Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thailand in 5 days; Bangkok Part I; DAY 1 (MBK x Siam Area; Siam Night Market + Siam Paragon + Siam Centre x Marina HK) + DAY 2 (A&W x Pantip Plaza x Chatuchak x Somboon Seafood x Union Mall) + DAY 3 (Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice x Platinum Mall x Thip Samai Restaurant x Tee Yen-Ta 4 x Asiatique x Fish Spa)

Sup guys! Soooooo..
I am back since Wednesday night & am so tired.. Haven't been sleeping that well & gonna be attending two birthday celebrations later. Tedious travelling posts to Bangkok again. Splitting them into two parts like my taiwan posts; Part I, Part II. (Have no idea why I always snap so much photographs!!) 
Two overseas trip this months were indeed the bomb (both countries were shopping heavens), but the updating part is really tiring and draggy hahah.

Still, I would be sharing some tips for shopping & location guides in bangkok & the nice eateries, restaurants I visited this time round! For the previous time I visited bangkok about a year back, 
(But I think my blogposts have became more organized & useful since then so I suggest you to just stick to these oncoming ones.)

Overall, Taiwan was more relaxing for me as I went there for a longer period of time & my itinerary wasn't that packed. Plus Taiwan we could wakeup slightly later due to the more active night markets there. I woke up so early everyday at Bkk! But I managed to visit most of the restaurants I planned this time round for my bkk trip successfully, I put on 2 kgs. Super depressed!! Especially when my friends keep pinching my flabs on my arms when I met them. LOL.

My travelling 'buddies' this trip was.. My parents, my aunt & uncle & miss koh weishan (attached, sometimes mia best friend and almost yearly classmate since secondary 3 & about-to-be a business partner of mine) Which indirectly explains why I would push the exploration of nightclubs in bangkok to my next trip there, cannot wait :) Just the shopping & food is sufficient enough for me already. My whole body was aching practically by day 2. Because I shopped too much.

About to board the plane; Took Thai airways there.

only like a short 2 hour flight..

but we were served with so much entertainment

posting these pics cause somehow the lighting & my camera settings made me look so sunburnt HAHAHAHA why am I orange. I am not this tan.

ws saying "Bye bye to you my boyfriend I love you many many" hahaha 
me; -_- HAHA

 haha super updated movie list for passengers to watch. Movies like Internship, Monster Uni, The great Gatsby yadayada. Latest releases of songs & entertainment TV. ( caught like this episode of Ben 10 & Monster University HAHA young at heart okay. ) Monster U was good, made me felt like purchasing the blue monster plushie at Bkk afterwards hahaha!

Meal onboard. Love the salted butter which comes with the bread hahaha. Roast duck hor fun for me.

Curry dory fish with fried rice for Shan.

The coconut-ish dessert was good & the smoked salmon appetizer which I later matched it with my bun.

I am a vampire. Kidding, tomato juice for you.


Arrival at Sukhumvit airport. So much bigger than my home country's.

My accommodation at Bangkok this time round wasn't any 5 star hotel, but a hotel newly build for about more than a year.

GLOW Pratunam
919 Petchburi Road
Kwang Thanon Phayathai Rajdhevi
Bangkok 10400
Tel: +66 2 2573999

Despite being new, its a really good hotel in terms of being affordable, pleasant customer service, very convenient location, "clean" (in both ways if you get what I mean, since its new), safe, free wifi (but the connection is quite laggy at times, maybe cause its a new hotel, thus I got a 3G card later in my trip.)

Air-con in the room was damn cold hahaha sometimes gets extremely freezing we would off it for awhile. But the water takes a very fast time to get heated. So wont meet with the circumstances of nakedly freezing while waiting for the water to heat.

btw heard their room service food is pretty good as well, maybe i'll give it a try the next time I stay there!

The theme of the signs of the hotel was pink, so already attracted me quite enough.

Its located on top of this shopping centre Shiybuya 19 so the lift was to cater us to the 7th storey, where the lobby of the hotel was at.

look at how pretty the decorations & light themes are.

us waiting to check in.

pink hotel key card *.*

connective wardrobe from the toilet to the room

As it was approximately evening by the time we reached, our itinerary was to visit the Siam Area as many prominent malls & shopping places was located in that area.

Quite a boring place for teens, but you can buy lots of affordable fake caps, handphone accessories & laptop accessories at the top level. They have food outlets there like krispy kreme & other restaurants.

