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Your Travel Guide To Taiwan; Taipei Part I; DAY 1 (Hou Che Zhan 后车站 x Q Square; Ariel Le Cafe x Shilin Night Market 士林夜市) + DAY 2 (Xi Men Ding 西門町; Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗面线 x Wu Fen Pu 五分埔 x Raohe Night Market 饒河夜市) + DAY 3 (Sogo; Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 x Modern Toilet Restaurant x Nightclubs; Luxy + Babe 18)

For Taipei Part II CLICK HERE

HI GUYS, miss me? I'm back from taiwan! Reached Singapore ytd night and already uploaded my pictures all to 6 am this morning & have already woken up so I am considered quite a hardworking person? Only waiting for my lazy twin to upload some group photos for me to plagiarize and its such a chore trying to ask her to upload!! Anyway my body is jet lagging or I slept too much in the plane, I can't seem to sleep now so i'm going to get this tedious post over and done with quickly!

 It was overall a successful and great trip with my twin & bros. Plus I am so glad when I stood on my weighing scale ytd I didn't gain any weight?! Surprisingly?! So I treated myself to some supper ytd HAHAHAHA. Got so used to having supper after taiwan, I am munching on potato chips all day all night.
With loads of unglams & candids, will be separating this post into two parts (3 days each) cause there are seriously too many pictures!!! Not wasting anymore precious time since my blog is getting so dead.. LET ME BEGIN.

Checked in our luggage 

I wanted to buy this godiva brand chocolate but I couldn't find it at the airport, so instead I bought TWG macarons to snack on the plane (but obviously it finished even before I got on the plane -_- hahaha)

Priced at 2 SGD each (airport duty free & tax-free made it 1.87 SGD for us cheap thrills haha!), one of the better brand macaron you can find in singapore (they should totally have LADUREE inside right, would be so much cheaper!)

1837  Black Tea & Blackcurrent (Dark pink) - I think their 1837 flavored ice-cream is a better buy than this since it just taste very raspberry jam-ish to me
Napoleon Tea & Caramel (Black) - Great for caramel lovers~ Caramel is a flavor you must order right?
Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya (Blue) - One of the two new flavors introduced! Very singaporean with the kaya taste, jon and almost my favorite since i'm indecisive hahaha
Lemon Bush Tea (Yellow) - Lemonish lo
Matcha (Green) - Green tea-ish lo hahaha also one of the two new flavors
Moroccan Mint Tea (White) - Quite a subtle and nice minty taste without being medicinal :D

On board~ I took the window seat there first (bad decision sky was dark and I couldn't see much?! HAHA) and twin sat next to a taiwan guy LOL.
PS (When you see me wearing sunglasses in photos means I can't be bothered to put any makeup hahaha & the whole trip I barely have much makeup on other than eyeliner and brows cos the weather made my complexion feel so good)

 For convenient airport pick-up service from Taoyuan International Airport (from 6 USD): 


Where we stayed for 6 nights~

Hotel Puri
No. 6, Ln. 27, Chengdu Rd., Taipei City 108, Taiwan
Tel: 02-2371-8616

I think this hotel was great, affordable CHECKED.
free super accessible & convenient wifi CHECKED 
(so i didn't have to purchase the prepaid card to access 3G there (but if you guys want check out the Far East Stone brand 5 days for 350 NTD, 15 SGD? haha i'm your best currency converter now guys.) if not Pocket Wifi is another alternative!
& its clean not really spooky for me but twin is those kind of person who bathes with the door open cause she scared hahaha then I must be on my most bravest mode.
& the best part is ITS LOCATED AT XIMENDING, freaking convenient!!! Just walk out of the lane and shopping & food everywhere.

Our fav shops are located so nearby & this super good makeup shop was just opposite my hotel?! are you kidding me!! That is where I got my 3CE (three concept eyes; popular korean brand from. Elaborate on this later!)

Definitely will stay here again despite the fact of a slightly creepy or too overfriendly hotel staff who keep whatsapp me and LINE-ING (app they use in taiwan) me and shit LOL i hope he doesn't see this..

