Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekends short update*

hi people. so technically, on friday went school without makeup ; i think i am going to start going school without makeup to improve on my skin's condition haha! ok but i saw alot of ppl then like SIGH hahahah wdv~

after school go n gambled n worn like 60 dollar plus.
then at night go Louis's chalet at ecp, goldkist. issit? pics up soon i guess once he uploads it.
then gambled again but this time lost like 55 dollars? haha most due to inbetween. at first lost like 20 then lika sian then when i get 3 - k i was like COMFIRM can one then kena one 3 REALLY DAMN SUAY then pay double 40 dollars gone. fml~

today morning went visiting the food n house damn nice hahaha. after that go cine buy bbt then soloman brought tricia, me and regina to his friend marvin's house for visiting and gamble. lost like 50 dollars there. but like alot ppl there all play damn hiong one hahaha so 50 dollars not considered alot i supposee.

whoa n today i saw two ppl who did plastic surgery on nose n stuff. like nice only I also want do hahahah so chiooo :o

anw me and timothy bet treat the winner eat he need gain 10 kg and i need lose 7kg by april. but at this rate on cny i think i alr gained like 2 kg and now im eating a packet of chips FML.
thinking of piercing my tongue so i wont eat so much..

n i wanna do eyelash extentions~ haha oh at marvin's house met donna, blogger, haha shes damn cute her character n shes quite pretty too. i think she had eyelash extentions on? so pretty i also want ^^

sian school assignemnts r killing me the work load. and i feel like a bad partner to Gwendolyn even tho she like always mia then time for assignment handup shes like I DID ALR then im like a slacker cos i never do anything. haha.

tmr going clementi relative house. hopefully can gamble n win some money leh~
at night got room at mbs, mom booked i guess will be like a gambling den again... heehee looking forward to Lou hei at clementi tmrw. like this newyear only lou hei once, no wonder so unlucky. normally like lou 5 times or smth la~ COME CAI YUN DANG TOU, ZHAO CAI JING BAOZ <3

im going to get my new camera soon ^^ so my boring blog posts can be bygones

xoxo eugeniania

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    anw i am bob on facebook
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