Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sweet nothing

So today I left my laptop unguarded when I went off to the toilet and recieved this sweet but silly message left for me. Not tryna show off or anything but sometimes I really find my life so mundane currently. Have no idea what my aims are even, at times. Guess this made my Halloween slightly passable, so happy 2013 Halloween, guys.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Krispy Kreme + The Sliver Scream: Zouk Halloween 2013 + Furama Riverfront Hotel

Hi guys, I guess I haven't been updating this space for quite 'awhile' now, considering I usually update quite frequently. I'm down with a bad flu & my eyebags are real swollen. Had high fever one night ago, so yup, didn't go to school this two days so I'm going to take time now to update this space. 

Nothing that happening this week since school indeed takes up loads of my energy & time, so, other than zouk's halloween party (where I consumed like 6 panadols that day to push back the timing of my horrid flu's arrival) where I applied my 'awesome' ghastly makeup. Cause its probably one of the only time in the year where I can smack on extremely red lipstick on and not get judged by looking like I applied way too much makeup. 

& lastly the hyped about Krispy Kreme donut reviews, this post probably have way too much of my selfies cause somehow I think I was born to look like a devil *smirks*

& did I mention how much I love curls in my hair. Curls somehow compliments me. Or at least in my own opinion. Many thanks to Jessica cause she was the one who had the patience to sit down and curl my hair for me for pretty long considering how thick my hair is.

As mainstream as this gets, I am going to do a brief taste check in my opinion of KK's doughnuts (best brand on earth?) long awaited arrival of its first opening branch in Singapore. Like how I did for my favorable Laduree Macaroons Post when they first arrived.

Krispy Kreme Singapore
B1, Shop 2
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

The queue still gets pretty long despite already non-peaked hours.

So I would recommend the Express line (queue Guestlist for doughnuts aye) -you'll wait less than 5 mins compared to the normal 1 hour routine currently, where customers have to purchase minimum either 1 dozen of pre-packed Original Glazed $23.40 SGD or the Assorted $26.50 SGD (which they will pack 12 different flavored ones by random)

At the end of the day many people still claim the Original Glazed ones as KK's best & signature, so don't you worry there would be at least one Original Glazed in the Assorted pack.

But seriously I think, get the Assorted pack. I do not see why people can consume 12 original flavored doughnuts without feeling sick nor bored. Have some variance please! Maybe cause I am really sick, HAHA my blocked-nose probably made all the doughnuts taste less sweet than expected. Or maybe cause I have a high tolerance for sweet stuffs.

Paid $5.50 SGD for this Large KK Iced Latte. Great companion for super sugary and sweet stuff. With some tinge of bitter-sweet. Can't imagine if I got the Iced Chocolate.

loving the polka-dot theme.

(From Left to Right)
Top Row
Cinnamon Apple Filled I didn't really like the cinnamon apple filled/ whatever they are filled. Kinda too cakey in my opinion.
Cookie Crunch Not too shabby, worth trying. Like cookies & cream sugar glazed. 
Powdered Strawberry Filled Read two lines above. haha. The fillings within tasted fine though, just not that special.

Bottom Row
Glazed Chocolate Cake Something I like and similar to the one you can get from starbucks. But its obviously cheaper here than starbucks. (I think)
Chocolate Dream Cake Way better than the Filled combo, since the top is chocolate iced glazed with more chocolate sprinkles & even MORE chocolate goodness within. Kinda like how over powering this one gets LOL
Glazed Vanilla Cake Liked this as well, even though I cant really taste much of a difference between the chocolate one nor the vanilla one hahaha!

(From Left to Right)
Top Row
Red Velvet I Usually like red velvet flavored stuff, & this looked the most appealing and was also the one I reached out to grab the first. But perhaps I gave its appearance too much credit, so it doesn't taste as good as it looks.
Chocolate Iced Glazed Quite good actually, its like similar to the raved about original glazed just with additional sweet chocolate which I liked heh
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled Still better than cinnamon & strawberry jam filled. Maybe cause its glazed as well, so I probably didn't like how KK powdered their doughnuts.