The weather was great, didn't pour, not too cold but less humid & cooler than Singapore, those who said taipei would have typhoons during September periods, you were wrong! But I still miss the colder climate like in October, where some of my clique is going :(

Me acting uber-ly excited for zhiyan's camera hahahah

w roy & sean~ Had a cold for around the first two days due to the lack of sleep thus my swollen looking eyes!

group shot in the lobby!
Introducing sean, zhiyan, me, jonathan and roy. Its just us and taipei for the week! :)

couldn't check in until 3 pm cause our flight arrived in taipei early in the morning, so we roamed around for abit, taiwan is definitely a country that has better night activities! All the shops isn't open until 11 am! >:( 
shag me with a runny nose and teary eyes!

Breakfast somewhere near the hotel at Fresh Brunch ~ Not THAT fantastic but the only place opened nearby..
 so I shall be lazy for once to list out the address for you guys

One bad thing about taiwan is that their menus are all in chinese. Meaning I have to spend damn long to think of what is which and which is what. haha my chinese isn't that good but still, it should be better than if I went to japan and totally couldn't recognize the menu I suppose..

First milk teas we had~

black pepper pork chop burger & a scrambled egg cheese and chicken pinata 

potato salad with my fav kind of weird dou miao kind of veggies above which appeals only to me? LOL

Lohas Meal 
(we were like "why is this meal quite expensive... " then after a long period of time then we realized the menu actually stated the calories instead of the price cos how can food be expensive in taiwan?!)

French meal, Lohas is better!

Took quite abit of the metro trains in taipei unlike the last time I went (cabbed practically everywhere) cause our hotel was also damn near at Ximending (Ximen Station)

We decided to go to Hou Che Zhan, one stop from Ximen Station located near Taipei Main Station.
Not much there, but opens slightly earlier in the morning. There is only two shops I specifically liked there

Treasure Shop - sells all kinds of accessories
Those kind of whole sale shops which sells some cosmetics & those shampoos body pampering stuffs at lower prices in taiwan!

Fresh cheap sushis sold at the underground shops or nearby stalls~

Stopped at Q-Square (A mall nearer to Taipei Main Station between the distance to Hou Che Zhan)
& had afternoon tea at Ariel Le Cafe, which serves strongly recommended waffles!!

Ariel Le Cafe
at Q Square, Level 2
No. 1, Cheng De Road, Sec. 1
Tel: 02-2552-5269

we were all very shagged at this point of time

Tiramisu which was very good! and apparently there was this promotion of ordering their tiramisu then you can have a chance to scratch a card so lucky me got us a free tiramisu, then they wanted to order it again but the second time i only got a 10% off, which I may add, of the tiramisu, not the whole bill hahaha!

most raved pastry at the cafe, the Sesame Mout-Blanc! good too ;)

twin & me~

my marshmellow soy latte which is Weirdly bitter HAHA but I ate all the marshmallows


look at that

twin's salted caramel soy latte which tastes slightly better than mine hahaha

two more chocolaty drinks, ordered too much beverages we had to play guess the number to finish them! & I kept stubbornly saying '50' and kept losing :/

shopping time, Q Square had more of the branded goods

finally checked into the hotel! me & twin's superior twin room at the ground floor, the guys' room was on the third hahaha no couple bed for us SIGH

after some afternoon nap~ prepped up for some night market shopping time!!
OOTD candid shot in the lobby hahaha


Shilin Night Market at Jiantan Station (exit 1)
(not shilin station FYI)

not too bad for shopping and some street food even though it renovated & I can't find my favorite snow ice in taiwan anymore :(

*Must try* Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang - Big sausage wrap small sausage.
somewhat like taiwan sausage in glutinous rice with veggies and pickles, prefer it spicy!!

Best fried chicken I ate the whole trip there at shilin, better than the famous hot-star chicken in XMD cause it tastes like what we can find at Singapore's hot star chicken outlets.

