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Ramen Santouka + Haato & Co. + Nabins w CBOAH & TLTBZ

Hi guys, I am baaack for a quick little weekend post. Gonna be another tiring week of school with only Halloween to look out for. Should be going down to zouk during Halloween (next coming weekend) & dressing up this year with my babes. Already have our costumes planned! ^^ (Free entry for people who dress up) May seem a little kiddy & too good to be true but The Halloween event at Zouk every year is really crowded with loads of people who bothers to dress up. Who says Singaporeans isn't enthusiastic enough!

Back to my Post. This post is gonna be filled with pretty ladies cause of my clique
CBOAH <- My clique name HAHA & TLTBZ <- Twin's clique name LOL

Finally a clique outing with my babes of 6 years (My closest bestfriends ever) and counting without all of their pesky boyfriends hhahaha! But I have no idea why my eyes were all so *-* small and wink-y in all of the photos I took that day. Maybe cause I was too happy to be able to catch up with all of them. or maybe cause I thought too highly of myself and put on Blue eyeliner that day. heh.

Anyway, we had

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-76
The Central Singapore

Something which I already wanted to try for so long, since Ippudo (had it a long time back) was getting way too mainstream esp for some guys to bring their dates there without feeling ashamed of themselves.
Hahaha alright, and also cause even Lady Iron Chef claimed Ramen Santouka to be like the best ramen restaurant in Singapore :O

some gifts from condom shops in taiwan. Tricia & weishan got chocolate condoms and I got marshmellow pads LOL to suit our needs huh. The strawberry chocolate flavored ones are nicer anyways. And the marshmellows tasted pretty great.

The restaurant's seating capacity isn't that big so we had to queue since we had 6 pax.
Tessa, Wenmin, Regina

Weishan, Me, Tricia

We ordered 2 sets from Santouka Set Menu, One Specialty Ramen Set (MINE) & 3 bowls of Original Ramens.

My Specialty Ramen Set which includes a bowl of Tokusen Toroniku Ramen (All the ramen is available in Small Medium or Large Size) & a plate of the highly raved Roasted Pork Cheeks

My broth was Kara-Miso which stands for Spicy Soybean Paste Flavor. Kara-miso is supposedly the best flavor among all the broths, the other three, Shio (Salt), Shoyu (Soy sauce) & Miso (Soybean Paste)

Their pork cheeks were really superb!! Even for weishan who doesn't like pork, loves it as well.

Added a Tamago (Japanese style of egg which really tastes very good its like half raw and half boiled) for 1.50 SGD, cheaper than Ippudo's which has theirs priced at 3 SGD, that's two times!!

Small Ramen & Curry Rice bowl set includes yummy salad and yummy chawanmushi as well.

Love jap curry!

& these babies hahaha

Another set which served Tonkatsu (pork cutlet). Acceptable but I rather eat the Tonkatsu I had over at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison over at Mandarin Gallery which really serves like the best Tonkatsu in singapore.

Kara-miso Char Siew Ramen

Shoyu Char Siew Ramen (tasted pretty good as well I think basically their ramen & broths is just great there) doesn't really matter the choice of broths or what nots.

Another Kara-miso Ramen

& not forgetting my Clique's favorite Gyoza. Had both plates in pork. (YUM very good as well.)

HAHAHA watch us dig in - literally. My food pictures were all shit-ly taken cause Regina is a asshole kind of friend who only gives u one second to take the picture of her food LOL, my clique don't really care despite wenmin & tessa each having a blog now.

Basically had a warm, hearty & delicious meal, will go back there again as it is more affordable than ippudo & everyone found the food pretty great. bill came up to approx 28 SGD x 6 per pax (multiply it yourselves)

ootd shots. With wenmin ~ (most of us wore white & blue)

and Weishan~

With Tricia whom recently put on braces~

Regina~ who claimed her dress was blue but it was so dark it looked black.

Tessa~ whom wore black tsk.

Had some desserts after at

Haato & Co Ice Cream
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-74
The Central @ Clarke Quay Singapore
Sun to Thurs: 11 am to 11 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am to 1 am

Apparently they have 7 outlets around Singapore and this place is ideal for people who loves sorbets or yogurt flavored Ice-creams like yours truly here  :)

Two scoops of strawberry yogurt & the kickass lychee sorbet!

Had their chocolate banana waffle and the guy server allowed me to change my chocolate icecream to another flavor ^^ & I thought that their waffle was not too shabby there, but it is more of the thick, fluffy and soft kind with banana flavored on its within, but only me & wenmin seemed to appreciate it more. I ended up finishing most of it despite my already explosive dinner. heh I usually prefer to chew on soft food like an old grandmother I realized.

This outlet's cafe was outdoors unfortunately :( but good for the smokers I suppose. I will return there to have icecream again as the total bill was 12.50 SGD only, quite cheap pricing for waffles and icecreams :)

Very ugly pictures due to bad lighting (used flash even for my waffle pic, so does my chocolate banana waffle still look appealing?)

group pics! ^^

shan, nia, tess, gina, trish & min

haha we look so happy here + the camera man sneezed so the effect ended up like our souls zoomed out of our bodies.

random cotton candy day in school, swear working and setting up for my FYP got me fatter


Caught about time at Plaza Singapura with twin, zijun, sheryl, amelia, gervina & alex and it was sooo good! Go and watch it guys! No wonder it was rated 5 stars. Rachel Adams is so pretty & her movies, romantic movies, never fail to touch or amaze me. Like time traveler's wife. :') Sigh when will these romantic setting happen in real?

shag aft movie~

Oh & I didn't party AT ALL this week. Prize anyone? Anways I was too tired & lethargic so we settled for some beer drinking, shisha & chill at Haji ~

27 Bali Lane
Mon - Fri 10 am to 11 pm
Sat - Sun 10 am to 5 am

w da twin~ muacks

sat indoors cause it rained..

tiger, stella, hoegarden, heineken. hahaha I really cant tell much of a difference of the tastse between the beers but I think I am more lousier in drinking beer compared to liqour? Cause I was so tipsy (or extremely sleepy) afterwards.

snack platter to shareeee~

gan-bei  ^^ jorgine looks cute here :)

everyone shisha-ed except for me not because I didnt like the taste of it. Since it already tastes better being fruit flavored compared to ciggarates. I just thought that it wasn't worth harming my voice since shisha is like 100 times more harmful to the lungs than ciggs hahaha

racist hand-signs inspired by me w twin hahah

amelia & zijun :D

jorg & sheryl didn't want to take any pics. And I am the spokesperson of Hoe-garden hehehe

Thats all for my weekends. & More irrelevant pics during the week.
Dinner at Old Airport Road. Love the vanilla muffins!! ^^ & I always prefer noodles than rice for my carb choice. 

childhood attap chee icecream cone & caramelized apple

& Ramly burger~ during a fair in school.

clad in my supreme polka dot tee

And one of my best ootd shots by far

have a great week ahead guys.

sorry for the rushed post esp the ending, because I am about to head out to catch Special ID nowwww

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