Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi people, okay sorry for not really blogging recently, but its like school~ so im like quite tired daily and only have time to update like facebook/eugeniakoh and twitter @pinkyniakoh

futhermore i didnt really have much things to blog about, should i blog about my genting trip? like elaborate? hmm Okay this one is for the girls who read my blog :)
haha my fav series of contact lenses, I personally like 3-toned contacts because i think they are the most natural without the black rim, like blend into your eyes and looks very comfortably pretty :)

this series below is one of my fav three toned series - super barbie puffy contacts
takenote the model damn pretty :P

pink, even the pink is natural looking
grey - i personally think grey is the nicest.

comes in grey, brown, blue, green, violet and pink.
i have the brown grey and pink one.
hehe i think the blue also not bad :) but i think the grey is the nicest in the series.

hmm i know now quite hard purchase contacts but u can just come ask me if u really want i can give some suggestionss

okay me wearing the brown one. Heh sorry this pic not vey clear because like my camera spoilt k i dropped it =.= so now i only using a lousy bb camera, cos i still need awhile for my phone plan to complete before i can change into an iphone.

I wanted to get a dslr after my this current canon camera, but realised dslr too big and its quite troublesome to carry around :( so i think i wanted to get a semi dslr kind.
i heard like canon g12, Olympus pen 1, sony NEX 5N especially, the newest sony dslr, looks really chio and good!! all these semi dslr cameras r rather good, might consider them?
but i prefer the brands canon/nikon i suppose :/ idk see how?

thinking of buying one of canon's newest camera, canon s100. because the features i heard and researched on like the image produced can be compared to those very good semi dslr. then its really very small, even smaller than the semi dslr. so i think i should be getting this?

decisions decisions~

anw ytd i tried the beef prosperity burger from macdonalds the first time in my life. because every chinese new year etc will have, but im always too lazy to try it. i feel like i have been missing out for the past few years of my life man LOL HAHA k i really love food la k. I think its nice :DD
ok i love twister fries too :)

on monday i went to old airport road eat with wenmin and louis ^^ hahaha was talking about if i can get a bf by this year quite funny!

hehe ok i added 2 dollar cuttlefish FOR PATHETIC SMALL PIECE wenmin kp me. HAHA
and the beancurd there damn nice probably the nicest i ever eaten! i wanna go back there eat again :)

okie, these few days think about my future and stuff again >< talked to many ppl!..
maybe i shall try transfering into a another course i like? idk see how. cos now my gpa alr sucks... then like if i continue no matter how good i do next time still hard get into a uni or whatsoever. but weishan say girls nvm one la. so idk i really dont. Life is hardd! :/ if only i had a very smart and hot -ok for personal purposes LOL older brother.

k im like having lesson now, ending in awhile i guess! then meet tricia and regina :) go eat :D HOTPOT (ok another food review =.=) AT cine basement, just build one. the seoul garden hotpot, DAMN NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the beef hotpot shit ok im gonna drown in my saliva if i continue

so tata xoxo eugeniania
hopes everything works out for me! as well as those ppl who just got their os result back!
whats alr done is done SO JUST work hard, still young Life dont end here.
if u want can ask me for advice? Im not very good at my own stuff because i do alr and regret but i can tel u guys so that u guys my experience so dont repeat my mistakes i guess!

haha and ask me qn on formspring. LOL some qns really very funny haha :)

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