me and then say bye like u dont have feelings one are u all heartless? but i do right? i mean idk what i did. do i trust ppl too easily? am i naive? i know, im too easily attached to ppl.
thats why i really like to keep a distance sometimes
also maybe because my pride is too high.
this world is just too scary D:
the truth hurts it scares me. but i also dont wanna be delusional

issit true that there is really someone who will love u in a package? like inclusive of all of your flaws.

I NEED CONFIDENCE i need all the ingredients that made the powerpuff girls.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012



heh okeh so i just came back from junhui's house. Ate steamboat and gambled with the usuals + sherwin, chunhoe, daryl chow, andrew, solomon and fadzly.

I LOST moneyy!!!! i think everyone sorta won except for me. ohwell nvm :) CNY ma. :))

so glad sp tmr no school !!! hahaha. everyone else has school except for us. but on the other hand, cny is ending which means eoy exams r coming n my ASSsignments r gonna be due...... and i havent started sigh fml.

so cny visiting and reunion dinner has been a breeze this year. despite getting more angpaos since more of my relatives got married already, i think i get lesser moola this year cos I WAS LATE when i visited my father's side of the family. hahaha i have always been closer to my mom's side so dad's side like one year see once?!

REUNION DINNER cny eve the lou hei my fav i love the pokpok koropok
jerome gained weight LOL he say 20 kg :o HAHA

ok and weihan korkor sit until quite unglam here

ok my cny day one outfit 1~

ok technically other then visiting, i have been averaging gaining 3 kg per day cos i visit, sit, eat, visit sit, eat eat eat EAT EAT EAT EAT
n this is one of my fav snacks. ;)

and i cooked this ytd!!!!!! heehee Ok i helped out but i did what i was told la and add this add that and walaaaaaaaaaaaa~ not bad right mai siao siao

pokka dot~
ok i very self obessessed LOL

went my quadruplet cousins' house in the morning to eat.. LOL haha, damn cool i have quadruplets as cousins n their names starts with a b c d respectively, all guys a year older than me. hahaha we gambled with money but after that we played like card games and the loser has to pump LOL which i cant so cosmas helped me do in my place instead.

my mom carrying the baby that always cry LOl me scared.

tried winking fail shot.

jensen himrage etcetc gambling

while the 'young'er generation played guitar hero LOL i sing until my throat very PAIN

targeted ;)

im the expert singer ;) LOL

xoxo eugeniania <3 hahahaha scroll down for more of my face if your not bored lOL paiseh la i HAVENT buy my new cam :( so i only got iphone then ya resulted alot of my face.........


how do i look with my fringe up :o
heehehehehehe ^^

OKEH Maybe i will do a cover soon, but till then go have a listen at my someone like u cover beh~

Saturday, January 21, 2012

post cny :)

Hey lovelies, sorry for not updating.
Its probably cos i havent got my new camera yet, then quite lazy to take any photos :(
I think i'll be getting my new camera after chinese new year! :/
sigh. liddat also no photos of like cny celebration :/
hahaha only got like some photos of myself Using my mom's phone LOL
all no makeup ah!!

so for the past week did usual things etcetc

on thursday went to sherwin's birthday chalet with tessa chan to pei her go. met at white sands with regina, khai rui and bala damn long never see them already! we all waited for tessa for very long before walking to costa sands for sherwin's chalet!
pics took from grace's blog! sherwin was like gone after he drank like one cup LOL.

left quite early as i had school the next day!
Ytd, friday went to gary's chalet!
drank and played drinking games and card games with weishan's classmates prancer, jovian, yvonne, vionna and the usual ppl tricia regina tessa junhui wenmin louis!
quite fun leh LOL next time i know a new game already!

ok was quite high seriously then i thought tessa ask me to fuck off then i started pushing her LOL she say if she was damn high ytd too she comfirm will fight with me also LOL.
sorry omg :/ first time angry drunk HAhahaahha
wenmin and junhui took alot of photos of me MADNESS and videos. LOL i hope they wont post it on fb leh serious i die......

okay wenmin just send me the photos she took LOL i chose the most glam ones alr HAHAHA the rest i dun wanna post DAMN zzzzzzzz

hahaha ya la i know im fat LOL

now waiting for the rain to stop before heading to ehub to catch a movie (?) LOl i wanna watch the we not naughty,
looks funny hahaha, then after watch think we'll head to gary's chalet again? 3 days 2 night ma! to eat la hehe. weishan mom cook curry! :D me like.

they keep say i only know how eat! i ytd got cook abit at least hor and serve gary's guests LOL.
kk thanks for reading this boring post :/ after i get my camera i sure blog more interesting stuff k :D

xoxo eugeniania <3
ps ( i still feel somethingggggggggggg SIGH. sian )

oh recently got addicted to we got married again. love this kind. i watched the nickhun and victoria one i cry leh at the end sooooooooo haiz cos it ended
nw my current favourite cpl is
lee teuk and sora-shi~~ I LOVE THEM they both damn sweet really together. the girl is damn pretty and cute, can tell even tho she look chubby but i bet she reallife damn pretty kind and LEETEUK damn sweet at super junior concert made a proposal to her?! wah i also want a relationship like them <3 go watch ! ~ leeteuk damn charming! love their dimpless
link here :

i also wanna be in we got married la with a cute and sweet korean star hahahaha