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Thailand in 5 days; Bangkok Part II; DAY 4 (Four Face Buddha x ISAO x Terminal 21 x After you x Somtam) + DAY 5 (Pratunam Wanton Mee and Pork Leg Rice)

Hi guys, so I am back to continue with my Part II of my Bangkok post,
(Part I elaborates more on shopping locations & certain restaurants)
(Part II, this, just Terminal 21 & more food :)

Cause I am finally contactable and remade some of my cards. But I doubt I will be getting my items back. thus I am still feeling a little down still & coincidentally, my expression in the above picture is just like that.
Since what done is done & this incident will be just mockery to passer-bys when they are not in my shoes. I will learn from my mistake & I guess this made me realize how much money I was always unnecessarily spending on.

At least my holidays started off with two overseas trip which made me really happy :)) before this happened on the last second week of my holidays. I rather spend the money on buying a new camera or two cameras  wanted. (sorry readers, guess you guys are stuck with these picture resolutions here for the time being still) 
Evidently, I promise myself I will work harder by working in some events or jobs at least this semester (since I have been so lazy) to quickly save back up & feel better & not so guilty.


Started off the morning with some starbucks below da hotel~

tuk tuk ride in da morningz

went to the four faced buddha, known as "Phra Phrom" for the adults at "Ratchadamri road" *refers to instavideo*

In the hands helding the following items & its representation:
Prayer Flag (universal power), Book (Wisdom), Conch (Blessing), Dharma Wheel (Vanquish evil & troubles), Scepter (Achievements), Kettle (Thirst-quenching, ask for something & it will be given), Prayer Beads (Reincarnation/Rebirth), Hand Print (Protection)

With papa Koh and my mom :)

I see that she has another additional daughter

Took BTS for the first time in Bangkok, train was quite clean & air-conditioned. Tracks were organized so stations are easily recognized. But I recommend just sticking to cabs, cause buying the tickets are rather tedious and its just cheaper by a little only?! (esp when we stopped at the wrong station so doubled the fare to re-bounce)

Had one of the best brunch ever!! at

5 Sukhumvit 31 Klongtoey-nu, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110
Daily: 11.00 am - 2.30 pm 
         5.30 pm - 10.00pm

Tel: 0-2258-0645-6

Its a jap & a little westernized fushion japanese sushi bar :) One of the best jap restaurants you can find in BKK!

Recommended lunch set menu for affordability as it comes with tea, salad, edame & fruits as well.

happy to be able to find this raved about place ^^

Ordered a Nigiri Set from the lunch menu. Normal flavors but sushi were really fresh and good!

Prolly the most expensive dish we ordered. Hirame Ponzu (kind of jap fish eg salmon if I remember correctly) which was really good and special cause its matched with lemon bits ;)

And the pretty waitress kindly recommended us to order Crunchy, a Deep-fried maki roll, which was really good!

One of the recommended appetizers, Volcano, scallop, its reallyyyyyyyy good too *.*

Weishan's favorite (she is kind of a picky eater unlike me btw I doubt I can list out a favorite cause all dishes were all too yummy for me hahah!) & also one of the signature makis of ISAO, Jackie, the Caterpillar (thumbs up for innovation!) more for shrimp lovers and people who doesnt like raw stuff (for eg salmons in your sushi)

Ordered another interesting lookin maki named, Dragon, really good too and I love it cause its like so unagi filled *.*

Not forgetting another one of the common favorites (picture doesn't do this justice), Sushi Sandwich, with plenty of fresh fish and tempura flakes :D 

Last but not least, Chicago Crazy Spicy, consists of three kind of fishes in a roll!

Really miss this place now!!

Terminal 21
New built shopping center with a very interesting airport concept & I guess you can visit all the washrooms in peace here because at every level, standing for different countries over the globe, they also has the floor's washroom to be decorated to the country theme respectively! Quite brand new currently, so you do not have to worry about hygiene.

The country representing each level respectively!