Siam Night Market (outdoors)
The whole stretch of street right outside Siam BTS (skytrain station) Stretch ends around the part where you see MBK, where we started our shopping from the end. Operating hours are around evening to around 12 am at night daily. One of the best places to shop since the prices are lower (maybe cause its a street stall & they dont have rent to pay?!) & you are able to bargain more here, clothes quite up to trend, saw and got some nice denim jackets at the last few days, some at crazy prices of 200 baht (8 SGD?!)

Siam Square
Right next to Siam Night Market as the street stalls are aligned around siam square. Quite alot of raved thai restaurants & delicacy in the area. Most boutiques there are for local designers & indie stuffs. Slightly more pricier.

Siam Paragon
Many high end boutiques, branded like chanel, hermes etc. They have a interesting food basement as well as some Siam Ocean world Aquarium & Siam discovery centre etc

Siam Centre
Just next to siam paragon. Similar to siam square, opposite side of siam paragon & centre, quite afew nice cafes here & there in the shopping centre, boutiques there are locally designers & brands.

Siam area shopping centres operation hours all are around 11 am to 9.30 pm (Cos this cafe I wanted to try freaking closed on me after i shopped as its last order was 9.30 pm FTS)

quenching our thirst at a fruit juice stall while walking down Siam Night Market.

Day one's itinerary was a little screwed, cause the restaurant I wanted to dine in was under renovation yada yada. Walked so much everywhere, wanted to buy my freaking 3G SIM card but the shop all closed on me at 9.30 pm so we randomly had our dinner/supper at

Marina HK
216/1-6 Siam Square
Soi 1, Bangkok 10330

Food there was just average but reasonably priced.

the century egg porridge was good

duck wanton noodles

my red bean and iced milk drink heh

sorry barefaced and shagged haha

roast duck

roast pork, not bad

some recommended fried rice which was not too bad :)

kang-kong also quite good!

but my fav of the meal was their honeydew sago. very very tasty we ordered two portions of this. (okay we ordered two portions of almost everything hahaha!)

my parents, the youngsters & my aunt and uncle heh. the only group photo I have in my cam!

i dont uds thai

outfit of day 1!

Since I didn't take any loots photo the other time round in taiwan, and as some people requested, these are my loots from siam area for day 1 :)

freaking cheap & my love for milks never dies, especially in such innovative flavors you can only find abroad :( love the green tea & banana!


woke up extremely early

and had my watermelon flavored milk lolol

Had our breakfast settled at Pantip Plaza's A&W opens from 8 am to 9 pm (some fast food chain which you dont find in SG anymore, sadly) 

Pantip Plaza
Directly opposite my hotel, in the Pratunam Area, cause it is also located right next to Platinum Mall.
They call it the Mother of all IT malls, as the entire plaza is dedicated to computers, IT gadgets & cameras~

my ultimate morning bloated face + tinge of greediness HAHAH

I freaking love root beer floats. Their chicken nuggets are nicer than Mcdonald's. Fish burger was good. I love their waffle chicken burger?! Looks like it would taste weird but ended up tasting really great.

& I finally got my freaking 3G sim card at Pantip Plaza seriously ran everywhere for it....... Lesson learnt. Guys, next time just buy it from the airport.

thanks weishan for accompanying me to so many places to find the card ;)

sad expression to show how annoyed I was by the search of a 3G sim card. Actually its not that hard to find. But cos I am using a Iphone 5. So Micro-sim card is more hard to search for!

fish this

match my hair, croc skin.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Opens only on the weekends, obviously, be sure to include weekends on your itinerary to bkk, as this place is definitely one of the best places to shop on my list as well. Better shopping place for guys items too. Its really kind of big there. With 27 sections in total, so you might get slightly lost. Different sections are for different category of items. Ranges from silk, fabrics, furnitures, household items and more, not forgetting clothes & food!! 
7 am (recommend you to go at 9 am) to late at night.

me and shan's ootd. Haha I just realized we were both in stripes.

A really nice and cooling chendol stall I stumbled into (sorry I didn't take note of the section, sun was making me crazy haha!)

super yummy, self service your own refill of ice.

more street food at chatuchak which includes mochi icecreams ^^

Milk, thai milk tea, lemon flavored. super awesome. Love thai milk tea & lemon!

Another raved dessert stall in one of the clothing section lanes. Food theme there is black rock sugar.

can have them in ice/ grass jelly, both realllyyyyyyy yummy :)

and of course who can forget about the most raved Coconut icecream stall in chatuchak. Can find the coconut icecream practically everywhere. But the most Original stall is located right next to this stall selling thai iced milk tea (also super good) Both will have queues!

