Friday, August 30, 2013

Johor Bahru Malaysia + Despicable me Manicure + Loving Heart Cafe + Paper Baked Chicken + TGIW w my party people~

Hi guys! Happy Saturday~ ^^ So its a Saturday and I am going to fly off to taiwan tomorrow night! ^^ 
And i just tweeted "Even though I make a great wife, I need a husband to help me pack my luggage please" HAHAH Cause I am really so lazy, all I have done was to drag out a jacket and laid it on my bed. But not planning on bringing much anyways cos I am gonna shop there hee. & Jessica came over ytd and I cooked for her at night okay HAHA thats why I think I will make a great wife HAHA. This girl took away my precious sleep..

 So a quick update on this space before I fly tmr and will be back with more awesome visuals. Follow me on insta for more instant updates from taiwan ^^ 
Finally its time for me to dump aside all annoying things, annoying people, everything in singapore.

JB one day trip on Monday

My ootd for monday's JB trip! Haha woke up super early which explains why my eyes looks kind of smaller than usual in the pics LOL!

had lunch at this vegetarian cafe in Singapore before driving in because it was raining in the morning :/
So no curry fish head in JB this time! (I'll blog about that place another time, cause the curry fish head in JB is really damn affordable & tasty!)

Loving Heart Cafe
Blk 134 Geylang East Ave 1
Tel: 67442029
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 10 am - 10 pm
            Sun 7 am - 10 pm

Located near Aljunied Mrt.

One of the better vegan restaurants in town I have tried, always trying out vegan when i'm with my mom or the family, during certain dates of the month due to religion. Haha i'm not so much of a vegan fan but its healthy I guess!
The menu there is quite varied as well, with Western, Japanese & Chinese dishes to offer. Vegan roti prata too!

Some spicy fish which is really nice!

Claypot Tofu!

Bitter-gourd soup which is not bitter at all! But surprisingly very tasty even though its MSG free! why still so tastyyy

Black pepper fried mushrooms which was very nice too ^^

brown rice *inserts doubtful face*

& green bean soup

a picture of me and my mom :)) haha i'm the most annoying daughter one can get heh

Something off my checklist. Did despicable me designed nail art in JB Holiday Inn!! Much cheaper there & furthermore its gelish classic, not normal OPI paints.

close up shots of my left hand designs. The girl is really talented, I just showed her basically a few faces I wanted to paint on my nails and she impromptu just drew on my nails without any practice!
If drawing on paper is hard, how hard are on nails? 

bleahhh haha

My right hand! hahaha I like the minion with four strands of hair here HAHA with the sleepy eyes... Looks like me.

haha super cute!! Now I have nice nails for taiwan ^^

Did gelish on my toes too, matched the blue with my hand's or I won't have chose this shade. Didn't want to post a pic of my feet here because I wear too much heels and get too much blisters from my shoes all the time recently, my feet and toenails are in their worst peeling condition & its so awful..

But oh well, since I have been so lazy to paint my nails for such a long period of time already...

Tea egggg which is not like those blend ones we find in Singapore..

Bought fresh fruits

& Crepes!!! V crispy & tasty ^^

Milo + Milk Flavor

Peanut & Sweet corn flavor!


Dinner at

Teck Sing Restaurant 德星茶餐室 (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)
1 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa
80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: 07 334 7035
Daily: 11 am - 10 pm

It is a well-known Chinese Restaurant offering sumptuous dishes at affordable prices in JB!!

They serve several signature dishes, it's most famous signature dish is the Teck Sing Paper Wrapped chicken. 

Teck Sing is located next to this Bamboo Restaurant which is also famous for the same dish as well. I heard that teck sing is the local hole-in-the-wall favorite while Bamboo is favored by tourists. The paper wrapped chicken at Bamboo is priced slightly cheaper. 
(Makes no difference actually. Teck Sing's around RM 20 & Bamboo's around RM 18?)

My mom & aunts likes Bamboo's Paper wrapped chicken better but I think both are the same HAHAH superbly tasty in different ways! But if you were to dine in there, I would recommend the Teck Sing outlet as it is air-conditioned (we all need this) and have a wider and tastier variety of in-house dishes I suppose.

just a shot of bamboo restaurant next door for you!

Paper Baked chicken! super yum, bought like 8 chickens back...... & gave one to wenmin hehehe

the sauce & the chicken is really finger licking good, something different and healthier (since its not fried) from the usual KFC chicken wings I suppose.

Departing. see ya!

Random OOTDs

Mustard colored jumper which I wouldn't really wear out unless I'm just doing a simple task heading out like sending the chicken to wenmin's house hahaha!

Movie date Kickass 2 with twin before TGIW

With zijun who looks exceptionally pretty that night ^^

Yeah, somehow I wasn't on my toppest form I seriously don't recall drinking that much as my usual but I was quite stoned so .......
Kissing shot with twin HAHAHA

too gay :( hahaha!

With my bros sean and ben! 3 years and counting! ^^ & twin ~ I seriously do not know where i'm staring at...

The quadruplets! :) Jon, me twin & ben!

ben ^^ haha I feel so manly in this pic

Apparently twin came out with this idea of piggy backing........ I can only briefly remember taking this LOL

& she tried to carry JJ but failed & deleted all the pictures HAHAHA so I blocked her unglam face here or she is gna kill me. Added a failed cloud on her head hahahaha
Maybe I'm not that fat after all since someone is able to piggyback me!!

Best bros~ Junjie, sean & ben!!

All single & available n so handsome!!! Any takers? HAHA

With jon hanggg


and handsome JJ

LOL my face need to maintain sometimes

JJ & sean and I have no idea why I keep sticking out my tongue HAHAHAHA


twin & ben!

Inside zouk! the basketballers~ 

I think everyone was damn high and I cant really remember taking any of these HAHAHA someone robbed my memory.

zavier, twin & hongsheng!

And I definitely cant remember this only after kengyang sent me on my phone the next day. HAHAHA
Look at my face, remus face & hongsheng's face LOL.

yeah basically some of the pictures taken on TGIW. was fun!!! since all my bros and good girl friends were present & obviously twin.

Shall end off this post with a picture taken ytd with Natnat toh ^^ hehe Zouk was too packed & boring ytd I guess I prefer TGIWs!

Changed my usual form of club makeup and wore more slack ytd since it was so impromptu, so shall end off this post with a lame vid I uploaded on my instagram
xoxo eugeniania 

see you guys after I'm back :))!!

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