Friday, October 18, 2013

New Station Snack Bar + Sushi Tei + Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant

Hi guys, this is a super overdued post filled with just food & a little party photos which would be uploaded once my blog is dead. & it is currently not dead, but I have been so tired this whole and first week of school I barely have enough time to rest, furthermore blog. Met tricia over in town the other night before I lost my handphone and wallet :( thus uploading these so late. & these photos I have are also not even as clear as the original ones.

but anyways our ootd & my slack causal ootd with flowery shorts. I kinda like the swallow dress trish is wearing.

At zouk winebar w the guys JJ & jessica.

not forgetting jon.

Another random day where I accompanied jess for her casting & helped to do some photo taking, then later went town for a surprisingly affordable but scrumptious dinner.

some photos with the babe.

was attempting the cool face.

Forced the twin to meet us afterwards and surprisingly we all settled for something more affordable this time round at the fifth level of fareast, but it was a really scrumptious and hearty meal. I swear the place (kinda like a coffeeshop hawker) really whips delicious homecooked traditional dishes & "tzechar"

New Station Snack Bar
14 Scotts Road
#05-95 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6734 2862

naughty photographer whom placed her wallet in front of us to signify her presence.


With the very much raved butter pork ribs over at Two chef (another tzechar restaurant in Singapore) The new station snack bar offers this very highly raved about salted egg pork ribs too!! You can have it with rice (for your lunch breaks maybe) or as a side dish too :P

Chye-poh omelette (fav kind of egg)

Sambal Kang-kong

Sambal Sotong

Spicy diced cube chicken

all the dishes tasted really good!!! will be back when I am craving for chinese food and slightly more broke. hahaha.

Sushi Tei Date

brought the LV out that day & the trending harem pants out to play.

Had dinner at a super duper mainstream Japanese Restaurant Sushi Tei (cant remember the last time I had it since I am always trying out new stuffs) - they have many outlets so accessible I need not write the address here. Went to the outlet at nex.

colored sushi plates for the greedy whom cant wait for orders anymore. Unagi & tuna rolls.

Kago Wayu Steak which was the most costly amongst all that was ordered at around 39 ++ for these pieces of meat. But it tasted quite legit.

Love Potato salads!

This unagi roll was good. Since I love unagis.


Soft Shell crab.

Golden roll (cause its just mango with prawn tempura inside the rice rolls)

& Dragon Roll (avocado on top but STILL prawn tempura in the rice roll) So i suggest to just order one of the two since its just the top that is different & I find this nothing thattttt special despite it looking quite grand. hahaha Still miss my thailand's post of ISAO (much more innovative japanese sushi restaurant in bkk)

Ika Sugata Teri (SQUID)

Two pics for the best sushi of the night. (if you like salmon) Rainbow roll. Finally a roll of sushi which at least tastes more "happening" than the rest I swear. You can tell by the colors.

Their desert was not too bad, Matcha Nama (have it in chocolate flavor too)

& chocolate icecream waffle. Never too full for desserts. 

left a little photos of the night as well cause all was in the phone that was stolen.
taken w jiajun 

yaorui, whom follows this space for my foodporn hehe



add movin!

the guys

add us twins!

Another ootd for a day that I went Back to school, back to basics.

looking quite on form that day with neither contacts or makeup.

had dinz at

Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant
Golden Mile Tower, 
6001 Beach Road
Tel: +65 6293 5910
Daily: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm

actually golden mile have loads of hidden thai/mookata eateries that I have yet to discover~

Well loved Hainanese resturant which is popular for its steamboat & chicken rice. Has been established for many many years, but it guess the food is rather at a just acceptable standard cause its not that "wow" enough for me to visit it a second time but itseems more healthier since I don't think they put msg in their food. More of traditional kitchen style.

watermelon juice was much better than the lime juice

beef & seafood for the steamboat

recommended fried baby squids :)

their chicken was good as well as their signature fried pork (or chicken i think pork) cutlet! :)

we ordered way too much for a table of three.

but still, hearty warm dinner w my famz :)

& went to takashimaya hokkaido fair the next day and spent a bomb there.

love this. Have two boxes of these at home. I am never gonna lose all the weight I gained.

short post. xoxo.

Watch my new awkward vlog if you haven't!

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