Got a shot of the raved chicken noodle stall I wanted to try but had no time and space in my tummy as we were heading off to dinner :(

one of the most tiring & rushed shopping experience ever

But fortunately, it started to rain almost immediately after we left chatuchak. So from unwillingly, I was like.......

"haha my life rocks, I so lucky" LOL

Dinner was settled at 

Their Ratchada branch.
167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection
Ratchadapisek Road., Din Deang
Bangkok 10320

One or the best seafood restaurant in Thailand. They have 5 outlets around thailand currently. & they are opening two more outlets in 2014, business is that good! Main outlet which is the only outlet which serves roast pig is Bantadthong outlet. (Recommend you to book if you dine there) Standard of food should be the same in all their outlets, the other time I went to their Samyan outlet. Where the operating hours are more flexible there. (Rest of the outlets only cater to dinner, no lunches)

Signature dish & best dish of the night, only found at somboon, Thai fried curry crab!!

black pepper crab which is also one of their signatures :)

another signature steamed fish!

haha I love this sliced chilli!

vermicelli with seafood and minced meat. Yumz

oysters *.* so much cheaper than in singapore!


bill up to around 3000 plus Baht which is like 100 plus in SGD only.

finally the dessert there my mom loves. Taro with some seed (hahaha sorry I cant remember the name of their dishes!!! I make them sound so weird but they are all delicious haha!)

Funny and candids up ahead.. HAHAHA
while waiting for the cab, I wanted to take picture with the live crabs at the entrance.

then their legs & pincers was like moving & my face went like this HAHAHAHA

Have super loads of unglams but just gonna upload one, me sighing in relieve when it stopped crawling at me.

I look so nice but actually I was damn scared HAHAHA

and my uncle taught me how to hold the crab correctly. So smirk face for you ;)

before that....... my aunt took this HAHA fml

after the sumptuous dinner we went to

Union Mall
Another one of our favorite shopping places this trip to Bangkok! (we shouldn't have placed chatuchak & union both in the same day cause the shopping at both places were quite crazy & we didn't really have enough time to cover both entire areas sadly) There are nicer bags and shoes here. Not a wholesale mall so prices are pretty cheap. We like it here cause its less crowded, shops are more organized unlike most places in bkk you will really lose your directions while shopping & its obviously air conditioned.. and the clothes and trend here are pretty awesome!! 

mon - fri 11am to 9pm
sat & sun 10am to 9.30pm

Union mall I will be back for you. oh PS (union mall has nail and hair salons which prices are more reasonable there, the other time I did in MBK's red nail salon, I am not going to go there ever again.)

to sum things up for the last day, and how much we adore chatuchak and union mall. Look at the loots for day 2! Its the most amongst the rest of the days.


Settled our lunch at the raved

Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice
Petchburi Soi 30
Opens daily and closes at 3 am.

Walkable distance from platinum mall & my hotel hehe
Btw there are similar chicken rice stalls near this, so remember to look out for workers clad in Pink tees!

special chili sauce.

some yummy duck and mushroom w dates soup

bitter gourd & pork soup (bad at remembering the dish names LOL)

Chicken kidney!! or liver bahaha

Food was good & afforable!! Despite its popularity and it has good systematic services. I even asked a waitress what was the shop's check in for my instagram haha!

aunt and uncle ;)

took a pic with the thai coke there, okay 3 pictures. LOL

Platinum Mall
Most famous wholesale market in Bangkok. Where many blogshops get their clothes from? As it is a wholesale market, tip for shopping here is that you can buy 3 or more items to get a better deal!! They now have a platinum mall 2, next to platinum mall. It is more organized as a level there singularly is for a category like shoes/bags. But the older platinum mall still has better deals and clothes to make you go cray!! It took us the second time we went there to be more familiar with the sections haha since it was just directly opposite my hotel. (but somehow I feel that some of the clothes stall here are more 'aunty' mayb your moms will like. jk, a mall for both mother & daughters! only certain shops have trendier clothes, unlike union like almost all in my favor hahaha but diff ppl diff opinions! this is just my opinion. cos we still managed to buy quite alot of things there HAHA) 

mon - fri 11am to 9pm
sat & sun 10am to 9.30pm

directory for platinum mall 2

and 1!

not forgetting one of the better food courts in bangkok. In Platinum mall! 6th floor.
(have to buy a card to purchase meals there)
They have a wide category, range and number of stalls there but *Bonus section*
5 top stalls which are recommended there are

Stewed Beef w Noodle Claypot (Stall P1)
Fried Oyster Omelette (Stall P11)
Rice w Stewed Pork Limb (Stall P14)
Sticky Rice w Mango
Claypot Kway Chap (Stall P10)

Stall P22 sell really good waffles too!!

weishan's fav hehe she likes the orginal one!!

