Thursday, January 26, 2012


did a extremely sucky cover on fb.. aiya dunno whats my problem..

ok i want to tweet and complain but i scared ppl find me irritating on twitter so i shall just blog..

sigh i feel sooo insecure sometimes...
why cant i be prettier?
why cant i be skinnier?
why cant i be cuter?
why i so ................ unlikeable
why are my friends all better than me..........
whywhywhy am i not smarter?
why good things happen to ppl and bad things happen to me only...........
i mean why am i so ugly why am i so fat why am i just a childish little kid in people's eyes.....................................................

i want to cry byebye :(

why now my complexion like worser...................
why dont i sing like extremely well but just ok..
why my results so sucky...
why am i born like this................... but i also am afraid of death
life so ironic..
why no ppl love meeee

okeh i think i can add like 1000 more why i not this tahtahtah things on this post.

if only .......... zz

kk i should try to appreciate more but i just cant..
ok i think u guys will want to slap my face cos im such a whiny bitch................

am i too mean? am i too fierce?
am i too egoistic?
am i too tomboy am i too childish am i too friendly am i too eccentric o.o do i play too hard to get? i mean im confused too seriously. someone help meee
i want to change for the better i want more people to appreciate me
but like this world really very tough,
no matter what u do how hard u try.. there is still more to do and change for.

idk what i talking already. have been coughing for 100 DAYS sian too greedy

but one thing i dun understand, how can some people just 'use' me and then say bye like u dont have feelings one are u all heartless? but i do right? i mean idk what i did. do i trust ppl too easily? am i naive? i know, im too easily attached to ppl.
thats why i really like to keep a distance sometimes
also maybe because my pride is too high.
this world is just too scary D:
the truth hurts it scares me. but i also dont wanna be delusional

issit true that there is really someone who will love u in a package? like inclusive of all of your flaws.

I NEED CONFIDENCE i need all the ingredients that made the powerpuff girls.

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  1. You need to love yourself more. stop complaining about yourself. if you can't accept yourself, how can others accept you? don't ask AM I? SAY, I AM. Accept the facts. and find any lose flaws that perhaps maybe get on other ppl's or your nerves and try to change it. and if u keep looking down on yourself, literally, nobody will ever like you mate. chill out man. peace homie.