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Singapore Grand Prix: F1 x BIG BANG + Daikokuya Ramen Dining x Jessica's 21st + Shokubutsu "我i健康自然美2013" contest + Shiyun's 20th

Love this set of clothes I was wearing that day, another style as I was clad in Abercrombie & Fitch jeans.

Sup guys! I am back on a TGIW to quickly get these overdued post over & done with! I know I am supposed to get started on my Part II of my Bangkok trip this sept, read Part I HERE

But i just want to quickly do up this post up as others are currently piling up already. So this post is also going to be as exciting as my travelogues as well, because.. its F1 and most importantly featuring BIG BANG! whom showed after the practice race for an 2-3 hour performance at the padang stage on that friday. (yes, before my flight to BKK when I haven't even packed my luggages. All for you GDRAGON & TOP hahaha!)

Despite being late because we were trying hastily to find our stand for our seats for F1, me and twin was so lucky to be able to still get into the fan area, nearest places to Big bang's performance (where ticket holders & BB fans have to go queue up & since morning) and we went so late at like 10 plus pm almost 11 pm when the performance started at 11. 

Most pictures I took was mainly blurry but I managed to compile some of the more clearer footages of Big bang live in video and uploaded it on my youtube channel. Better watch it cause some parts are really worthwhile as the boys were quite near!! (fangirl mode ~^^~)

sorry if I am slightly bias to gd & top but
*Some parts to take note* (must watch)
Part One (Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung's speech in english entertaining the audience) till 02.55 min
Part Two (after TOP, G-Dragon Double combo) 03.34 min marks the start of my favorite GD's super near & "Swag checked" part!
Part Three (TOP dancing really closely & cutely) 06.10 min
Part Four (G-Dragon interacting, popping, resting;wipes sweat and giving cute heartshape to the audience before throwing his towel to them haha!) 06.50 min
Part Five (Full Crew) 07.55 min
(Fantastic Baby) 09.34 min - TOP up close
                               09.50 min- Taeyang up close

overall a great (but sweaty) night with twin but real thankful to her as she was the one with the tickets and brought me to Singapore F1 Grand Prix so I have a chance to catch Big Bang with her ^^ thanksie!

We were late because......

Once Upon A Milkshake
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road

We had dinner beforehand and I introduced Once Upon A Milkshake to her. Their milkshakes are really good, but we both shared Regular sized and it was already slightly too much. So recommend you to get Mini sized if you are drinking this alone! Its reallyyyy nice but too filling as it is obviously pure thick milkshake so it will not be as refreshing as normal drinks!

Agent strawberry for us, as I thought, cause I knew twin will obviously choose the Strawberry flavor. I had red velvet flavor there the other time, rocks as well.

For one of the first few times, didn't even plan on any foodporn places on my list, and just randomly stumbled and settled our meal at

Daikokuya Ramen Dining 大黑屋 
#B1-13 Raffles City Shopping Centre (basement as well)
252 North Bridge Road

and was really satisfied there despite them having a few outlets around Singapore, all with not really good reviews online.

 our seats were at Connaught grandstand, not the normal walkabout passes which some lazy officer who worked at F1 gave us some false information and caused us to travel quite abit thats why we were even later -_-

Okono Gyoza. I think the gyoza there tasted great! And in so many variations! Just like their ramen.

They even have Dry Ramen. This was one of the recommendations, Daikokuya Maze Ramen, which was also good as well.

But this was my ultimate favorite dish of the night, ordered it because I thought it was salad, but it is actually Teriyaki chicken with Ramen Salad (the ramen inside was godly for me, maybe cause I like mayonnaise & thousand island sauces this kind of things.) I would totally dine here again for this dish!


We thought it was really quite affordable too.

More pics of me and my twin!!

Finally got into F1 street circuit.

the padang stage area

our grandstand!

the cars were so fast my camera could hardly capture them, spot the car zooming past.

briefly watched it for 5 mins haha (girls) and rushed to big bang's performance already.

gd wearing white

before we left. sweating like hell, esp twin, since she cant tie up her hair like me haha

sorry seungri, cos we left and got out of the crowd at his solo stage part hahaha!

thanks BB for coming to singapore. *in their english accent* got this group picture of them from GD's twitter la, what were you thinking. HAHA stalker much.

Jessica's 21st

happy girl with her white dress (theme was white that night) and her hello kitty balloon~

pretty cake which I later spammed the eating of icing cause it was really nice to me HAHAHA

i like this photo w twin~

most of the group pics are up on facebook but I shall upload one pic of her and her grandmother cos I got praised by her & her parents, saying I look very pretty and taiwanese its such an honor to get praised by adults in my opinion!

jess and nat with their secondary school friends~

and us~

finally me & jess, solos with the birthday girl of mine whom wants to kill me as usual hahaha

cutting of cake! & her new ashy green hair~

w andriel

& she got vandalized with cream..

group photo with the dream-ers!

her birthday present from some of us. hehe. Now she has a pandora like me ^^

after that, rushed to zouk for JJ's birthday. But only have one photo with Russel taken at members, and not the birthday boy cause he died.

Hangover the next day, or rather, a few hours, but still went down to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (should have camped there at zouk huh) to support my twin in the Shokubutsu "我i健康自然美2013" contest top 10 finals hehe

with zijun in the cab!

got daisies for her :)

Mcs of the event. 987 Dj peifen & co.

some of the judges

spot twin ^^

getting quite sleepy at some parts hahaha

jay on the hay & other casts performance of a song-track in the girl in the pinafore? 

this recognized celeb's talk from nu ren wo zui da (taiwan popular variety show) was the most interesting. (forgot her name haha)

results was announced and photography session, spot evil twin chuckling behind! LOL

Group pic with zijun and twin ^^

and zhiyan and her sister & cousin who went along to support her as well.

all the contestants were really pretty and I became the photographer that day for twin heh (the winner of the competition is not in this group photo though.)

sorry for the spam of me and zijun's face, cause that is what we mainly did when we were waiting for time to past hahaa!

went twin's house before Shiyun's birthday celebration to wait for her to place her items.
her dad gave us some homes brand durian snowskin mooncake to eat and its so picture worthy as it is one of the best brands around!!

And I will never use twin's makeup remover ever again. HAHAHAH removed my makeup cause I was too tired as I only had like 2 hours of sleep before I went down & support the big twin of mine

Shiyun's 20th

at Goldkist Beach Resort at East Coast Park! First time having mookata (thai steamboat style) at a chalet (chalet style) because she was half thai and her mom was thai, whipped up really nice dishes for us!! yumz 

some salted fish which I didn't have a chance to try in BKK but here now hahaha

mookata was damn good thats why my weight aint dropping for now currently

and my camera had no batt but overall a nice & very busy & tiring weekend.
be back soon!
xoxo :)

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