I like the one with the mixed fruit topping

the inner thai custard one wasn't as good cos it just tastes like kaya. But still a nice snack!!

tried one of the top 5!

no wonder it made it to the top 5.

Stall F23 red ruby which is called waternut or smth over there. is great too hehe

and another stall which i found the traditional thai childhood goodie from!! yum but I forgot what is it called already!

ootd at my room's window still hahaha!

so serene..


Dinner of day 3 was settled at

Thip Samai Restaurant
Samran Rat, 
Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200
Tel: 02-2216280

(taking the cab is more convenient here just tell the cabbie "Pad Thai Pratu Phi" cos it is like one of the best and most famous pad thai restaurant in thailand so most local would have heard of it! my cab driver even wrote for me what to order there! cos he had it just that afternoon haha!)

innovative way of ice blending coconut juice. very refreshing!!

actually I kind of liked the original pad thai on the menu the most which was surprisingly not labelled as recommended in the menu.

the recommended ones (as well as what the cabbie recommended to me)

and shredded chicken, mango & salted fish shreds. Also recommended as well. But I guess it is just the topping? cause in the end the noodles within all tasted pretty similar!! But all nice la, how wrong can a pad thai get!

Just along the streets of Samran Rat, almost right outside Thai Samai Restaurant, (facing thai samai Restaurant you turn right and walk straight)

Tee Yen-Ta-4
Bamrungmuamg Road (Samran Rat),
Wang Burapha Phirom

You will see a street food stall which sells very very good and tasty yong tao foo and pork stew!! the pork stew is so good you will make space for it like me despite just clearing 6 plates of pad thai. YOLO
see the celebrity pics hanging on the stall. spot UTT!

pork stew soup which was damn heavenly

rice noodle in clear pork soup was not that good. maybe cos it is CLEAR. a little too bland.

So dont order wrongly. it is this! Thai style vermicelli with thai style braised pork stew. super gooddddd

in the tuktuk on the way to Asiatique ;) we kept sitting tuk-tuks in the night. it was my first time sitting tuktuk despite going to thailand for numerous times already.

& oh boy it really made my hair messy haha

New night market in bkk, but nothing much to buy there. Just have to visit cause it is rather commercialized and decorated, like at the riverside and all strewn under pretty lightings. Many nice food restaurants and cafes can be found here!
Open daily from 5pm to 12am Midnight.

We took a cab there but if you are taking the BTS, Alight at Sapan Taksin BTS and continue with asiatique's service boat. It only takes 10 mins and the boat runs to 11pm. Taxis are not really recommended as traffic can be terrible at times in this area as there are like only one lane to get here.

my best pic with the full ferris wheel but this uncle had to walk past :(

nothing much to shop so we pretty much settled for some ice-cream at Gelate in Asiatique

cotton candy

and my milk gelato cos shan dont like milk flavored items

happy piggy

another bunch of hilarious photos to end of the first part of my BKK post.
Both of us tried Fish spa first time in our lifes cos we were waiting for time to past. 
150 baht for 15 mins. 6 SGD

weishan forced me to go first.. CHUCKLING me

i went like "OH MY GOD" luckily the woman blocked my face cos i was like screaming HAHAHA in horror duh its like damn SCARY AND ITCHY AND I CANT REMEMBER but once the fishes came no matter how scared you are, you also have to slowly remove your leg cos I am afraid I will just flick out a fish at someone.

utterly horrified and moaning and the uncle next to me kept laughing evilly LOLOL as the owner keep like pushing my leg down cos I could not keep it in HAHAHA

HAHAHAHA wtf I swear I found something that at last gives me adrenaline rushes man. Not horror movies, not amusement park rides. I need to overcome this fear. Fish spa in Singapore I am coming you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at weishan's face. I mean I tried at least for a longer duration and times than her. But maybe cause its a mental thinking thing, your friend is so scared and it makes you scared!! HAHA

once and she doesn't ever want to put her legs in there. she rather pays and scoot off LOL

breezer in bkk is really cheap as well

obviously it wont make you drunk haha

loots for day 3!! got a swimming wear from platinum :)

shall abruptly sign off with my instavid :D till then! xoxo


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