Obviously this shot was taken at "Tokyo"

Went to visit "London's toilet~

"San Francisco"


Was so tired walking about went to the basement "Caribbean"

Settled down for some mainstream Baskin Robbins (despite terminal 21 having quite alot of interesting looking restaurants & varieties)

this for 12 bucks singapore dollars, you really got to be kidding me :o I'll eat like ten balls of cotton candy flavored ice-cream everyday from them if I stayed in BKK man.

doesn't this brand look the most familiar. went out of this shop with boxes of Taokaenoi seaweed & crackers.

Tea & desserts at the very much raved (most fattening Bkk day)

After You
They have numerous outlets around bangkok.
Central World (7th Floor), Silom Complex (2nd Floor), Int Intersect Rama 3, Central Lardprao (1st Floor), The Crystal (Phrase 2), Paholyothin (La Villa), Thonglor 13 (J Avenue)

The outlet we visited
Siam Paragon
(ground floor)

tues afternoon only, but check out the crowd & queue. Imagine weekends.

very true quote to stand by

refillable drink

They claim to serve the world's best Iced Chocolate, but I tried the Iced Coffee instead and it was pretty awesome too! For someone who doesn't like to savor coffee.

Their Chocolate Lava is raved there too, but as I was placing my order, the counter girl was like try this as good as the chocolate lava~~ the Figgy Pudding numerous times I submitted in to her and ordered this instead. & its so darn good. Tastes like sticky pudding but maybe the rock sugar version?

Not forgetting the biggest picture on the menu, Shibuya Honey Toast

no need for elaborations. Dig in~ portion was quite big though. Sharable :)

After shopping at Siam Night Market (refer to Part I of my bkk post, link abv) again

Dinner settled at

392/14 Soi Siam Square 5

Daily: 10.45 am - 9.30 pm

My second time here already. Place serves freaking good & affordable thai food some might get spicy but I remembered it to be spicier the previous time I visited. But food is really good & one of the best in bkk & even featured on new channels like CNN for best papaya salad and what nots.

yeah thats our tired faces with all our loot o.o

finally a place that serves my thai milk tea ^^

sticky rice in a bamboo shoot!

I swear their fried chicken wings are one of the best things here. We ordered two large size cradle of them.

Extra salted preserved pork

Hot & Spicy Fish

Thai Papaya mixed salad

I love this, Northeast style spicy soup with pork bone, the pork meat is so generous too!

Another salad we ordered Papaya salad with preserved egg

super satisfied :)

Mango Tango
Also another raved dessert shop which recently moved. 

got some yummy Hokkaido milk in milk tea and banana flavor ^^

Happy shag girl is me!

Best buy from Terminal 21 HAHA

day 4 loots~

cool milk flavored mooncake


Not leaving bangkok without settling for some street stall, Settled our breakfast at the raved

Pratunam Wanton Mee & Pork Leg Rice
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19,

Daily: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

(place is rather near my hotel & platinum & you can see loads of only Singaporeans checking into the insta location, so its popular amongst Singaporeans like to visit this stall for street wanton noodles!)

honestly I think that this stall is more renowned for its Braised Pork Throtter w rice its really not bad and deli for the price you pay. This was the large plate for sharing.

The wanton noodles are a little too dry for my liking. But some people really love them despite the small portion. As for me, I guess I love the piece of fried lard that comes with it hhahaha

dry one is more recommended than the soup one!

Last min spam of shopping at Platinum since it was nearby. So no loots of the last day photo taken cause aft that we stuffed all our buys into our luggages.

daringly took out the watermelon juice glass cup from the food court opps


our ride to the airport so spacy!

hahaha my dad is so funny in here. we were all appalled by the screen's function.

me and weishan being annoyed by the guy who came into the pic hahaha

the airport sells rather fresh mango sticky rice to pack back to your home country!

airplane food and I caught a very hilarious and favorite chick flicks of all time onboard. Forgot the title but the two main characters are so hot!!

fried rice & dory fish

curry chicken with a surprisingly tasty bittergourd and egg which doesn't even taste bitter.

Abrupt ending!! hope you guys enjoyed my guide to bkk Part II.
Still a pity as there are more places I wanted to visit to dine there but didn't have enough time.
but there are always a next time! ;))

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