Wednesday, January 25, 2012



heh okeh so i just came back from junhui's house. Ate steamboat and gambled with the usuals + sherwin, chunhoe, daryl chow, andrew, solomon and fadzly.

I LOST moneyy!!!! i think everyone sorta won except for me. ohwell nvm :) CNY ma. :))

so glad sp tmr no school !!! hahaha. everyone else has school except for us. but on the other hand, cny is ending which means eoy exams r coming n my ASSsignments r gonna be due...... and i havent started sigh fml.

so cny visiting and reunion dinner has been a breeze this year. despite getting more angpaos since more of my relatives got married already, i think i get lesser moola this year cos I WAS LATE when i visited my father's side of the family. hahaha i have always been closer to my mom's side so dad's side like one year see once?!

REUNION DINNER cny eve the lou hei my fav i love the pokpok koropok
jerome gained weight LOL he say 20 kg :o HAHA

ok and weihan korkor sit until quite unglam here

ok my cny day one outfit 1~

ok technically other then visiting, i have been averaging gaining 3 kg per day cos i visit, sit, eat, visit sit, eat eat eat EAT EAT EAT EAT
n this is one of my fav snacks. ;)

and i cooked this ytd!!!!!! heehee Ok i helped out but i did what i was told la and add this add that and walaaaaaaaaaaaa~ not bad right mai siao siao

pokka dot~
ok i very self obessessed LOL

went my quadruplet cousins' house in the morning to eat.. LOL haha, damn cool i have quadruplets as cousins n their names starts with a b c d respectively, all guys a year older than me. hahaha we gambled with money but after that we played like card games and the loser has to pump LOL which i cant so cosmas helped me do in my place instead.

my mom carrying the baby that always cry LOl me scared.

tried winking fail shot.

jensen himrage etcetc gambling

while the 'young'er generation played guitar hero LOL i sing until my throat very PAIN

targeted ;)

im the expert singer ;) LOL

xoxo eugeniania <3 hahahaha scroll down for more of my face if your not bored lOL paiseh la i HAVENT buy my new cam :( so i only got iphone then ya resulted alot of my face.........


how do i look with my fringe up :o
heehehehehehe ^^

OKEH Maybe i will do a cover soon, but till then go have a listen at my someone like u cover beh~

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