Bottom Row
Chocolate Iced Glazed Sprinkles My favorite among all surprisingly! Even though usually people take a glimpse of how artificial & common this doughnut looks with it's rainbow sprinkles, but I loved it ^^ Somehow the sugaring all goes really well together. (blows flying kisses) hahaha
Almond All Over Similar to chocolate iced glazed but for almond lovers.
Original Glazed Need I still do a review for this?

Closer look at the cinnamon apple filled & Red velvet.

& how did I manage to review these so quickly if you follow me on instagram.
Yes, I ate all 12 of these in less than a day.
Thank-god-for-Eugenia right!
Help people don't waste extra calories trying all of them for you guys. 
-sugar rush-

The Sliver Scream: Zouk Halloween 2013

So for halloween this year. First time really making the effort to dress up. To zouk. yup. Wasted money on my "mummy" costume which I ordered online with my twin and it ended up looking really ugly. Still comes with a G-string. seriously the first G-string I own in my life and I am going to throw it into the bin LOL

how the hell do I even look like a mummy?! I look retarded. Zhiyan cant even wear this shit cause she is taller than me & I have to rack my brains to wear my own lace shorts. PFTT.

So in the end I managed to look a little more presentable by just combining a top I have in my closet, with a long skirt and some stockings & makeup.

Can you tell what character I went as? LOL
horrified white mummy > some black lady

actually was trying to attempt to draw veins like in this makeup tutorial jess got off the net, under my eyes. So I'll look like a vampire. Since I love watching all my vampire films so much. 

But my makeup skill was bad, so it looks like I drew lightning bolts under my eyes and I think I look like a super hero/ villian with my purplish lipstick that night instead LOL

or more like a witch, my friends says. hahaha

If I am a witch, i am a classy one

hahahah alright even though it was kind of a fail, I still had fun dressing up this year. so some shots with jessica :) A more successful vamp than I am. Since she has blood all over her gums~~


didnt take much pics with twin. But she was another themed vamp, also with blood and a cape. So she had many vampire husbands that night since so many stranger guys wore caps as well LOL

Chilled at Furama Riverfront hotel with TLTBZ and some of the guys before zouk.
& They have a belated birthday surprise for Gervina & Jorgine~
(some photos below mostly from zhiyan's camera)

some blueberry cheesecake which taste pretty good.

she looks really like a ghost with her half blood-ed makeup lips LOL

another pathetic photo with twin that I have.

the birthday girlies~

Jorgine & Gervina!

very unglam me in awhile.


alex helping his girlfriend gerv to drink from the bottle~

with samuel~

and yaorui~



and a group pic with them, the vendettas for the night!

ky are one of my best guy friends other than jon n jj and the rest.

took pictures with some cool ironman gang w the three vampire ladies of the night!

spotted some familiar peeps from Huachong at phuture. Took this w dao liang to send to sean. HAHAH.

thats all I have for zouk halloween this year.

& My annoying OOTDS. 
me, twin & shan plan on opening a blogshop perhaps after my poly ends. (soon)
Since I have been receiving quite a few qns on where I got this piece of clothes from now & then on my ask fm. I guess people are starting to appreciate my unique sense of clothing style? haha maybe I could go to BKK and bring back unique pieces and start selling them online.

Went to the vicinity of Toa Payoh recently and discovered that the basement of HDB Hub actually have loads of affordable food stalls. For example like this Mini Steamboat place which I dined at Parkway Parade few years back with my clique and it moved there! Along with some taiwan street stall foods and some Channel U award winning stalls can be found there as well.

Gourmet Paradise
480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310480

Some famous Hougang Mua-chee available in black (sesame) & white! (above)
As well as the healthy Thunder Tea Rice ("Lei Cha"), for health conscious freaks but it tastes pretty good!! (Below)

They also have this famous rojak stall called Soon Heng Rojak which always have a very longgg queue over there. 

& Another affordable eating place in Macpherson

Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House
29 Tai Thong Crescent
(Corner of tai thong crescent & siang kiang avenue)

The Soon Li Whitley Porridge stall there is pretty good too. Flaunting some of my grandmother traits of liking century egg flavored porridge. 

the duck rice stall there serves good kuay chap and all as well, followed by the dumpling soup stall. I love having rides to these hidden local delicacies :)

lastly, I received my first cheque from nuffnang. Not alot but still, something at least.
Really thankful for people who drop by and read this space occasionally. 

shall end this post with a funny expression. 
xoxo ;)