& this cheesy potato stuff which tastes great for lovers of cheese aka yours truly. hehe basically what I learned is to just purchase from everything with a queue!

somehow we were damn thirsty & this sugarcane was like the best I ever had HAHAHA this guy thought me and zhiyan was twins too hehehe alot of ppl asked if we were siblings HAHA

Got my haters cap there! Love it so much. Much cheaper than it if I purchased in singapore the other time for wenmin,
& not forgetting one of my fav buys - the despicable me hand-phone pouch, me and twin steady bring to club next time as wallets already. 

match my nails~ one-eyed for me and two eyed for twin


was one of the most tiring cause we went to Wu Fen Pu 
(best shopping and deals there for both genders!! went there twice this trip cause the guys apparently covered shops at a much slower pace compared to me and twin LOL we spammed quickly basically covered almost the whole place in such a short time and the area was so huge?! thus was damn tired)

rocking my haters cap

As twin's camera was the flipped screen kind, we just kept snapping away with her camera.. especially when I have a new cap.

had time to roam Ximending in the morning cause the guys were always oversleeping or taking a long time to prepare. kudos to twin for always giving them morning calls when I am rolling around in my bed HAHA

some very affordable & tasty brand of custard pudding from the convenience shop~

who makes the better spokesperson?

H&M poker dress, creepers from Xi men ding, this underground retail stall which I bought two of my shoes in taiwan from, super like it!! good quality unlike the usual cheaper nearby stalls. Jacket from USA.

Highly raved.

Ah Zhong Mian Xian
No. 8~1 Emei St., Taipei
(East XMD pedestrian Area)
Tel: 02-2388-8808

Don't think I would need much elaborating on this?! But dint get to try the oysters cause someone apparently said one bowl no oysters then ended up all our bowls had no oysters LOL is our Chinese really this hard to comprehend? 
They had some large intestinal thing in it which tastes like fishcakes to me so I ate them hahaha 

Look at how my eyes are glowing

satisfied, even picky sean hahaha

the guys added too much chili so jon switched his with mine (cos im nice and good at eating spicy stuff but right now my throat is depleting) and my lips were burning but it cured my flu, for awhile at least haha!

desperate for bubble tea after

nicer group shot at XMD

taking the train again (fyi its called JIE YUN there)

Wu Fen Pu!! at Hou Shan Pi station (exit 1) Walk straight along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd. 
Wu Fen Pu starts on the left. It opens around 2pm till late. Try not to go on Mondays because the shop owners will be busy & thats when their new stock arrivals will arrive~ So we went on the Tuesday!

one of my fav pictures with my brudder sean despite his hands blocking my chubby face.

We look so genuinely happy!

group shots before our hectic shopping journey!!

entertaining themselves as usual..

butt shot........

Bubble tea for me again~ Damn tired after wu fen pu!!! unglam candid

Raohe Night Market at night for more tasty street food!!!
Its very near Wu Fen Pu, walkable distance, at Songshan Railway Station (not metro) so try and look out for signs pointing to Raohe Night market :)

fucking heavy plastic bags

look at them eyebags & smudged eyeliners

check out my messy hair HAHA


These peanut balls were mehhh

Fresh scallops~ with a wide variety of seasonings!

Okonomiyaki looks rather popular

got some~ it tastes really nice accompanied with the wasabi it comes with!

caught in the act by zhiyan's cam

Some handmade popiah-ish skin with either veg/squid/pork/beef!!

Some icy cold mochi balls with green bean or red bean!!! green bean was nicer cause it was sweeter :)

Rather popular pork biscuits kind of snack in taiwan, its like 'ba gua' but the potato chip version.

bought many packs back!

In Raohe Night market, outside this area Songshan Market there is a stretch with many stalls that sells Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork on rice) A specialty in taiwan!! We didn't try the best braised pork on rice on our trip there cause we couldn't find the raved on at Jiu Fen (second post) but this was already very satisfying for our taste buds!!

The shop sells freaking good and refreshing snowice as well!!! In super big portions... Eating these in singapore will never be the same again.

jon w his eyes closed and roy!

me and sean~

Remember to choose snow ice instead of shaved ice please~ Had the three fruits, kiwi, mango, strawberry snowice with jellies and condensed milk!! Super good.........

and another one with ice cream!!!

Here is the super awesome braised pork rice and spare ribs soup *.* Can I have some now. I swear the rice claded in the sauce is sooo gooood.


Were rather full by then but still aint stopping yet! 
Tried this Baked seafood shell which was so good too~

Famous Egg in egg! Dan zhong dan. which appeared in so many Taiwanese variety shows.

look at the queue

egg with cheese and butter with cheese!!!!!! there is chocolate flavor too but I prefer non chocolaty stuffs~

Quail eggs with yummy diff variety of sauces


Remember to try the street stall squids as well!!!!! My favorite.

A corndog stall was located next to the grilled squid stall so we got the fries with tomato and mustard with the corndog as well.


Another famous street stall food in Raohe! Pork Pepper buns!!!!!!!

so full but so happy

so tired and waiting for a cab
fooling around; pedo expression from the guys

and me and twin's hahaha

we sexy bo?

bye Raohe night market!

some supper night at mcdonalds -_- hahaha look at what jon is wearinggggggg. Fendi pants.

singapore mac should make twister fries a yearly affair man!

bought so many tidbits back to the hotel... Spot my lemon flavored high-chew, which i just finished gobbling a row at home.

& Thats why I LOVE the convenience shops in taipei!!!!!!!!!! For the love of my calories~


Top from wu fen pu. barefaced and Wednesday activites before TGIW in taipei~

papaya milk shake for you?

Since we were clubbing at night, decided to go to a more relaxed area with less shopping and walking (I guess since i ended buying YSL products later) 

Sogo (departmental mall similar to singapore's takashimaya, isetan etc) + Din Tai Fung for Brunch!
at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
There are two Sogo buildings within the area & Sogo (Fuxing) caters for highter end of the product. Supermarkets and food products can be found at the basement as well as many restaurants and cafes within the buildings!

love Papa beard in Singapore so couldn't help but try the milk tea flavored inner flavor



Din Tai Fung requested by me cause I heard its so much more cheaper in taiwan than in Singapore!

there's a queue numbering system

hard to order again due to chinese syllables hahaha


us hungry ghosts while waiting for the rest of the food!!

Ordered so many cartons of Xiao Long Baos. Signature Pork XLBS!

Dumplings in Chilli oil, vegetable ones cause sean doesn't like seafood!

Angled gourd and shrimp XLBS

Fried pork chop with fried rice!

Truffle flavored XLBS

Sichuan sour and spicy soup!

Dan dan mian with chili and sesame sauce!

and not forgetting the Crab Roe XLBS with a cute flour shaped minion crab at the side

dessert, taro dumplings!! 

overall its cheaper than Singapore, but the taste is around the same, I think i liked the taro dumpling best!!

this is about 86 SGD! Bill in Singapore would have computed to hundreds!

silly guys all wanted to buy haagen daz icecream. I call them silly because you can eat Haagen Daz in Singapore too right.

after some shopping~ Me with the guys :)

finally zhiyan came out of the washroom! hahaha

I like Taiwan cause buying makeup is so convenient and slightly cheaper there I guess, they have sooo many beauty shops!

they even have their own benefit outlets!

and not forgetting the 3CE i mentioned earlier.

I got them from
86 Shop
They have many retail outlets around taiwan (Ximending, Shida, GaoXiong etc)
The outlet address I bolded is directly opposite my Hotel! (I have no idea how to translate them into english..)

86小舖 臺北門市
西門成都店 臺北市成都路27巷5號1樓
頂好忠孝店 臺北市大安路一段52巷12號
士林文林店 臺北市士林區文林路168號
中山南西店 臺北市中山北路二段20巷23號
師大店  臺北市大安區師大路39巷8號
臺北Sogo忠孝館 臺北市忠孝東路四段45號B1
誠品站前店 臺北市忠孝西路一段47號B1

86小舖 高雄門市
新掘江店  高雄市新興區新田路144號

its a brand used by many korean models! Super in love with their creamy water proof gel liner I got them in 4 colors! Zorro, Les Miserable, Wow Pink and my fav Cleopatra

Here is a photo of me without my contacts & barefaced, with only Cleopatra eyeliner on & some faded color from my new YSL lipstick.

Dinner at

Modern Toilet Restaurant
Ximending Branch, No.7, Lane 50, Sining S. Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Tel: 02-2311-8822

Its just a usual mandatory restaurant for tourists to visit in taipei. Since we already have so many cafes like the hello kitty cafe, dazzling cafe etc which we didn't have ample time to finish visiting all of them. :(


group shot. my eyes are so small you cant spot them anywhere haha

this guy speaks super fluent english!

how I look like ordering compared to how sean look like ordering........


ordered three set meals and a side only because the chef apparently knocked off already so there are limited choices of food only wth.

corn soup~

black sugar milk tea served in a urinal... Drink was good but feels a little gross to be honest


CHEESE mozzarella sticks for sean cause he loves cheese

carbonara served on a toilet cover

and some seafood spaghetti with tasteless seafood. hahah their carbonara is better.

didn't have a chance to try their signature hotpot or the curry (I heard its watery and not that good) so ordered this thai pepper chicken served in a toilet bowl, good for photography, which was recommended instead and it was surprisingly alright!

plus its served with sticky rice and seasoned appetizers

and some tasty Chinese gourd soup

Jon's idea.......hehe............

ahahahaha roy!


yours truly

and da twins~

I shall be kind and not upload too many un-glamorous pictures :)

double flavored ice cream served in shapes like poop.. really quite a turn off LOL

Back to hotel to prepare for taipei's ladies night!

W the twin~

Dont we look so alike?!

First club and most harped about club with so many famous guest appearances from all around the world,
 we went to in taipei

5 F, No. 201, Zhong-xiao E. Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei
Tel: 02-2772-1000
RSVP: 0955-904-600

First time clubbing overseas, was so excited!!! The ambiance and feeling you get is so different!

greeted by lazer lights upon reaching the fifth floor, there was so much adrenaline rush for me. hahaha

overall I thought luxy was good but there are too many Caucasians and tourists around doesn't exactly give me the Taiwanese feel I wanted to experience in the club! The club closes earlier than in Singapore, at like 2 - 3 am. It wasn't very crowded maybe due to the fact that it was a Wednesday and it isn't the vacation period in taiwan for the citizens.

So we club hopped over to BABE 18
(strongly recommended by Taiwanese) Had a great night there, maybe cause it really feels more authentic there and me and twin was trying so hard to converse in chinese and changing all the club songs into chinese

New club phrase thats about to trend by us "fang ni na ma shou shang lai!!!" Put your fucking hands up! HAHAHAHA 

Unlike luxy, there are no free admission for ladies on Wednesdays and you can see the different prices for the girls and guys on different days, usually admission before 12 am will be slightly cheaper for the ladies. Opening tables there are also very affordable too!

All these choices you can order, and its free flow... its surprising I didn't end up sleeping on the streets of taipei.

First up - APPLE FREEZ (most popular flavor and most recommended at babe 18, taste damn good like the seven eleven apple brain freeze but with alcohol hahaha)

X-RATED BERRY (taste awesome as well)

BREEZE (yummy too)

Left - TEQUILA SUNSET (most awful cos could taste the most liquor) Right - LYCHEE CRANBERRY (Good, need I mention anymore)

Different shots, tequila, smirmoff, gin, absinthe, red table yadayada

We were snatching for the drink if you realize looking at my hand hahaha

with the drunk twin as usual...... nothing surprising HAHA

"they call me james bond"



all our chops hehe

semi-sober and scaring the convenient market dude and he aided us in preparing our beef cup noodles hahahaha

dry and soupy for us beggars hahaha at 4 am in the morning

shall end off Part I of my taiwan trip here with a pic of twin sleeping WITH HER LEGS LIKE A BOSS. So I learned something new about her sleeping habits this trip.............

hope you guys enjoyed this! Part II will be even better!


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